Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Faith Steals a Truck & Chloe’s Angry Chelsea Involved Her in Attempted Murder

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Friday, March 26, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, March 29. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Chloe’s upset with her friend, Nikki worries for Faith, and Adam appears.

As Chelsea’s wandering her condo and stretching, Chloe arrives. Chelsea tells her she’s got the champagne ready. Chloe worries that she’s up walking around and Adam can walk in anytime. Chelsea says Adam left. Chloe’s shocked he left her alone, thinking she couldn’t move. Chelsea shrugs. He didn’t have a choice since Rey was searching the place. He found the statue and trey Chloe hid in Adam’s car and the poison Chloe planted in his shaving kit. Chloe’s shocked. She didn’t know about poison. She knows Rey was in the ICU for some reason but didn’t suspect the reason. Chelsea gloats and is giddy with excitement. It’s over and she’s free of him. Chloe barks, “What were you thinking? How could you do this?” Chelsea thought her friend would applaud. Chloe says Rey could have died. Chelsea says she didn’t give him enough to kill him. Chloe asks, what if Sharon and Faith would be exposed? Chelsea argues that nobody was. She thinks her plan is brilliant but Chloe doesn’t like being an accessory to a major crime. Chelsea didn’t tell her that she was doing things that could land her in prison. “I was doing it for your safety,” Chelsea says. Chloe won’t tell anyone but she thought she was finished doing all of those nasty things to Adam. She needs to think of her kids. Chelsea apologizes. “I owe you.” They wonder where Adam is.

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At their house, Rey pushes Sharon to think about where Adam could be. Sharon says vegas maybe. She isn’t sure. Rey puts on the pressure and she balks. He reminds her she’s been lying to him. Sharon will do anything to help but it makes her sick to think someone she cared for would do this. Rey takes off to find Adam.

At the ranch, Nikki can’t find Faith to tell her dinner is almost ready. She picks up something from the floor and places it on the drink cart where she notices a bottle of alcohol is missing. She’s horrified.

nikki can't find faith young and restless

From the club, Nick leaves a message for Faith to call while the lady in the Green Dress walks back and forth behind him.

Faith sits in the stables, watching new texts come in from bullies calling her a joke, friendless, worthless, lonely and a cry baby. She sobs and grabs the tequila.

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Nikki rushes into Sharon’s house to tell Sharon that Faith was catfished. Her secret admirer was Jordan who was trying to humiliate Faith. Sharon’s angry. She knew that girl was bad news. Nikki said she seemed fine after they discussed it and then while Nikki was checking on dinner, she returned and Faith was gone. Sharon leaves a message for Faith, telling her she knows how hurt she is, and asks her to come home. When she disconnects, she reveals a bottle of alcohol is missing from the bar. Sharon is angered. “You let my little girl get her hands on a bottle of alcohol?” Sharon calls Nick to fill him in and while the lady in the Green Dress walks past him, Nick is shaken. “Why can’t she just leave her alone?” Nick’s upset to learn Faith is drinking again. Nikki went to talk to security. Nick hopes she’s holed up on the grounds on the ranch. He’s on his way.

Rey finds Victor at Society and tells him there are murder charges against Adam. Where is he? Victor laughs. Rey says there is proof he tried to kill him. Victor doesn’t know where Adam is. Probably with Chelsea. Rey threatens that if he is hiding anything, he’ll be in trouble with halting a criminal investigation. Victor gets up and asks who he thinks he’s talking to? He warns him not to get in his face and takes off. Rey finds Michael and they dish on the case until Sharon calls and asks Rey to get home since Faith’s missing. They disconnect and Rey fills Michael in. Michael says they’ll find Adam. “Go home.”

At the coffee shop, Michael details to Lauren what’s going on with Adam and Faith. Lauren cringes about bullying Traci when they were young. Michael recalls Fenmore bullying Jimmy when he was a kid. Lauren is upset. He must have felt so alone. Lauren asks when his vacation time is coming up. Michael lifts up his folder and shrugs. Lauren wants to lounge on the beach with spotty WiFi and enjoy each other. “I want nothing on your to-do list but me,” she says, texting him a photo of a white beach and blue sky. Michael uses it as his screensaver. Later, Lauren has left when Adam wanders inside with a hoodie on. He sees Michael and walks out.

lauren wants to be close with michael young and the restless

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Victor arrives at Chelsea’s. Chelsea gets in her chair and Chloe lets him in. He asks Chloe to talk to Adam. Since he’s not there, he tells Chelsea that Adam’s been accused of something but that he’s on it and will take care of everything. He leaves and Chelsea sneers to herself that he won’t take care of it this time.

Victor arrives at Sharon’s. The security team hasn’t seen Faith. Everyone’s beside themselves. Victor gets a call. One of the ranch trucks is missing. Sharon cries. Nick realizes he can use the find my phone app he installed on Faith’s phone. Nick says the signal is dropping but he’s off to drive around and track the signal. Sharon goes with him. Nikki blames herself though Victor denies this is her fault. They go over her being deceived by someone she considered a friend. Victor wishes she would have confided in him.

Faith drives a truck with tears in her eyes. Later, Sharon and Nick go driving and they finally can tell Faith is just over the hill. If it’s true, she’s moving really fast. Faith reaches for her cell phone when a text comes in and a car horn blares as she goes off the road.

Rey returns home and Nikki updates him. Victor’s annoyed that Rey was looking for Adam when he should be looking for his step-daughter.

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