GH Recap: Selina Makes a Deal with Sonny, Lucy Wants in on BLQ’s Scheme & Nina Decides to Bring a Gossip Columnist to Town

Wed Feb 21, 2024: Nina taunts Carly and Drew, Maxie tells Sasha how much she likes having Spinelli around, and Joss asks Spinelli to help her find Dex.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Nina was served divorce papers and Valentin Urged her to fight while Laura and Anna talked Cyrus into working with them.

At the Deception office, BLQ and Maxie are thrilled that their ad looks so great. They think their sales will spike.

blq explains quarter was great

Maxie wonders if she’s reconsidering her plan to hand the company over to her given how successful it is.

BLQ assures her that’s still the plan.

Before Maxie can cry, Lucy and Sasha show up and admire the campaign.

Tracy pops up to declare that they have been deceived and someone will have to pay for it.

tracy says they have been deceived

She complains that Carly didn’t meet her side of the deal but Maxie and BLQ explains she called them to sort it out in person.

Tracy thinks they could have squeezed Carly for more but Sasha thinks she should see how fresh and vital what Maxie and Carly ended up doing was.

Tracy thinks that if Maxie likes working with Carly so much, she should sell her part of the company and go back to Crimson.

maxie and blq talk business

BLQ goes on about how many likes their new campaign is getting.

Lucy is bored and leaves.

lucy says she's bored

When the Quartermaines are left alone, BLQ tells her grandma there is no crisis and suggests she’s just taking out her personal issues on the company.

She suggests her grandma has been rudderless since losing Luke and Tracy tries to shut this down.

It’s obvious to BLQ she wants to bring someone to the wedding.

Her grandmother admits there is someone but she won’t ask him. BLQ guesses it’s Gregory and tells her how great it would be to show up on his arm.

tracy blq argue lonely

At the coffee shop, Maxie and Sasha vent about Tracy and the model tells her not to let Tracy get to her.

maxie complains about tracy

When Maxie suddenly stops talking, she then explains that she’s almost solvent again.

Sasha notes she doesn’t look thrilled about it and wonders what’s going on.

sasha asks what's really wrong

Maxie explains that Spinelli will be moving out soon and she will miss him.

He’s a great listener and helps her put her day in perspective. Sasha suggests she ask him to stay.

Maxie can’t ask him for more than she already has.

maxie can't ask spinelli to stay

At The Invader office, Alexis tells Gregory that their online engagement has been on a rise. She hopes that will satisfy the new arrangement.

alexis gregory talk social media

Nina walks in to declare she’s never satisfied.

She starts putting flowers around the room and tells them how much she wants to promote all the good work they did.

nina brings flowers

Alexis thinks she’s being too ambitious and a newspaper isn’t a glamor magazine.

Nina is bringing expertise on circulation and the paper has leveled off.

Alexis suggests she spend more time learning about the business before making changes.

Reeves tells her to focus on “quality journalism” while she works on the numbers.

She wants to bring in a gossip columnist. Alexis starts to lose it.

Her boss says the only way they can fund her journalism is to increase revenues. She’s already hired someone and saunters off.

gregroy alexis listen to nina

Panicking Alexis tells Gregory they need to talk her out of this or run.

She’s surprised when Gregory tells her that Nina may be on to something.

alexis confused

He reminds her that she’s not her only subscriber and that people are interested in what goes on behind closed doors.

If they want readers to keep coming, they need to entice them.

gregory asks for favor

She doesn’t like this and pouts but he says that unless she can come up with a highbrow alternative, they don’t have much choice.

Gregory asks her to be his plus one at the wedding.

Tracy suddenly shows up.

She’s about to ask him to the wedding when Alexis announces that she can be his plus one.

tracy nearly asks gregroy out

Stuttering, Tracy makes an excuses and leaves.

Drew shows up at the Crimson office and thinks Carly should be celebrating her first issue of Crimson.

drew thinks carly should celebrate

She’s too glum thinking about Olivia getting knocked off to think of that.

She’s proud of the magazine but the death of the woman who blew up Morgan opened up a door she’s been keeping closed.

carly not enthusiastic

He apologizes and thinks he should have realized she would be upset.

Carly feels like she should be able to bounce back from this but he says there is no “should” when it comes to losing a child.

They hug.

drew hugs carly

She thought she would feel relief but all she has is anger and sadness.

He suggests she take the day off. Carly wants her staff to get the recognition they deserve and can’t leave.

drew carly talk grief

As they hug again, Nina walks in and smirks at them.

She tells Carly she’s much more understanding that her boyfriend. After explaining he crushed her plans to start a magazine, she announces that she’s back in the media.

She’s now the publisher of The Invader. She thanks Drew for liberating her from fashion. Now she’s onto bigger and better things.

nina taunts drew carly

Nina is really interested in exposing how those at the top will do anything to stay there.

After she walks out, Drew is furious. Carly knows Nina is hateful, so why antagonize her.

drew furious about nina

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Ava stops by the penthouse and offers to stay out of Sonny’s hair. He says they need to talk about her sister.

ava trying to avoid sonny

She offers to move out, sure her being there brings back bad memories.

The Jerome makes it clear that she was not close to her sister and she’s grateful she’s dead.

ava offers to move out

The mobster tells her she was the victim of the same people who have been trying to kill him.

She gives them credit for wiping her sister out but wonders where this leaves them. He doesn’t want to think about the past right now.

sonny tells ava not to go

Someone comes to the door so she goes off to check on Avery.

Selina shows up and jokes that Sonny never calls.

selina at sonny's

She congratulates him on Olivia’s death and then asks why she had to hear from Curtis that someone could be coming after her.

Ava returns.

Sonny thought Selina could handle this herself. Miss Wu is starting to think that retaining her alliance with him as reached its end.

selina says it's time to end alliance

He wouldn’t recommend that. She needs an explanation.

He says he was going to fill her in on the threat but there were other factors. After swearing her to secrecy, he explains there’s a leak in his organization.

sonny ava talk threat selina

She tells him he’s not the only one with a traitor. Wu won’t say more with Ava there so the Jerome exits.

Selina tells Sonny she and her men were attacked. She was taken aback to know she is so vulnerable.

One of her guards was taking bribed. If he wants to talk to him, she wants something in return.

sonny selina talk atatck

She wants to relaunch her poker games in exchange for handing her guard to him to get whatever he needs by any means necessary.

Ava eavesdrops.

At Charlie’s, Trina tells Joss that everything has lost value to her since Spencer died.

trina and joss talk loss

She loves her family and art but it feels more like remembering feeling love.

Joss felt the same when Oscar died and is sure she will get through this.

Trina asks about Dex. There are things Joss can’t tell her about that.

joss talks dex gone

Joss realizes she has the numbers of most of Sonny’s guards. Looking over at Spinelli, she guesses he could trace them.

Trina urges her to find Dex and never let go of him.

trina urges joss find dex

Felicia joins Spinelli at the bar and thanks him for going along with the ruse to get Maxie back on her feet.

felicia and spinelli at bar

She’s sure that moving in was at a cost to him and adds it may be time to put an end to their little deception.

Won’t it be great to move back home? “Yeah, great,” he grumbles.

He worries that everything could fall apart but she thinks her daughter is back on solid ground.

She asks why he doesn’t want to move out.

felicia tells spinelli they should end deception

He starts to make excuses and Cody shows up. He overheard them and suggests that Spinelli come clean with Felicia.

Spinelli stares at him so Cody claims that he just wants to spend time with the kids and not upset them with a sudden departure.

Lucy jogs in and drags Felicia outside.

Spinelli admits to Cody that things have moved toward romance with Maxie.

cody spinelli talk maxie

Cody thinks that’s great but Spinelli worries that this could only be a fleeting infatuation that would undermine their friendship.

Taking a drink, Spinelli remembers how he used to woo Maxie at karaoke and Cody picks up a karaoke flyer.

cody spinelli talk karaoke

Joss comes over and asks if Spinelli can track down a location from a cell phone.

joss approaches spinelli

Meanwhile, Cody calls Sasha and asks her to bring Maxie to karaoke.

In the alley, Lucy asks Felicia if Maxie has said anything about BLQ and reminds her that she helped steal the company.

lucy asks felicia about blq

Felicia has no idea why Maxie and BLQ are getting along so much. Lucy stalks off.

felicia tells lucy knows nothing

Lucy returns to the Deception office and accuses her of being up to something with Maxie.

When she threatens to go to Tracy with her suspicions, BLQ asks what she wants.

“I want in,” Lucy says.

lucy makes deal blq

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