Sally Gets Bad News at the Doctor’s, Sharon Reacts to Learning Cameron’s Free and Beat up His Girlfriend, Kyle Catches Summer Sneaking Off

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Lucy asks Lily about her marriage to Daniel, Sally has cramps in the park, and Kyle tells Summer how relieved he is. In the previous episode, Cameron sent Sharon another creepy gift, and Diane and her family were overjoyed when the charges against her were dropped.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 30, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 31. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Summer and Daniel tells Kyle that Chance has proof their mother is alive.

kyle learns phyllis truly alive

Summer feels terrible for blaming Diane. Her husband knows she was racked with guilt and can forgive her for blaming his mom. He’s just glad Stark can’t harm anyone again.

After he announces his mom has been freed, she hugs him. Daniel is sure that Kyle must be relieved and his mother must feel vindicated.

Summer makes excuses for her mom and insists she’s been a victim in all this.

Kyle tells Daniel they will always owe him a debt of gratitude for coming forward. Daniel couldn’t live with himself otherwise.

The Abbott is sure the police will listen to Phyllis and she’ll get through it. Summer says her mom shouldn’t face any repercussions.

Lily takes Lucy to Society after having her at work all day. They discuss about fashion in the office.

lucy dines with lily

Lucy asks if she was married to her dad when they were basically kids. This startles Lily, who says it was a very long time ago.

She insists it wasn’t awful but she doesn’t condone it. Lucy prods her for details.

It only lasted a year and they were too young. Lucy thinks this all totally romantic and this gives her all sorts of leverage against her dad.

lily with lucy society

Daniel interrupts and asks the “rays of sunshine” what he’s missed.

They chat about his game and Lucy thinks it will be great. Her father suggests she eat pie at the bar so they can talk.

daniel find lucy and lily dining

Once she steps off to the bar, Daniel fills Lily in on the proof Phyllis is alive and the charges against Diane being dropped. It feels like a weight has been lifted.

He doubts his mom is coming forward and he’s sure his sister knows where she is. He’d give anything just to hug his mom.

Lily tells him he set something important in motion and did the right thing. He’s sure Summer would disagree.

She tells him that Lucy knows they used to be married. She seems thrilled about it and thinks they are destined to be together again.

daniel has news

He smiles.

Lucy returns. She’s jetting back to work. Her father is confused as the ladies share an inside joke.

Kyle and Summer arrive at the Abbott estate and notice everyone else is gone. She’s happy about how things are going for him.

summer and kyle search for jack and diane

He tells her the relief is intense and assures her they will bring Phyllis home.

Abruptly, she declares she needs to run an errand and won’t be long.

She leaves her tablet behind so he grabs it and follows her to the GCAC, asking why she’s there when she claimed she was going to work.

summer has another errand

She claims she’s just getting a spa gift card and then tells him to forget about work, suggesting they pick up bubbly and balloons to celebrate.


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Sally has to sit down in the park and breathe deep as she has pains in her belly. Cameron wanders by and notices she’s doubled-over. He offers to call for help.

cameron out of prison at the park

She tries calling Nick but he doesn’t pick up so she calls Adam and tells him she needs to see her OB.

Adam speeds over and Cameron takes off. Sally tells Adam she had double-vision but that passed. He still thinks she should be checked out. She wonders where that man took off to.

sally with adam as she looks for cameron

After they go to the doctor, Adam takes Sally to her suite.

She’s at risk for preeclampsia and she’s on new meds.

sally cries learning she has preeclampsia

Adam assures her all will be alright. She doesn’t think he can be sure of that.

Sobbing, Sally worries she’s done something wrong but he tells her she’s doing everything right. She worries that she needs to work. He suggests she let Chloe take the lead right now. Let he show what she’s got while she rests.

Sally had no idea he was so calm and reasonable. It may go against his nature, but he’s trying for the baby.

He’s glad he called him instead of Nick. He guesses she called his brother first and claims he’s fine with that. She asks him to stay.

At Sharon’s, her kids hang out and chat as she stares at the box from Cameron.

They notice that she looks distracted and Mariah assumes she’s having maternal overload.

sharon at home with kids

Sharon encourages the kids to go while she and Nick clean up.

As soon as they young people go, Nick leaps up and looks in the box. It has a matchbook from the motel where Cameron attacked her.

sharon and nick talk about cameron's new gift

Nick thinks this is sick. Sharon is sure that Cameron must be sending some kind of message.

Chance shows up and he doesn’t have great news. The cop explains that Kirsten was released.

chance has bad news sharon, cameron beat his girlfriend

He was arrested in LA for assaulting his girlfriend. She looked just like Sharon. He was released again and no one knows where he is.

Chance asks Sharon to fill him in because the record is pretty sketchy.

Sitting down, she explains that her marriage with Nick was in trouble. She was drowning her problems in alcohol and Cameron took advantage of that, assaulting her.

sharon tells cameron she doesn't want him flashback

She hid out and waited or her wounds to heal. He followed her to Genoa City and blackmailed her into meeting him one night. She begged him to leave her alone. When he tried to rape her, she smashed a champagne bottle on his head.

cameron attacks sharon at the hotel flashback

She thought she’d killed him so she hid his body and tried to move on. The nightmare was only just beginning.

Nick is sure that Kirsten is deranged and obsessed with her.

Sharon explains that Cameron used to haunt her and wouldn’t let her forget her crime. One day he showed up and acted as if nothing had ever happened. But he wanted to make her suffer and framed her for murder before taking her hostage.

cameron haunted sharon flashback

Nick saved her by beating Cameron up and then parachuting out of his jet. They had him arrested and convicted.

Sharon refuses to let him terrorize her again.

sharon won't be terrorized

The cop tells them to send him any more mysterious message that they receive. Nick doesn’t want this guy anywhere near Sharon and she tells him just to find out where he is.

Once the detective is gone, Sharon tells Nick that this could just be creepy deliveries. Nick thinks Cameron is incapable of rational thought and worries about him making his way back to the city.

Faith strides into the park and bumps straight into Cameron.

cameron bumps into faith

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