Heartbroken Adam Tries Explaining to Sally Why He Let the Baby Die, and Victoria Orders Nick to Take a Leave of Absence After He Refuses

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick stands up for Adam, Adam lashes out at Chance, and Nikki argues with Victoria about urging Nick to go on leave. In the previous episode, Sally and Adam struggled with losing Ava, and Sharon confessed she felt alive for the first time since Rey’s death.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 20, 2023 episode airs in the USA June 21. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Adam stops by the hospital to see Sally. She has her eyes shut and he walks off.

sally in bed hospital

As she nods awake, Nick shows up with a blueberry muffin and sits by her side.

She explains that Adam showed up but she pretended to be asleep. It makes her sick to think he was in her room after he let their baby die.

Nick points out he lost his child too. His brother was stuck in an impossible situation. He explains he was also forced to choose between Faith and Sharon.

nick goes to see sally at the hospital

Sally is shocked when he explains what happened in the sewer. When Cameron forced him to decide who should live and die, he couldn’t make a chance.

Sharon had a knife and she was able to kill Cameron. He’s just grateful he didn’t have to make a decision. Adam wasn’t spared that and he can’t fault his decision.

Sobbing, Sally says that her little girl deserved at least to take a first breath and Adam took that from her.

He’s sure that Adam was focused on her and trying to help her through this. But when she lost consciousness, he was left with the worst possible scenario and put her first.

nick talks up how adam faced an impossible choice

She asks him if he would have saved Sharon over Faith. He claims it’s not the same situation. She’s sure he would have saved Faith.

“Would you have saved my little girl too?” she asks.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon happily flips the open sign and sends faith to the patio with some flowers. As Faith sets them down, she has a little panic attack thinking about Cameron.

faith flashes back to cameron

Her mom interrupts and asks if she’s thinking about the sewer times. Those memories won’t magically go away. They have to get through this one hour at a time and she can’t keep her feelings bottled up.

sharon finds that faith is upset

As they hug, Chance interrupts, surprised that they aren’t taking a day off. The ladies thought they should keep busy and offer him some scones for saving their lives.

When Faith bustles off, the detective asks Sharon how she’s doing.

She’s a little unnerved that she took someone’s life. He assures her that Cameron was determined to take someone with him but she saved lives.

Adam walks in, unhappy to see Chance. He starts lecturing him for not being there when Faith needed them.

adam lashes out at chance

Sharon stands up for the cop and says Faith and her might not have survived if he hadn’t shown up, faith returns and says they are both heroes in her book.

Adam declares he’s no hero and stomps off. Sharon follows him and he apologizes. She’s sorry about the baby and asks when Sally will be released. Sharon tells him to be kind to himself.

He doesn’t know how she can say that after what he put her through. She doesn’t think anyone deserves to suffer the loss he has.

It will take him time to get over this.

Adam says his bond with Sally is gone and she hates him. He can’t blame her.

Nikki arrives at the Newman office. Her daughter is eager to talk work. Nikki needs a hug first. Victoria is glad everyone is okay.

nikki needs a hug

Nikki tells her what an “animal” Cameron was. Her daughter is sure that Nick has earned a well-deserved break.

Nikki is startled that she is still pushing for that but her daughter is sure he needs a leave of absence.

Nikki explains this is about more than Cameron. Sally lost the baby.

nikki tells daughter that sally lost baby

Victoria’s heart goes out to them but this only means Nick needs to step away and recover. Her mother points out she didn’t take a minute off after Ashland. She thinks Nick could feel the same way and it should be his choice.

victoria learns that sally lost her baby

As they debate this, Nate shows up with some ideas to run by Victoria. Nikki assumes she’s in favor of her daughter’s agenda regarding Nick.

Telling her daughter to wait before making any rash decisions, Nikki leaves, adding she better not count of her backing her up if she forces things with Nick.

Nate guesses that Nikki isn’t wild about him picking up the slack if Nick leaves. Victoria is determined to have him more involved in the company.

nate and victoria discuss his getting more involved in company

She calls her brother to ask how he is. He admits it’s been a rough couple of days. His sister asks him to come by the office and Sally urges Nick to go.

Nick agrees to drop by after he’s checked on Sharon and Faith.


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At the hospital, Sally tells Nick she’ll be okay. She’s half asleep anyway. He tells her that Adam loved that little girl as much as she did.

sally half asleep

He’s sorry that he couldn’t look out for her, but Adam was all in and by her side for every moment. He hopes she can forgive him.

With everything that is going on, she doesn’t need the added stress of hating Adam.

Telling her he loves her, Nick says that when she gets out, he wants them to live together. After kissing her hand and telling her to think about it, he walks out.

nick speaks up for adam to sally

Nick arrives at Crimson lights and bumps into Adam, who asks after Sally. Nick assures him he made the best decision in the moment he could and urges him to give Sally some time to deal with her emotions.

adam lashes out at chance

After Adam walks out, Nick and Sharon talk about almost losing their child. He says she’s a “bad-ass momma bear” and did what she has to do.

Faith comes in and her dad hugs her. She says she feels great all things considered. But she wants to leave Genoa City, maybe pick up a summer class or get a job near campus.

faith wants to leave genoa city

Everywhere she looks, it hits her all over again and she doesn’t want to live with the fear. She’s not running away, she just wants to be normal with her friends.

Her parents agree as long as this is what she really wants and she calls everyday. The three of them hug.

nick hugs faith happily

After Nick and Faith take off, Chance checks in on Sharon. She fills him in on Faith and he assures her she will be back.

Sharon tells him that no one blames him for what happened with Cameron. He did all he could and her daughter is alive because of him. She’ll never forget that and hugs him.

chance hugs sharon

Back at Newman, Nate asks Victoria if she’s sure this is the move she wants to make. Her parents won’t like it.

victoria can't wait to ut nick

She’s adamant that giving Nick the opportunity to step away is the right now. He worries that Nick might take it as a way to remove him.

Nate is sure it isn’t easy for her at the top. She’s impressed Nate’s always thinking big and ahead. They start making out.

Later, she opens the door and they button up before she asks about what he and Audra were talking about. He says that Audra is a real business machine. They discuss how ambitious she is.

Nate thinks that as long as they keep her harnessed and focused, she’ll be a star.

Nick arrives so Hastings exits. Victoria gives her brother a hug and asks how he’s holding up.

victoria hugs nick sorry for his loss

He says they are all moving on from Cameron. Sally is devastated and will need time to recover. Victoria tells him that Sally needs him and so does his family.

Nick’s surprised she’s so concerned about Spectra and asks what’s going on. She suggests he take a leave of absence.

He says that’s not necessary. She urges him to think about this some more. Nick thought she’d understand that working is what’s best for him.

nick surprised victoria wants him to step down

His sister points out that he’s been through a load of trauma and can’t see clearly enough to make a sound decision. She’s made the choice and needs him to step away from his role at COO.

victoria tells nick he's stepping down

Nate wanders into Society and sees Nikki looking like she’s had a positive meeting. She commends him on all his work at Newman Media. He fills her in on Audra heading up their new project.


“So, you’re already shifting your focus to Newman Enterprises and Nicholas isn’t even gone,” Nikki notes.

He claims he’s only trying to respect Victoria’s wishes and do what’s best at the company. She points out that isn’t what he always does.

He concedes he made mistakes at Chancellor-Winters and explains Victoria is encouraging him. She suggests he proceed very carefully.

Adam returns to the hospital to see Sally. He says he knows she doesn’t want to see him but he had to come and try to explain.

adam tells sally he loves her

When he was asked who to save, his heart stopped. He couldn’t imagine a world in which she no longer existed.

Sitting down, he tells her that he dreamed of the baby and loved who their spicy, bossy little girl would be. It rips him apart that he will never meet her. But Sally did. She was part of her and she felt her and sang to her.

Adam knew she would have chosen to the baby, but he chose her because he loves her. He’ll understand if she never wants to hear from him again but he won’t stop loving her and he won’t forgive himself for breaking her heart.

After kissing her hand, he walks out. Once she’s alone, she opens her eyes and weeps.

sally cries as she listens to adam

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