Y&R Recap: Jordan’s Life is in the Balance After She Ingests a Toxin and Summer Refuses to Accept Claire Into The Family

Tue March 19, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Connor talks Adam into letting him move home, Sumner asks Victor for Claire’s backstory, and Dr. Alcott assures Chelsea her issues are an asset.

Monday’s recap: Nikki made a bold move against Jordan, Chelsea broke down to Dr. Alcott, and Ashley raised Billy’s suspicions.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 19. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In Dr. Alcott’s office, Chelsea tells her she’s not sure she can deal with Connor’s OCD treatment. The doctor assures her she’s not the first parent to worry about this but will soon find she can cope.

chelsea tells alcott about her problems Y&R

Chelsea explains this is more than run of the mill parental anxiety and she worries this will make things worse for her little boy.

She tells her about her attempt to end her life.

The only reason she’s alive is because a friend stopped her.

chelsea talks suicide

After that, she went to a facility and got therapy. It was hard but got easier.

Alcott thinks she should be proud of herself. Chelsea is but she’s feeling guilty, worried she’s passed something horrible on to her son.

alcott listening to chelsea

She worries about being a burden to her son and the doctor tells her that she has nothing to blame herself for.

The only important thing is that Connor gets treatment now.

Chelsea explains that she acted out for years to avoid the voices in her head she worries that her son could be chased onto a ledge like she was.

chelsea tells alcott about past

Chelsea is sure she sounds guilty but the doctor says that there is no blame and she thinks that her mental health issues are a great asset.

Alcott says that the treatment facility will be a necessary path to managing his disorder.

Chelsea thanks her and the doctor nods as she ushers her out the door.

alcott nodding at chelsea

Adam and Connor are in his new room. He wonders why he wanted to change rooms in the middle of the school year. His son claims it’s no big deal.

connor and adam in his room

After some prodding, Connor admits he couldn’t stand it their because of his “craziness.”

Adam tells him he’s the greatest kid ever. His son still thinks he’s crazy.

His dad says they can fix this and asks about the room change again.

Connor says his room was 23 and that’s bad news. His dad’s favorite number is 21.

adam asks connor why moved

That doesn’t surprise his son since he used to be a gambler. Adam’s surprised he knows about that.

They discuss the retreat. Connor doesn’t want to go to a hospital for “crazy people.”

Connor worries that he wouldn’t know where anything is and be alone. His dad says he can make friends there.

adam connor talk numbers

Adam suggests they see how this plays out. No decisions have been made yet.

The kid hates being there. He hates the school and doesn’t want to go to the retreat.

His father assures him he’s not alone and they just want what’s best for him.

adam tries reassuring son

They will be with him every step of the way.

Connor says if he means that, he will take him home.

adam agrees take connor home

“Absolutely,” Adam agrees. His son hugs him.

Adam, Chelsea, and Connor arrive at Crimson Lights. He wants to get them all hot chocolate but Connor wants to check his room to see if his mom has changed it.

connor chelsea and adam return to CL

She says they have decisions to make.

They go out to the patio and Chelsea starts pitching the ERP program. Adam suggests this can wait and his son agrees but Chelsea insists.

As she pushes her son about it, Connor says that his dad claimed he doesn’t have to go if he doesn’t want to.

He doesn’t.

connor says he's not going

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At the Abbott estate, Summer and Kyle sense there was a lot more to Claire’s story than Victoria was letting on.

summer kyle chat about claire mystery

She admits that she was sweet and seemed to make Harrison happier than he’s been for some time.

She won’t say no to interviewing Claire but thinks they should do some research first.

summer thinks they need to do some digging

He thinks it’s worth a shot so she decides to do some digging.

kyle says it's worth a shot

Nick shows up at the ranch, confused that everyone is gone but Victor. He explains that Nikki and the other ladies went to see Jordan.

victor tells nick where ladies are

His son thinks this is a lousy idea but Victor explains Nikki thought a confrontation would give her a sense of power and keep her from drinking.

They talk about how strong the women in the family are.

nick thinks this was a bad idea

Summer shows up and Victor is happy to see her. She hopes he didn’t drag her away from anything important.

summer drops by to see victor

She has some questions about Claire and how wild the whole story is.

Claire seems great and Harrison adored her but it seemed like Victoria didn’t want to get into the details of her past.

Nick says her backstory is complicated and ugly. It will be hard for some members of the family to welcome her in.

summer asks for claire backstory

Victor thinks she needs to know the unvarnished truth.

He relates the story and how Claire is as much of a victim of Jordan as the rest of them.

He explains how Michael got her out of the institution and urges her to give Claire the benefit of the doubt.

victor gives the claire story

They all need to welcome her.

That’s hard for Summer to swallow.

She asks her dad what he thinks and he admits it’s not easy for him.

summer asks what nick thinks

Whenever he sees his mom in pain, he can’t just forgive and forget. For his sister’s sake, he’ll give Claire a chance but it will take time.

Summer returns to the Abbott estate and tells Kyle it’s a good thing that they checked.

summer says leaving harrison with claire is a no

It would be a colossal mistake to even leave Claire alone with Harrison.

Her cousin is unstable and she can’t believe anyone would accept her into the family.

kyle hears about claire

As Jordan pounds on the door of the dungeon, Nikki, Claire and Victoria arrive with one of Victor’s guards.

claire nikki jordan dungeon

Jordan calls for help. They open the door and file in. Nikki announces they are not the rescue party.

nikki claire victoria visit jordan

Jordan threatens she could take them all but they aren’t intimidated.

She declares this is a “sick tea party” and they mock her for breaking her nails.

Nikki rubs being locked up against her will in her face. Jordan isn’t impressed by the gloating.

The ladies keep gloating.

Jordan tells them there will never be closure and she will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

jordan not impressed

Nikki declares the days of terror are over. Jordan taunts her about drinking and suggests she’s drunk right now.

The Newman says she’s taken her sobriety back. Victoria says she’s taken her daughter back and Claire adds she’s taken her life back.

“You are all so stupid. Whining and strutting around,” Jordan complains. Confronting her is not going to solve any of their problems.

Nikki points out she was stupid enough to get trapped in there.

nikki says has her sobriety back

Jordan has been studying them for years and predicts nothing but disaster. She suggests Claire could try to kill them again.

Victoria says that was all because of her but Jordan wonders if she could really trust Claire and if she can’t trust her, she can’t love her.

Victoria insists her daughter has all her love and trust.

Jordan suggests she sleep with one eye open. She tells them that Claire was raised to have her eye on the prize and is probably still scamming them as the long-lost daughter.

jordan is not impressed by the gloating

Claire claims she’s changed and knows what family and love are now.

Her aunt thinks she knows nothing and then starts taking digs at how Victoria can’t keep hold of anything.

Losing it, Nikki yelps at her to shut up. Jordan cackles and accuses her of wanting to run off and crawl into a bottle.

Nikki insists that all of this has only taught her how strong she is without a drink.

Jordan rubs Seth’s death in her face and Nikki says he’s dead because she’s a serial killer.

Victoria declares this is over and she can never hurt them again.

claire victoria confront jordan

The three ladies hope she is tormented for the rest of her life while they are bound together by love.

If Nikki had her way, she’d never leave this hole. But the next best thing is knowing she will rot away in a cell.

Jordan tells Claire that the Newmans can get away with anything while all she tried to do was get justice for her sister.

She tells Claire she’s going to end up being another black sheep like Adam.

jordan taunting claire and victoria

Claire claims she’s where she belongs. Her aunt hopes she’s miserable selling out to these vipers.

When Victoria says that she will live out her last days alone, Jordan leaps across the room and whips something out from under the mattress.

Declaring she’s still in charge, she holds up a vial of lethal toxin.

jordan and the vial

She explains her plan was to catch Nikki and Victor there and leave it with them so they could use it as a way out together.

Nikki thinks she’s delusional and has a meaningless life that no one will care about when she’s in prison.

nikki mocking jordan

Laughing, Jordan thinks she’s stupid if she thinks that will happen.

Declaring that the toxin is her way out, Jordan drinks it down.

jordan taking toxin

“Ta ta Claire. You can all just go to Hell!” Jordan declares.

As she falls onto the cot, Victoria and Claire wonder if they should do something.

Nikki doubts it.

They stare as Jordan starts losing consciousness.

nikki claire victor and poisoned jordan

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