Y&R Spoilers Jan 22 – 26: Tucker Tells Ashley His Side, Chance Confesses, Kyle & Summer Start a New Chapter

Monday, Jan 22 to Friday, Jan 26.

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At the Abbott manse, Traci says to Ashley, “There’s your version, there’s his version. So how can we get closer to the facts?”

traci tries to figure things out with ashley Y&R recap spoilers

Ashley says she knows of a way.

ashley and her sister traci at home.

At Daniel’s condo, Heather says, ‘Is a future with Lily still what you want?”

heather asks danil if he wants lily

Daniel tells his ex, “You know, I’m not sure.”

daniel honest with his ex

In prison, Jordan’s on a call with a cell phone. “Claire?”

jordan calls claire from prison

Claire is almost panting with fear as she listens.

“Claire? Please don’t hang up,” Jordan says.

claire upset on call with jordan


Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, January 22:

In the Monday January 22 Y&R episode recap, Sally and Nick agree to be friends. 

Victoria tries to avoid Nikki.

Victor and Victoria disagree on Claire’s place in the family.

Nick runs into Sally and they agree to be friends.

Sharon points Nick in the right direction.

Daniel plays with fire.

Heather tells Daniel again she’s falling in love with him and that he should keep it in his pocket for another day. 

Daniel talks about that kiss they shared. It surprised them both and made Heather realize what she wanted. 

daniel honest with his ex

Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, January 23:

In the Tuesday January 23 Y&R episode recap, Kyle accuses Ssummer of having a crush on Chance

Nikki looks for closure.

Claire opens up about being jealous of the children on another ward who make her realize how much she has missed out on without family. 

Kyle and Summer start a new chapter.

Summer and Kyle joke around about her feelings for Chance.

Ashley accuses Tucker of gaslighting and he laughs in her face.

Ashley confides in Traci about her concerns about Tucker.

Jack and Diane discuss her new role. 

Sharon finds Chance and Summer flirting. 

Nikki calls Jack for help when she almost takes a drink.

diane and jack in c suite

Young and Restless Spoilers Wednesday, January 24:

On Wednesday’s Y&R episode recap, Claire tells Jordan she wishes that her aunt was dead.

Victor worries about Nikki’s decision-making.

Abby sets her sights on a new endeavor.

Jack steps up to support Nikki.

Claire has a terrible call with her aunt that sets her back a little. 

jack wants to help nikki

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Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, January 25:

In Thursday’s episode recap of Y&R, Devon learns that Daniel is cheating on Lily with Heather  

Daniel and Heather talk about their reunion.

Devon backs Daniel into a corner.

Devon’s glad Daniel’s not lying to him.

Audra shares a secret with Nate.

Audra worries it’s all over for her if Nikki’s disease gets worse.

Chance makes a confession to Billy.

Billy, Chance, Summer and Chelsea go on a double date.

billy chelsea at lunch

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, January 26:

Traci takes a leap of faith for Ashley.

Victoria leans on Nate.

Diane pushes Nikki’s buttons.

diane smirks at tucker

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