Gabi and Stefan Don’t Realize They’re Being Set Up by EJ and Nicole and Meet for Romance at Salem Inn as Paulina Begs SPD to Arrest Sloan

Days of our Lives recap for Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, Nicole and EJ set up Stefan and Gabi as Paulina pressures Rafe and Jada to arrest Sloan.

In the last Days recap, John reunited with Marlena, Kayla and Bo reconnected only for him to pull a gun on her, and Steve captured Megan and learned that Sweetness is alive, while Roman went to Ireland.

Outside of Sweet Bits, Talia and Chanel discuss how much Talia liked her first-day baking. Talia asks why Sloan Peterson hates Chanel so much.

Chanel says it’s a long story. They sit at the bench and Chanel reveals the entire story about the affair with Sloan’s father and how she died and that Sloan wants her to pay.

Chanel wishes things had gone differently.

talia and chanel talk about sloan

Talia appreciates her honesty and feels bad but she’s not going to quit.

She admits she too has something to say. She’s a doctor. Chanel’s shocked. Why is she working in a bakery?

Talia explains she wanted to follow in her hero father’s footsteps but she didn’t feel rewarded. She loves baking.

She usually buys pastry and then deconstructs it and makes it on her own.

Chanel’s not happy she was dishonest on her application but since she can bake, will let her stay. Talia jumps into Chanel’s arms, thankful.

chanel and talia talk about talia being aa doctor

At SPD, Rafe gives Jada real estate listings for Talia.

One of their uniforms moonlights as a realtor.

Paulina interrupts and yells at them to stop shooting the breeze and get Sloan Peterson off the streets.

Rafe reminds her that the case is over.

Still, Paulina is s sure that Sloan trashed her office and says Shawn was privately looking into it.

They can’t do anything just because she “thinks” it was Sloan but finally, after some chatter, they agree to at least question Sloan.

rafe and jada at spd

Sloan saunters into the pub. Eric finds her and she talks about not being through with Paulina or “her little slut daughter.”

She’ll see them in hell, first. Eric tries to calm her down and she apologizes.

She gets like this when she’s upset and she was looking forward to seeing his gallery.

She won’t give up on him. She asks him to sell them right out of the pub.

He’s not sure about that and is surprised she’s more worried about him. He means a lot to her. They kiss and start looking at storefronts for his gallery.

They’re excited that they’re really doing this.

They decided to go to her place to celebrate with sex but Rafe and Jada drop by.

They want to take Sloan to headquarters to question her.

sloan worries about eric



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Gabi arrives home to Li who has candles on the table and champagne.

He’s celebrating her success because the people at Saxtons want to be in business with her.

She asks what’s in it for him.

He says he’s hoping the opportunity changes the way she feels about him. He’s pulling for her.

gabi and li celebrate her job

At the DiMera manse, Nicole and EJ talk about Gabi and Stefan’s love shack being ready to rock and roll.

EJ grins that all they need is for Li to catch them in the act.

Stefan approaches and asks who’s getting caught in the act.

ej and nicole help gabi and stefan get together for their own gain

They explain they got him and Gabi a room at Salem Inn so they can spend time alone.

Essentially, it’s up to him if he wants to take it. Nicole reminds him it’ll be a long five months but Stefan says if Li catches them, she gets nothing.

Stefan asks if they’re trying to wear him down. EJ tries to convince his brother he’s on his side.

Stefan decides to go for it. Nicole leaves as part one of their plan while EJ gives his brother a burner phone to use to talk to Gabi. 

ej and stefan at the dimera mansion

Back at Wendy’s apartment, Gabi admits to Li that she was excited tonight at Saxtons.

Nicole arrives to pitch Gabi to go over to Basic Black. Li doubts EJ will let this happen.

Gabi doesn’t either but she says she and Brady run Basic Black. Stefan texts Gabi, “Listen to Nicole,” and Gabi quickly says she’ll go for a drink.

Li’s against it but she doesn’t care. Gabi follows Nic out and she says she’ll explain on the way.

Meanwhile, EJ tells his brother to use another car. He gives him keys and they drink a toast after EJ switches glasses and they share a chuckle over their past attempts to drug each other.

Stefan takes off and EJ chuckles to himself.

nicole invites gabi out to talk about a anew offer

Paulina returns to the square and tells Chanel and Talia that they need to be ready for Sloan to do anything. 

paulina talks about jada

At Salem Inn, Gabi is surprised that EJ and Nicole are helping her to be with Stefan.

Nic says EJ feels bad about keeping Stefan in the dark about the brainwashing.

gabi and nicole at salem inn

Gabi finally believes her and hugs Nicole, calling her the answer to her prayers.

Stefan shows up and Nicole makes herself scarce while Gabi and Stefan start making out.

gabi and stefan are set up

EJ pops by Wendy’s to see Li. EJ asks how things are going with Gabi.

When Li questions him, he asks if Nicole stopped by with an offer from Basic Black. Li replies in the affirmative and EJ admits he’s been set up.

Gabi’s with Stefan right now.

ej lies to li


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