Before Victor Kills Her, Ashby Tells Him Everything About Anna and Valentin’s Plot, and Liz Gets Bad News About Epiphany

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, March 28, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Lucy continues to harass Maxie about the Ball, Liz wonders where Epiphany has gone, and Cam’s friends and family say goodbye to him.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Victor accused Ashby of betraying him, Anna assumed the plan was about to explode, and Esme showed up at Cam’s party.

Robert stands in the lobby of the Metro Court watching one of Victor’s underlings head upstairs. Diane strolls in and wonders what he’s doing there.

diane doesn't believe robert for a second

He makes an excuse but she doesn’t buy it. They flirt a little.

In Victor’s suite, Ashby stares at the code decryptor on the floor when Anna calls. Ashby makes it clear she can’t leave and hangs up. Anna and Valentin panic and call again but she sets her phone to silent.

anna orders someone to get ashby out

Victor tells he she can go, but she offers to do something to make him feel better.

His goon shows up and they step into the other room while Ashby grabs the decryptor.

Before she can exit, Victor returns and tells her she’s not done yet.

victor refuses to let ashby leave

He tells her to put the necklace back in the PCPD evidence locker.

She was wishing this would all be done tonight. He has one more thing for her to do.

Felicia stops by the safe house where Lucy is annoyed that Maxie hasn’t been responding to her texts.

Anna and Valentin fill her in on Ashby possibly going rogue. That puts their whole operation in jeopardy.

felicia says they'll be a step ahead

Anna guesses Ashby is after the decryption key. That could put them a step ahead. Valentin points out that people who get a step ahead of his father get stabbed in the back.

Anna calls Robert and asks him to get Ashby out of Victor’s suite. As he heads for the elevator, Diane steps on with him.

robert and diane

When they get off, she guesses he’s going to see Victor. He says he’s looking for Ashby. As he knocks on Victor’s door, he hopes the Cassadine hasn’t left a corpse behind.

Robert orders her away. She leaves for a second and he tries to break in. Diane returns with a master key she bought from a maid.

They open the door. The suite is empty.


Back at the safe house, Anna worries she pushed Ashby too hard. If Valentin has figured things out, they are in trouble.

valentin and anna at the safe house

Robert calls to tell them Ashby and Victor have disappeared. He tells her about the whole operation and Ashby’s involvement.

Victor and his goon take Ashby out to the bridge. They search her and find the decryptor. He wonders why he should kill her.

victor takes ashby onto bridge

She blurts out that Valentin and Anna are alive and in Port Charles. She adds Lucy is too and they are all in a safe house. The necklace she gave him is a fake and she can get him the real one.

victor threatens ashby

She calls Anna and tells her she couldn’t get the decryptor. She can’t do this anymore and is leaving town.

After she hangs up, Victor tells her there’s one more little thing. He throws her off the bridge.


At the safe house, Felicia is sure that Victor will suspects Ashby if she goes missing. Anna says that as long as they have the necklace they still have a chance.

valentin and anna get a call from eileen who lies to them

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At Charlie’s, Spencer is shocked when Cam arrives with Esme and the baby. That’s awkward for everyone.

Esme and Liz snipe at each other. Cam orders Esme to apologize and tells her that she has a life there if she shows everyone she’s a changed person.

Cam goes to Laura and Spencer and tells them she caught Esme trying to leave town with the baby. Spencer wants to have some words with her but his grandma stops him.

Liz keeps wondering why Epiphany isn’t calling her back.

liz wonders why epiphany not calling back

Scott wanders in and tells Cam the town won’t be the same without him. He’s baffled to see Esme is there. Laura tells him why Esme is staying with her.

They discuss his rift with Liesl. Liz wanders over to say how sorry she is about her role in that. After she explains that she’s been reinstated, she worries she may have lost a friend. She wonders why Epiphany isn’t calling her.

Trina and Joss gape at Esme and talk about how the baby needs to be taken away from her. Cam and Spencer join them. Cam suggests they tone down the overt hostility to the amnesiac.

Joss wanders over to Esme and asks about her experience with babies. Esme doesn’t remember anything. She doesn’t want to either. She doesn’t want to be the person everyone says she was.

esme apologizes to joss for the revenge porn

Cam steps up next and tells Esme that she doesn’t need to be alone. Spencer watches and continues to mull over Victor’s offers of help.

Scott calls everyone to attention to say how much he will miss Cam and wishes him luck. His friends hug him and wish him well.

scott says goodbye to cam

Esme thanks Cam for inviting her. It’s too bad the one person who has been nice to her is leaving town. He reminds her Laura has been nice too.

Laura hugs her grandson and wishes him well before taking Esme home.

Cam tells his mom he hates to leave, but he can’t wait to be there. She hugs him.

cam thanks liz for his party GH recaps

After he walks out, she tries calling Epiphany again. A state trooper picks up and gives her bad news. Liz weeps.

Bobbie and Sasha tells Brook Lynn what a great job she has done putting talent together for the Ball. Maxie joins them, complaining about having to make more room for more guests.

blq says hard part next

Lucy calls her and she leaves to take it. The other three start plotting out the order of the acts. BLQ thinks it should start with sex appeal. Chase walks in.

He’s there for rehearsal. Felix shows up to instruct him. As they plan, Sasha tells BLQ not to give up hope where Chase is concerned.

chase and felix rehearse

“Trust me, there’s no hope,” BLQ says. She flashes back to Chase lecturing her about the non-disclosure agreement. There’s no going back from how she blew things.

In another room, Maxie reminds Lucy she’s only supposed to be sending texts. Lucy keeps worrying about the Ball and has more ideas. Maxie shakes her head.

She returns to the others and sets her phone so Lucy can listen to them talk. She screams into Maxie’s ear when Sasha suggests that Bobbie be the one to end the Ball.

maxie blq sasha bobbie plan ball

Bobbie isn’t sure but Sasha thinks she’s the ideal choice. Lucy rants in Maxie’s ear until she yells, “Stop it!” She covers with her friends by just saying she’s worried about the Ball.

Felix chimes in to say that Lucy would be behind choosing Bobbie. Lucy is furious. Maxie turns her off.

Bobbie agrees to MC. She jokes that if anything could Lucy back from the grave, it would be that.

Felix calls BLQ over to give he and Chase advice about how to light a love song.

felix asks blq help chase with love song

BLQ and Chase talk about whether it is a happy or sad song, whether it’s about being lost or found. They stare at each other intensely.

Lucy calls Maxie again, who is sick of her trashing everyone’s ideas. She needs to trust her to do what’s right. Lucy begs that Bobbie not take her place.

Maxie hangs up on her again. She re-joins the others and thy finalize the order for the night. Maxie is sure this will be a proper honor to the hospital.

Back at the safe house, Lucy declares the Ball needs her and she has to be there.

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