Adam is Shocked When Victor Makes Him Nate’s Gopher, and Mamie is the Secret Investor in Chancellor-Winters

Tues Sept 26, Y&R day ahead recap: Victoria asks Nick to help with their father, Lily and Devon look for information on the secret investor, and Traci and Jack wonder why Mamie is in town.

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead: Jill needed answers from Victor, Sally lied to Nick, Adam and Jack struck a deal for dirt on Tucker, and Mamie came back.

(Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Sept 26, 2023 episode airs in the USA on Sept 27. Live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)


At the Abbott estate, Jack is thrilled to discover that Mamie is there.

She wanted to surprise him just to see the lock on his face. She loves it.

mamie surprises jack and traci

Traci points out if she’d told them about her visit, they could have planned a party for her.

She doesn’t want a fuss. Besides, she’s in town for reasons other than a reunion.

As they have tea, they prod her for information and tease her about having a man in her life.

traci gabs about the weddings

Mamie asks about the recent weddings.

She’s startled to hear that Ashley and Tucker’s marriage might be over already.

mamie hears ashley and tucker split

Jack says Tucker won’t get away with breaking his sister’s heart again.

Mamie reminds him that his sister is an adult and doesn’t need him fighting with Tucker.

He should be spending his energy on his new wife.

She has to get going and has some business to settle. She should be around for a few weeks.

jack traci and mamie catch up

They wish she would stay there but she’d rather stay at the club for privacy.

“I’m just settling a few debts,” she tells them.

mamie tells traci she needs some privacy

After Mamie takes off, the siblings say she seems mischievous.

It’s like back in the days when she’d fight with Jill.

jack and traci wonder what's up with mamie

Traci thought they’d called a truce after Jill have her a million bucks that she invested wisely.

Jack wonders if Mamie has some unfinished business with the former Mrs. John Abbott.

traci recalls mamie's fight with jill

They worry that she could be mixed up in score-settling.

At the Chancellor estate, Lily fills Devon in on Victor stonewalling Jill when she asked about the secret investor.

lily and dveon talk drama

Supposedly this person will reveal themselves soon.

Devon doesn’t like the sound of that. It sounds dramatic.

devon and lily worry about upset at company

They speculate on what this could mean and how it could upend their company.

He thinks it could just be some big-shot.

His sister assumes there’s more to it.

lily explains jill learned nothing

They agree to stick together as a team no matter what.

Bob the accountant calls to tell her that the money is coming from Detroit and a company called LBB Financial.

That reminds her of her grandmother but that can’t be right.

lily and devon talk llb

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Adam stops by his father’s office at Newman and asks when he wants him to start whatever his vaguely defined job is.

adam asks his dad what his job is

Victor calls Nate in and explains to his son that he won’t be designating an area in the men’s room as his office.

He has a place farther up the ladder reserved for him.

When Nate arrives, Victor informs him that Adam will be his assistant.

victor fills adam in on his new job

“You’re joking?” Adam asks. Nate says he has an assistant named Greg already.

Victor has another job for Greg. This isn’t what Adam meant by starting at the bottom.

His father is sure he will realize this is the perfect position for him.

Adam claims he can’t learn business from someone who has been in business for less time than he was in business school.

adam and nate shocked by victor

Victor tells him that this is a test.

victor says it's all a test

Once he leaves, Nate makes it clear to Adam that this is a surprise to him and he’s not happy about it.

Adam won’t run away from this because he’s sure it’s what his dad would want.

devon tells adam he's not thrilled

Devon calls and asks Nate to meet.

“Doc” tells Adam they can discuss his duties when he gets back and then takes off.

nate gets call from devon

Looking at Victor’s portrait, Adam wonders if this is all a game to push him until he breaks.

adam talks to victor's portrait

Nick saunters into Society to meet his sister while she is flashing back to her recent fights with her father.

nick and victoria talk their father

He wonders if she’s there to ask him to return to the company.

She needs his help stopping their father from making a huge mistake. He’s acting erratically.

Nick says he can be as whimsical as he wants. She thinks their dad is confused.

victoria asks nick for help with dad

He’s not convinced that anything is wrong and doesn’t want to get dragged back into this.

His sister insists their dad is not acting like himself and she’s worried about his health. He hasn’t gotten younger.

Shrugging, Nick admits he’s been acting a little out of character.

But he’s not coming back or going to war.

nick refuses to come back to the company

He knows she’s not happy about being demoted and doesn’t understand why their dad took her out of the big chair. She’s sure it’s purely personal.

She thinks Victor must be bored. He even replaced her portrait.

Nick repeats he’s not coming back. She needs him to help her stop their father from jeopardizing his health.

victoria and nick discuss victor's health

He hopes she didn’t say any of this to their father. She’s sure something is wrong.

Nick asks if this is just an excuse to get her job back. His sister is offended and claims this is about their father’s mind.

He thinks it’s quite a coincidence that she thinks their dad is in mental decline since demoting her.

victoria and nick arguing about their dad

She claims their mom agrees with her. Her brother says Nikki can talk to Victor then.

nick suggests his sister back off

She needs to let their mom deal with this if she ever wants to get her position back.

Adam wanders in and fills them in on being appointed her boyfriend’s gopher.

adam complaisn to vic and nick

Rising, she says it’s more than he deserves and unfair to Nate.

The brothers bicker. Nick doesn’t care what he does, but if he hurts their dad or sister, he will have to deal with him.

nick gives adam warning

Devon meets with Nate at the GCAC and asks about his family.

They think that someone in his family could be their new investor.

devon being whiney to nate

Nate explains that Aunt Mamie has an investment firm called LBB. He won’t tell him any more.

They start bickering and Nate accuses him of only reaching out when he needs something. Devon walks out.

nate explains what he knows

As he heads for the door, Nate bumps into Mamie and is thrilled to see her.

mamie bumps into nate

She explains she needed to spend more time with the people that she loves.

Bringing up what Devon just asked him about, he asks what she’s up to.

nate wonders what mamie is up to

They go up to her suite and she tells him he’s the one person she can trust with the truth.

That sounds ominous but he’s flattered.

She explains she’s the mystery investor.

mamie mystery investor

He assumes this is about settling a score with Jill.

Mamie flashes back to one of her many fights with Jill.

nate asks mamie about jill

She recalls how Jill bought her off to leave, rubbing it in her face that she could never have John.

jill and mamie flashback

Laughing, Mamie tells Nate she’s looking forward to seeing Jill’s head explode.

But she needs his help. He’s got to get Lily and Devon off track about her.

He warns that Devon has put the pieces together already. That’s annoying to her.

nate warns mamie devon may know already

Devon returns to the Chancellor estate and fills Lily in on Mamie owning LLB.

devon fills lily in on mamie

She’s surprised. They can see why she’d want to be anonymous given her history with Jill.

But why would they keep this from them?

devon tells lily about llb

They wonder how they can defuse this before Jill loses her mind.

They need to figure out what Mamie’s motives are first.

lily and devon wonder mamie's motives

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