When Bill Reveals He Set Sheila up, She Tries To Attack Him but Falls Over the Balcony — Maybe to Her Death

In the Tuesday, March 28, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Bill overplays his hand with Sheila, as Katie once again talks to Brooke about Bill’s weird behavior and says she can’t talk to Will about him.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Sheila demanded answers from Bill, who got her to admit to a murder, and Katie started to wonder what Bill was up to, as Steffy and Finn had sex.

At Bill’s mansion, Bill’s happy that Sheila finally opened up. She’s confused that it excites him.

He clarifies that it’s the truth. She calls them terrible memories and today’s important.

She doesn’t want to spoil the moment of his proposal. She’s so happy.

sheila and bill as she explains she's a murderer

They laugh and he tells her he’s happy to. “You have no idea.” She asks if it scares him. It doesn’t.

In the FBI headquarters, Ridge and Chen cheer that they’ve got her.

Meanwhile, Bill says it took her long enough.

bill overplays his hand with sheila B&B recaps

It’ll change everything in the best way.

He’s always known exactly who he is and he’ll keep his promise to give her the future she so richly deserves.

Sheila grins. Ridge boasts about getting Sheila on Murder One but Chen says she’s not in custody yet. 

Bill looks at the camera and grins. He downs a drink and Sheila questions why he’s so quiet.

ridge and chen happy

He’s thinking of the future. He’s relieved. He wasn’t expecting her to hesitate.

She says it’s because nobody has treated her the way he has.

She knows he loves her and she asks if he’s worried about his family.

He sees a tremendous celebration on the horizon.

sheila happy to marry bill

They laugh and he tells her there’s something he needs to take care of. He goes and she grins widely.

Outside, Bill calls Ridge. They tell him they got everything. He says they can handle Sheila.

“We got her. We finally got her.” Sheila pops up.

“You got me. Who are you talking to, Bill?” He spills the tea and calls her a criminal.

sheila shocked bill lying to her

She reminds him he asked her to marry him and professed his love.

They made love in his bed. He told her his secrets and feelings.

“No, no, no,” he says, reminding her she shared her deepest crimes with him.

She’s shocked. It doesn’t make sense.

sheila caught

Bill says he knows she’s delusional but it must be sinking in. “The acting challenge of a lifetime,” he says in a weird accent.

He’s been playing her. Agent Chen and Ridge watch and Ridge complains that Bill overplayed his hand.

ridge upset bill overplayed his hand

Sheila runs inside and asks why he didn’t have her arrested the night on the beach. He tells her it was all a ploy.

A sting to get her to confess. Lance will get justice, he says.

Sheila yells, “No!” Bill vows she’ll never hurt his family and her reign of terror is over.

He calls her a bitch. She looks caught in a trap. He tells her he couldn’t give in to his revulsion for her.

sheila caught by fbi

Sheila tells him it’s her word against his. There’s no proof. Bill reveals it’s been recorded.

The whole house is bugged. She looks around, caught. He tells her to give her best smile and wave to Ridge and Agent Chen from the FBI. 

Sheila gets her back up. Ridge was a part of this?

Bill reminds her she shot his daughter and left her and her husband for dead.

sheila freaks out

She’s going to be locked up for the rest of her life.

He reveals everything he’s been doing up to this point, having to burn bridges with family.

They yell at each other and Bill says she confessed to first-degree murder.

Nobody comes back from that.

bill calls sheila names

She’ll never be free.

Sheila freaks out and goes to attack Bill and he moves out of the way.

Sheila goes through the open patio doors and falls right over the balcony.

Bill runs outside and looks over the balcony.

bill watches sheila fall over the balcony and die

He yells, “No!”

Sheila lies on the ground, motionless.

sheila goes over the balcony and dies

At the Forrester CEO’s office, Katie picks at her food as she wonders what she can say to Will about what is going on with his father.

She doesn’t know what happened to the man she thought she knew. Brooke asks.

“So Bill won’t listen to you at all?” Katie says he won’t so she tries to keep the discussion about her ex to a minimum with Will.

She repeats what she’s been saying for weeks. “Why is Sheila Carter so important to him?”

brooke and katie talk about bill again on the bold and the beautiful recaps

It’s unnerving how passive he is when she’s around, ranting.

Carter interrupts and they complain to him about how Bill is a shell of himself.

Brooke hopes one day Bill makes her pay for her crimes. Carter admits he’s been strange and knows Sheila is nobody Bill can trust.

Katie calls it beyond reckless. Carter asks if he’s getting a thrill from it or if it’s penance.

Katie doesn’t know anymore. Once Carter’s gone, Katie and Brooke continue to wonder what’s up with Bill.

carter talks about bill being weird


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