Victor’s Will is Read and a Mysterious Finger is Left to His Enemies, and Trina Gets the Results of the DNA Test

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, May 30, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Joss asks Trina to move in, Sam offers to dig up dirt for Drew, and Sonny tells Michael about his engagement.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Willow’s family rallied around her before she went in for her procedure, and Drew dug for dirt on Tracy.

Spencer takes Ace to the penthouse. Laura eavesdrops on him telling the baby it’s his home.

She laughs and announces the guests for the will reading will be arriving.

laura with spencer and ace

Trina calls so he hands the baby off to his grandma to put him to bed.

He answers and they say how much they miss each other. She’s waiting on results of her DNA test.

Ava and Alexis arrive, eager to hear the reading of the will.

JB Brown, the executor of the estate, arrives next.

laura welcomes victor's lawyer

Martin files in next and recognizes JB. He’s there as a proxy for Valentin. Anna is running late.

They sit down and the lawyer puts on a video of Victor reading his will.

He congratulates them for surviving his attempt to save the world.

victor video will reading

Pouring a drink, he leaves Ava a rendering of a gargoyle. That makes her chuckle. To Alexis, he leaves a Matryoshka doll and a deck of tarot cards for Sam to make her lucky in love.

ava alexis laura will reading

Victor leaves a necklace and pendant to Charlotte. To Valentin and all those who betrayed him, he leaves a satchel of the last piece of an ancient statue of Apollo. It’s a finger.

Most of the attendees file out. Victor has a small box bequested to Spencer, sure he’ll know what to do with it.

At home, Marshall gets Portia to test his gumbo. She thinks it’s perfect. He notices she’s been looking at wedding pictures.

She’s still waiting for her happy ending. Curtis arrives with his bags. He asks his father to put them in the guest room.

curtis and portia talk trina

His dad explains he made gumbo for two and takes off.

ortia welcomes her husband home.

portia welcomes curtis home

They talk about Trina and she hopes that he’s come back for good. Stella shows up. That makes things more awkward.

She offers to leave if it’s a bad time but Marshall insists she stay.

They tell her she’s always welcome.

She’s glad to see Portia and Curtis together in spite of her.

stella shows up

They stand around having an uncomfortable discussion of the wedding while Marshall tries to make everyone feel welcome. Stella tells them how much love is worth fighting for.

portia and curtis interrupted

Diane bumps into Robert at the Metro Court.

She flashes back to talking to Sonny about their suspicions the Feds are after him.

diane confused by robert

They sit down and he tells her his life just got a little less complicated. Holly left town.

At the bar, Olivia worries to Nina about the Feds wanting to use Carly against Sonny.

There’s got to be a way to keep Sonny from taking the fall.

olivia talks about tension with carly

They talk about the tension Liv has been having with Carly and the problems with Ned. Nina knows Carly won’t send Sonny to prison but someone is going down.

She asks Olivia if she thinks there’s a chance Drew or Carly could turn on each other.

nina encourages olivia to dig

Olivia doesn’t think that could happen. They stare over at Robert and Diane.

Nina encourages her to go over and clear the air.

nina and olivia talk about drew or carly betrayal

Olivia stomps over and asks them if they are trying to make a deal to make Carly give up Sonny.

olivia interrupts robert and diane

Diane says that if he stays silent, that’s confirmation. He doesn’t say anything and walks off.

Diane walks over to the bar and offers to buy Robert a drink.

They spar and she admits that she’s not always right. She thought he and Holly were meant for each other.

The DA explains that things weren’t going to work out between them. If she wants to pump him for information, he suggests she call his secretary next time.

robert tells diane call office

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At the Quartermaine estate, Drew calls Carly, leaving a message to say how he misses her. Scout and Sam arrive.

scout drew at quartermaine estate

They sit down to do her homework. Drew pulls out a harmonica and explains it was Oscar’s. He’d have loved her to have it.

After she starts playing, Sam suggests she go out and play it for the birds. Drew tells Sam how precious the little things are.

He worries about what happens if the insider trading charges stick.

Ned has the clout to make this go away but won’t. Sam offers to dig up dirt on him.

sam offers dig up dirt for drew

He thanks her but asks her to stay out of this. Olivia arrives and Sam takes off.

She tells Drew she has some information he needs if he wants to stick around for Scout.

At General Hospital, Michael and his family tell themselves that they need to stick together for Willow’s sake.

michael and family wait for news on willow

Michael walks off to see how the procedure is progressing. Joss gets a text from Trina and leaves to see her.

Sonny notes the kids couldn’t wait to get away from him. When they sit down, he says she’s likely to hear from the DOJ soon.

She repeats that she won’t take any deal they offer and he reminds her he won’t let Donna’s mother go behind bars.

Sonny explains that he has Diane working with Robert to find out what’s happening.

sonny tells carly no deal with doj

Joss meets with Trina and they talk about how her life could change with the DNA results.

Trina doesn’t think things will change much.

trina and joss talk about summer

They talk about her problems with her mom and Trina needing to find a place to stay for the summer. Joss is surprised she doesn’t want to move home.

Her friend admits things are a little better with her mom but she’s not sure she’s ready. Joss suggests she move in with her.

Trina worries about what this would mean for Spencer. He and Dex hate each other. She tells her they had a fight at the gym.

That makes Joss chuckle. It’s time Spencer learned his lesson.

Trina doesn’t think Spencer can help antagonize him.

trina and joss talk summer plans

Joss needs to get back to her family. Once she’s gone, Trina gets a text with the DNA results.

She immediately calls Curtis.

Michael returns to his parents, surprised to hear his mother thanking Sonny.

Instead of explaining that, Sonny announces that he’s engaged to Nina.

His son tells him that this won’t change their truce. Once Sonny walks off, Carly admits she’d already heard the news.

Michael wonders what else is going on. She tells him the DOJ may offer her a deal to turn on Sonny. She won’t take it. Her son thinks she should think that over. Joss returns and urges her mom to take the deal.

Sonny calls Nina to update her on the procedure and about telling Michael of their engagement.

michael interrupts sonny and carly

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