B&B Recap: Hope Believes Thomas But Needs to Consider Their Future, and Finn Finally Agrees to Drop it

Monday, Jan 14, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas recaps the night Emma died for Hope, and Finn tells Steffy he would do anything for her.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Hope was rattled by Thomas’ story about Emma, and Steffy pushed Finn to let his accusations go.

At the cabin, shuddering Hope tells Thomas that she read all she could find about Emma’s accident but the police said there were no witnesses. Now he’s saying he saw it and said nothing?

hope getting frustrated

He’s still horrified about that night. They were both trying to get to her. He’s been trying to get this out of his mind for years.

thomas admits he was a witness

She asks if he’s admitting what so many people said was true.

hope asks what thomas is admitting

He wanted to say something so many times. It terrified him that the truth would set them back.

Emma still died by accident. Xander is wrong about the rest. But he can see that holding this back from her has gotten in the way of them being totally open with each other.

“I’m not a murderer. You know me. You have to believe me,” he says.

thomas says she's still dead

He wants a life with her and that means no more secrets.

Hope asks for a recap of all that happened with Emma.

He explains that he tried to reason with her about the Beth situation and what the truth would do to Steffy. He asked for more time but she refused to be stopped and was determined to tell Hope everything.

emma angry with thomas

He tried to stop her but she raced off. She must have been trying to call or text Hope. She reached down, lost control and crashed through teh guardrail.

thomas insists innocent

Thomas still has nightmares about the swerving and is haunted by not being able to do anything but swears he didn’t run her off the road.

Hope’s eyes are wet and she tries to keep her balance by the fire.

hope crying

When he thinks back on all the messed up things he did because he loves her, it’s like looking at a stranger. He’s done a 180 since then.

That’s thanks to her and her support. He’s changed his ways completely and can see clearly now.

That man no longer exists and is never coming back. He knows he handled everything all wrong but he was caught up in his fear.

Thomas never wants them to have to think about that night again. Can’t they just focus on their future?

thomas says he's changed

Hope has to think about this.

Sighing, he says nothing has to change.

She points out her friend died trying to tell her the truth. He’s relieved when she admits she believes he’s telling the truth.

hope believes thomas

As the fire crinkles, he apologizes again, knowing she’s disappointed in him. He is too. He loved her then but was confused.

What he feels now is way different, pure, and healthy.

Stopping him, she says they can talk about that another time.

hope thinking as she listens

He won’t ask her to forgive who he was, but who he is now would do anything for her. He’s committed to being someone she can truly love.

Thomas wants to be the best man for her and swears this is the truth.

“Tell me you know I’ve changed,” he begs, swearing he isn’t obsessed the way he used to be. He wants the world to recognize what they can be and he wants to prove their value to the world.

The ring around her neck represents the future he wants to share with her. He begs her not to give up on them.

thomas begs hope not to give up

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In Finn’s office, Steffy tells him that her brother is not the threat he thinks he is, no matter how sure Xander may be.

steffy repeats bro no danger

Dredging all of this up is not helping. It was an accident, her brother is not dangerous, and he needs to believe that.

He understands that Thomas is her brother and looked up to him.

She suggests his mistakes hurt her more than anyone else.

“They may have hurt someone else a lot more,” the doctor adds. He can see how much stress this is causing her.

She repeats that there is no proof of what Xander said but Finn thinks that he truly believes this. He wasn’t spewing it, he had to pull it out of him.

finn still has questions

“Listen to me. Your wife,” she orders.

Pacing, he says he doesn’t want to believe Thomas is a murderer. His wife repeats he’s not.

She knows Thomas has done terrible things but he wouldn’t lie about something this gruesome.

Her brother has worked on himself and changed. Xander hasn’t seen that and can only see this by imagining who Thomas used to be.

Even at his worst, Thomas was never homicidal.

steffy pleads with finn

The doctor still thinks he’s obsessive about Hope and still is. She tells him again that she is putting her faith in her brother and he needs to put his faith in her.

Holding her, he says that he will drop this if it’s causing her this much stress. She’s mightily relieved.

finn tells steffy he'll drop it

She says it’s okay for them to have different opinions but they need to find away to get along. However, if he’s having doubts about her brother, she doesn’t know where to go from there.

The doctor can’t forget how much he loves her and missed her when she was away. He promised himself he won’t let anything get between them.

He will drop this. His wife is glad to hear that. They already have enough turmoil and things are starting to turn around.

Finn just wants a loving, peaceful family, and that includes her brother.

finn agrees to drop it and be happy

She feels lucky to have a husband who would do anything for her. He says it’s loyalty, trust, and commitment, not luck.

“Passion?” she adds, suggesting they get someone to watch kids while she keeps him in bed.

Steffy is grateful for him and they kiss.

steffy finn kiss

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