Drew Attacks Ned, Believing He Turned Him in, Willow Starts Chemo, and Diane Walks in on Holly & Robert Kissing After They Agree to Date

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, May 9, 2023. In today’s GH episode, 

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Carly told Dante about Sonny helping her, Sam filled Nina in about the wedding, and Willow asked Michael to delete the evidence against Sonny.

Diane arrives at Robert’s office at his behest. He thanks her for helping him with the bureau business.

She liked it. He knows, remembering seeing the twinkle in her eye when they worked together.

robert and diane canoodle

He says they’re dancing close on unethical lines and he wants to see where this can go but not if he feels he’s using his position to pressure her.

She appreciates his sensitivity but is into spending time with him, stating that they understand boundaries.

She thinks they can separate their private and business lives. He takes out some champagne to celebrate.

She reminds him it’s noon but they go with it. Before they can drink, Diane gets a call from a client and goes.

diane and robert drink

At the Quartermainie mansion, Ned tries to go to the office when he’s pounced on by Olivia and BrookLynn who think he gave up Carly and Drew for insider trading. Ned didn’t do it. He threatened it because he’s a Quartermaine. He’d never do it.

ned defends himself

BLQ doesn’t believe him and Olivia hates to say it but he sold Michael out to Valentin.

What’s to stop him from doing the same to Carly and Drew? Ned stomps off into the living room and Tracy complains about the lack of a decent breakfast at the manse.

The women fill her in on what they’re arguing about and she thinks he turned them in, too. “Good for you.”

Ned again says he didn’t but it was obvious they did it.

It’s not a good look for them since it could spill over to ELQ. Ned says if he had done it, it wouldn’t be a crime.

ned and tracy defends him

Dex and Joss snuggle on his sofa as she frustratedly thinks about her family and friends.

He wants to cook together but she doesn’t cook.

She can scramble eggs and make a sandwich.

They go into detail about what they’ll need to make a meal and are happy they don’t have to hide, that they can shop together.

joss and dex sofa

They talk about how paralyzed by fear they were when Sonny had them dead to rights at the gala.

“Poor choice of words,” Joss says.

joss and dex glad they don't have to sneak around

At GH, the nurse tells Michael and Willow that she needs a strong amount of chemo and that she’ll need to be in isolation before they give her Obrecht’s good bone marrow.

She details that nobody can see or touch her and how it’ll go while Willow says she remembers this from nursing school and never thought it’d apply to her.

Michael and willow before she goes into isolation

It scares her that this could be the last time she holds Michael’s hand.

He tries to reassure her and give her comfort. She gets emotional.

willow emotional in hospital

Outside, Dante and Sam discuss Nina and that she needs to step carefully around her.

She’ll make the effort since Sonny loves her. Dante is glad and wishes Carly would do the same.

Sam says it’s ironic since she told Nina to make an effort with Carly.

dante and sam talk about carly and nina

Nina stops Carly by the nurses’ hub and tells her she’s sorry and that she’s wrong for making Carly the scapegoat for not being a part of Willow’s life.

nina apologizes to carly

She’s been critical and combative and regrets it.

She wants a connection with her daughter and asks for Carly’s help.

nina apologetic to carly

Obrecht and Drew walk up and the discussion ends.

Liesl calls Drew a hero but he was part of an amazing team.

liesl and drew home

Nina drags her aunt off to talk while Carly touches Drew’s cheek, hopeful he’s okay. He assures he’s fine and the SEC turns up.

They ask Drew to come with him and Liesl gets in the way.

She thinks they’re wasting their time but Drew can handle this. He tells her it’s fine and says, “Guys, let’s go.”

After Drew is carted off, Liels complains to Nina about how crazy it is that they weren’t investigating Victor instead of this. She goes on and on until Nina tells her it’s enough. They should focus on Willow. Liesl gasps and they take off to her room.


Meanwhile, Carly asks Dante to go to PCPD to find out what’s up with Drew.

He goes and Carly complains that she didn’t listen when Drew told her not to buy ELQ stock. She just wanted to support Michael and Drew.

Sam calls it harsh but when it comes to Ned, she assumes nothing else matters but ELQ.

Michael and Liesl are shocked to see Michael with his head in his hands in a chair in Willow’s room.

He says she’s getting chemo and thanks her for doing this. It’s Liesl’s privlege. She’s family, the doctor says.

michael says willow gone

Back at the Q manse, Tracy asks what “they’re doing there” as Joss and Dex turn up. Tracy asks if Monica now lets just anyone in.

Olivia apologizes to ‘Jex’ and introductions are made while Tracy assumes Dex is a thug.

BLQ defends Sonny and Joss says they’re there to pick up Wiley and Amelia to take them to Michael at the hospital.

The talk turns to Willow and how she’s hung on for longer than anyone expected.

drew and joss show up to get the kids

Diane interrupts the SEC’s questioning of Drew at PCPD since her client will need to repeat everything again now that she’s there.

Drew looks hopeful. They say they have enough to issue a subpoena but since they don’t have it, the interview is over.

They go and Diane calls this a one-off. They’ll discuss further representation.

Drew is confused so she tells him about the allegations and that the tip was anonymous.

Outside, Dante tells Sam who just turned up, what’s going on. She says that Drew could still be in trouble.

They wonder who stood to gain the most by exposing them, since neither thinks it was Ned. 

drew at PCPD

Back at Robert’s office, he drains the champagne into the plant and Holly pops up.

She asks when he went back to the 80s when they used to drink a lot during the day.

holly ytells robert about greenland

He offers the drink while she tells him about the adventure in Greenland and the special cocktail she forced him to drink.

“Payback is a bitch,” Robert says. She says Obrecht got the antidote for Valentin who was infected and gave it to Anna to give to Valentin.

Robert’s glad everything turned out.

Holly wants to offer him thanks and leans in for a kiss. He kisses her back, his arms going around her just as Diane appears at the door.

robert and holly kiss in front of diane

Dex and Joss bring the kids to GH and Wiley jumps into Michael’s arms and talks up how cool Dex is.

Nina appears and sees the kids and frowns. The couple goes off to talk about food and her family and how happy she is with him and that she doesn’t want to give it up. They kiss. 

dex and joss bring kids to GH

Meanwhile, Carly and Micahel bring the kids to see Willow, who lays in bed with a vomit bucket at her side.

willow sick from chemo

Drew arrives at the Q mansion as Ned’s still defending himself and walks straight up to Ned and punches him in the face.

Ned goes down and the women gasp in horror.

drew hits ned

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