Austin Comes Clean with a Furious Maxie, Willow Swears Drew to Secrecy About Her Illness, and Ava Becomes Suspicious of Liz

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, December 13, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Nina tells Sonny she needs to set boundaries with Donna, Alexis stops an upset Finn from drinking, and Liz tells Nikolas that she needs to backtrack on lying about him getting her pregnant.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Heather was shocked her daughter Esme was missing, Trina gave Spencer hope, and Liz told Finn she’s pregnant.

Sonny chases Nina around the penthouse.

She offers to whip up some dessert after their post-dinner distraction.

After kissing her, he explains he had pana cotta delivered.

nina kisses sonny at his house GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She gasps and falls on the couch, picking up on of Donna’s drawings and getting dour.

nina on the sofa GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

When Sonny returns, he tells her how glad he is that she was spending time with his daughter.

He doesn’t want any distance between them.

She wonders if that’s for the best.

Nina admits she had a good time with Donna but then Joss came and trashed that.

She worries about what it could mean if she gets closer to Donna.

There has been a big hole in her heart since her child was stolen.

The more time she spends with her, the more she worries lines could be blurred.

nina sonny blurred lines GH recaps soapsspoilers

Nina doesn’t want to use Donna to fill that void. She needs to keep the boundaries very clear. When it comes to Donna, she’s just her friend.

He’ll follow her lead but would love for her to have a full relationship with his daughter.

Nina loves him but knows that the cards are stacked against them and they might not last.

He doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He sees a future with her and loves her more every day.

He’s in this for the long haul.

They kiss.

Carly meets with Denise, who assures her that no one will find out who Willow’s biological mother really is.

carly hitch GH recaps soapsspoilers

Carly explains that her friend would be letting herself in for a world of pain if she knew the truth. Denise doesn’t care about the reasons.

She confirmed Harmony’s story. The payment only covers the mother’s imaginary death.

If she wants her to claim the father is dead, that will cost her more.

Carly claims she’s not made of money and tells her she’s awful.

“I could be worse.

I could be paying someone to lie about someone’s parents being dead,” Denise points out, suggesting she look in the mirror sometime.

denies bad girl GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Drew meets with Willow at the Metro Court and tells her that it appears that her biological model is dead.

drew hair GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He claims there is still a chance they could find her father.

She’s not taking this well and rushes out to the balcony for some air. He follows her out and offers to get her a jacket so she won’t get sick.

Willow laughs at that. She tells him he has no idea how important this was to her.

willow drew important GH recaps soapsspoilers

Drew flashes back to all of her off-key behavior and exhaustion.

“Oh my god! You are sick, aren’t you?” he realizes.

She admits she has leukemia and she’s in stage four.

Unless she can find a bone marrow donation…

willow sobs again GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He gives her a hug and she explains she delayed chemo to protect the baby.

She’s getting chemo now but it’s not enough.

Her best chance is a bone marrow transplant from a family member but she doesn’t have any.

Willow makes him promise to keep this quiet, even from Carly.

She can’t risk Wiley finding out.

He promises not to tell a soul but also promises to continue searching for her family.

When they head back in, Carly is waiting for them and acts surprised that her mom is dead.

Once Willow walks off, Carly is surprised that she took hearing her mom is dead so hard.

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Maxie shows up at General Hospital and lectures Britt for planning her party by herself.

bitt invite maxie GH recaps soapsspoilers

Britt hands her an invitation. Maxie wonders what this is all about.

She talks about how Austin has alienated all of her friends.

Everyone other than Britt hates him and she doesn’t know what to do about it.

It’s hard for Maxie to trust her own judgment after Peter.

Austin shows Spinelli in his office.

Spinelli has run the algorithm for him.

Before handing it over, he begs him not to force his hand like this.

spinelli austin envelope GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He’s disturbed that the doctor seems to want proof just to prove people wrong about him and Maxie.

Austin points out that Spinelli is no one to lecture anyone on honesty.

Spinelli agrees that he’s lost his moral compass and plods off to re-set it with the doctor trailing after him.

As they fight over the envelope containing the test results, it falls to the floor at Maxie’s feet.

Picking it up, she notices it’s from Society Set-Ups.

Austin comes clean and explains exactly what happened.

Maxie marches Austin into his office.

He admits blackmailing Spinelli was stupid. He hopes they can get past this.

Maxie upset with austin GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She reminds him that Peter did shady things behind her back for years.

The doctor insists he only did one bad thing. She thinks it’s a huge red flag.

Maxie says that anyone who is meant to be with her would never do what he did.

Meanwhile, Britt lectures Spinelli about his company. Maxie comes out and drags him away.

Britt tells Austin, “Too bad, so sad.”

He says that covers it all and then reads what’s in the envelope.

Liz gets on the elevator and flashes back to telling Finn that she’s pregnant and swearing him to secrecy.

liz in elevator GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

When she steps off, she bumps into Finn, who abruptly walks off.

Ava shows up at Wyndemere and tells Nikolas it’s time for them to address the fate of their marriage.

ava at castle GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She’s surprised he’s not jumping at discussing this. Ava admits the logical thing would be to cast him aside given how he has hurt her.

However, they make a formidable team when they support each other.

They haven’t been united for a long time, but she wonders if they can find their way back to that.

She thinks they owe it to themselves to find out what the answer is.

He asks if she’s planning to move back in and then adds that his son has just moved back in and that could make things difficult.

As they discuss pressing pause, Liz bursts in.

She claims she was just coming to go through some old stuff for a family tree one of the kids is making.

Ava immediately exits.

Liz tells the prince that Finn found the pills and started putting things together.

The only way she could stop him from coming over is by claiming that she was expecting the next Cassadine heir.

liz nikolas truth GH recaps soapsspoilers

He doesn’t know why she came up with that excuse. She says it is only buying them some time.

In a few weeks, she can claim she miscarried. The nurse realizes this is terrible and decides she has to tell Finn everything.

He points out that could put her in jail. She is relatively sure Finn will stay silent but points out that this means Ava will have to learn about their supposed affair.

Will he really be able to reconcile with her after that?

Alexis and Gregory drink mocktails at Charlie’s and talk about the hook case.

She explains she may have a contact with some inside information.

gregory and alexis on date GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She tells him that it often feels like he lectures her. He says that’s an occupational hazard.

The former lawyer can understand that since she does the same thing.

If she wants advice, she will invite it.

Finn stops by the bar. He stares until Alexis and his father interrupt him, noticing he’s not even wearing a coat.

Gregory goes off to get appetizers and Finn admits to Alexis that things are over with Liz.

finn tells alexis it's over with liz GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She reminds him that he’s an addict and says it wouldn’t be surprising if he was thinking of having a drink.

He reminds her he wasn’t an alcoholic.

When the bartender brings him a drink, the doctor tells him to enjoy it himself and takes off.

Gregory returns and tells her that his family is in her debt tonight.

Ava bumps into Finn on the street.

She senses something is up but he won’t say.

ava finn GH recaps soapsspoilers

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