Young and Restless Fall Spoiler Previews: Victor Reacts to Adam Working For The Enemy & a New Character Shakes Things up

What’s coming up for Fall Previews on Y&R?

Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith previews what’s going down with all of the Genoa City residents of Y&R this fall with Soap Opera Digest.

Victor the protector

We’ll see the fallout from Ashland Locke’s death as Victor continues to try to protect his family at all costs.

He’ll manage his growing battle and animosity between Adam and Victoria that will push them into a surprising new direction.

Victor sees Adam taking Jack’s job at Jabot as working for the enemy and though Jack’s in Adam’s corner, nobody else at Jabot is. 

victor fallout november sweeps Y&R


Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley’s alliance

Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley’s alliance against Diane Jenkins puts them in an interesting place — especially Nikki.

It opens the door for something surprising and painful from Ashley’s past that draws her back to Genoa City and keeps her there.

ashley tells Phyllis hate diane Y&R

Nate prefers Imani’s advice over Elena’s  

While Nate’s growing more frustrated with a lack of support from Devon at work, and Elena urging Nate to walk away from the job, things heat up when Nate decides to take advice once again from Imani, preferring her advice to Elena’s.

The tension between Devon and Nate causes Nate to take action that could have ramifications throughout the family and company that no one sees coming.

Meanwhile, Lily sees the conflict building and does everything she can to make peace, but it won’t work.

nate argues with devon work young and restless soapsspoilers cbs


Nick, Sally and Adam triangle

The situation between Nick, Sally and Adam will explode. If there’s a chance that something could happen between Nick and Sally, it’ll drive Adam crazy. 

Adam’s admission that he broke up with her to save her job causes further problems and could push Sally toward Nick. “We’ll have to see how he responds to her,” previews Griffith.

nick sally talk locke again YR


Lily, Billy and interloper Chelsea

Chelsea can’t forget that kiss with Billy, though he was clear in telling her nothing was going to happen between them.

As she moves forward into an interesting realm for her, beyond recasts, Billy steps in.

He feels he’s an outsider at Chancellor still since he’s not family, which will create conflict between him and Lily.

They try to manage that with the fact that they’re romantically involved.

billy admits kiss Y&R

Phyllis continues to undermine Diane

Diane’s successful in her sincere attempts to win trust and forgiveness of Jack, Kyle and Summer, “until the other shoe drops,” states Griffith.

hyllis continues to do whatever she can to undermine Diane at Marchetti but she has in many ways, met her match in Diane.

No matter how careful Phyllis tries to be to hide what she’s doing, she’s not always careful enough.

phyllis taunts diane young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Kyle and Summer’s vow renewal

In the midst of keeping the peace between their mothers, Kyle and Summer have yet to lose their passion for one another.

They decide to renew their vows in Genoa City. The show is making up for viewers not seeing their wedding which took place off-screen.

They’ll renew on the Abbott estate.

summer kyle smooch yr

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Noah finds success and happiness

Noah opens his nightclub at the Grand Phoenix and it’s a success — with Allie at his side. It’ll be the hippest lounge/bar in GC.

Noah finally finds his element and Allie is already feeling she’s found something special in Noah.

noah and allie at Dive Bar young restless


Mariah, Tessa’s adoption

Mariah and Tessa will encounter the usual obstacles that couples face when trying to adopt.

Sharon will be involved in the story, which leads into another storyline where her training as a therapist will be needed.

Griffith states, “And I’m not talking about pouring coffee.”

sharon tessa mariah group hug young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Abby and Chance work at their relationship

Abby and Chance perhaps got married too soon and the honeymoon may be over and they have to work hard to fix their relationship.

abby worries husband Y&R

Trevor St. John shakes things up

Some folks know Trevor St. John from his time on Ole Life to Live as Todd/Victor.

His character pops up and will shake things up on all fronts.

He has a lot of connections to people in Genoa City.

One of those connections will be a surprise as to how it came about and he’ll have his hands in many pies.

trevor st john young and restless


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