Adam & Sally Agree to Work at McCall on Their Terms, Not Victor’s, Audra Urges Elena to Get Revenge on Nate & Nick Admonishes Victoria

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Elena vents to Audra about Nate, Nick confronts his father about Sally, and Victoria tells her mom about Nate. In the previous episode, Elena moved out, Kyle and Summer decided to move to the pool house, and Daniel took a call, believing it to be Phyllis.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 9, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 10. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Audra finds Elena moping at Crimson Lights and asks if she found Nate and Victoria hard at work.


“They were hard at something,” Elena complains. At least, Nate had the decency not to deny what was going on when she confronted him. Audra is so sorry she’s going through this and asks what happens now.

Elena pouts and shrugs.

They go to the patio and Elena explains it’s over with Nate. She was beyond furious when she left LA but now is numb. There’s no going back.
Audra is sure she’s in a lot of pain since she seemed in love.

audra and elena talk about nate pain

Sneering, Elena explains she realized that she put so much effort into her relationship with Nate because of what they did to Devon.

elena snearing

She’s done with trying to save him from himself. Everything is his fault and he’s disgusting.

He and Victoria deserve each other.

They talk about the future of her podcast. Audra tells her not to turn her back on something she enjoys. She should knock them dead.

Maybe she could bring JT to town. That would be a slap in the face to Victoria.

Elena urges her to watch her back. Nate has no loyalties so she suggests she not trust his charming demeanor. Nate arrives in time to eavesdrop on this.

At Society, Chelsea and Adam discuss how moody and sullen their son has been since he heard about the baby.

adam and chelsea talk connor moods

This doesn’t make any sense to her. He already has a brother.

He spots Billy and Chelsea makes him promise not to say anything negative.

Adam takes off and Billy takes his seat. He smiles at her smiling and then they talk about her sullen son.

She doesn’t know what to do. Billy tells her kids are moody at that age. He’s sure Connor knows he can ask for help if he needs it.

chelsea doesn't understand

Chelsea just wants to hold her son and tell him all will be okay but he won’t let her.

Sally wakes up in her bed at the GCAC and notices Nick spent the night. He’s going to run home and get his kid to school.

nick has to get going

She asks him to stay for breakfast in bed but he needs to go and see his father. Spectra asks him not to battle Victor for her.

She doesn’t want a Newman family war. He tells her he’s just going to work.

She’s going to meet up with Chloe to talk about workflow ergonomics.

sally asks nick breakfast in bed

Sally asks if he’s okay with putting what Victor did behind them. He claims he’s good.

After she promises to take vitamins, he exits.


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Sally meets with Chloe at Crimson Lights to discuss ergonomics and their upcoming meeting with Jill. Chloe isn’t feeling optimistic about it given how she treated their last deal.

sally and chloe talk ergonomics

Jill calls Sally. When she gets off the line, she explains that Jill wants to wait.

Chloe wonders what they are supposed to do now.

They haven’t even looked at other potential clients.

Adam arrives and asks what’s going on. Chloe immediately decides to leave.

Sally fills her ex in on her deal falling through.

They put all their eggs in one basket and now she only has some savings.

adam offers sally job

Adam offers her a job at McCall. She could even be his COO again or name her own position and bring Chloe alone.

She tells him to think this through. His father would lose it.

He’s miffed when she explains her father offered to set her up anywhere in the world as long as she left the baby with him.

Sally tells him not to confront his father. She already had to talk Nick down.

Spectra tells him she’s always fought her own battles. He points out that she’s not just fighting for herself.

She may be fighting for two but she still doesn’t need his help.

He agrees to restrain himself but still thinks she should come and work for him.

sally tells adam doesn't need saving

Sally asks him to stop trying to fix her problems. He needs her help. The company is a wreck.

Back at Society, Nick strides in and corners Victor, confronting him and accusing him of wanting to take Sally’s baby away.

Victor smirks and crosses his arms.

He claims Spectra has grossly misrepresented their conversation. He’s just being vigilant against the family being exploited.

victor listens to nick whining

He suggests by turning him down, she was just upping the ante.

Victor confirms he would take a baby away from the wrong mother. His son doesn’t buy it and tells him to leave her and the baby alone.

Billy and Chelsea have been watching Nick and Victor but decide to stay out of it.

billy is sure everything will be fine

He suggests they have a special date with their sons.

She’s sure that will get Connor out of his funk. Chloe shows up and complains about Jill quashing her deal again.

He offers to talk to his mom. It might work for once. Chloe says no and Chelsea asks her to have a girl’s night.

She leaves for therapy.

“Look at you Mr. Responsibility,” Chloe tells him. He’s really stepped up.

chloe admires billy being responsible

Billy asks what she means so she says she’s seen how strong the bond he has with Chelsea is. He says he genuinely cares and doesn’t need a pat on the back for that.

She knows how much he’s changed and how much Chelsea needs someone she can count on.

Adam goes to the park to see his father. He tells him he will accept the CEO position for McCall but only if he will back off. That means his daughter and Sally are off-limits.

adam agrees to ceo job

Victor chuckles and says Sally must have gone running to both of his sons.

Adam repeats his terms. Victor isn’t someone who has terms dictated to him, but he’ll accept them.

However, he will be sticking around because he’s sure he will need his advice. They shake on it.

victor agrees to terms

Adam explains he’s already written a PR release and offered Sally a position.

He expects him to stand back and let him staff things as he sees fit. Otherwise, he can find himself another CEO.

Nikki arrives in her daughter’s office at Newman and asks why she and Nate cut their trip short.

Victoria said they accomplished their goal and came back.

Her mom wonders why she didn’t go to the Neil event and asks what happened on the trip.

With some prodding, Victoria admits that her relationship with Nate has become more personal.

victoria admits things got personal with nate

That surprises her mom, who thought that he was with Elena. Victoria explains that Elena confronted them.

They have had a mutual attraction for some time and acted on it before.

Nikki thinks she sounds like Victor. Her daughter says he would be right.

nikki prods daughter about trip

“You feel the way you feel,” Nikki says, but she wonders how this “undeniable connection” could impact the company.

Victoria says she won’t let anything affect the business but her mom still worries.

Nick mopes in and starts complaining about Victor. He tells them he tried to pay off Sally.

Nikki leaves them alone to complain about their parents.

Victoria tells her brother that their mom and Elena know about her and Nate.

Her brother suggests she got what she wanted and nothing else matters to her. She claims she takes no pleasure in Elena’s pain.

victoria refuses justify hereslf

She doesn’t want to listen to his lectures and tells him to back off. He’s worried about Nate’s loyalty to the company.

nick thinks nate's just disloyal altogether

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