Y&R Recap: Ashley Admits She Saw a Psychologist, Tucker Accuses Nate of Being Fixed on Audra, Victor Gets Michael in on the Plot

Fri Feb 23, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor asks Michael to get Claire out early, Traci is surprised as Ashley explains her change of mind, and Tucker warns Nate off of Audra.

Thursday’s recap: Sally wasn’t ready to forgive Adam, Victor wanted Claire released as bait, and Sharon helped Chelsea and Adam work through Connor’s OCD.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Feb 23. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Ashley arrives at the Abbott estate. Traci wonders where she was all night.

Her sister claims he was just tired and stayed at the club.

ashley returns to house

She tells Traci that she spoke to Tucker, telling him he was right and she was wrong.

This is a surprise to Traci, who wonders what changed her mind.

Ashley explains that her friend in Paris is a psychologist and they talked her around.

traci wonders why ashley changed mind

He helped things sink in but it took some time.

The doctor suggested that Tucker is a narcissist and was trying to create a positive outcome with his lies.

Traci hopes she has some clarity now.

Her sister says getting an objective opinion helped.

Tucker had nothing to gain and she realized she invented his scenario to back out of her marriage.

ashley talks about psychologist

Realizing that gave her a sense of freedom. This sounds wonderful to her sister.

Ashley slept better last night than she has in a long time.

Traci wonders why she went to Tucker first with this realization.

traci happy sister feels better

Her sister claims she owed him the truth. It made him suspicious but she really needed to unburden herself and get some peace.

“This doesn’t change your situation with Tucker, right?” asks Traci.

Ashley has no answers right now. Their dynamic has to change and she also needs to change her clothes.

Traci tells her sister she loves her as she heads upstairs.

traci surprised by ashley attitude

Once she’s alone, Traci looks perplexed and sends her brother a text saying they need to talk.

traci texts jack

Tucker runs into Nate at the GCAC and wonders why he spends so much time hanging out there when he has a swanky penthouse.

Does he come for the steak frites or the Audra Charles?

tucker asks why nate hanging around

Nate wonders if he’s jealous.

Tucker just worries he may distract her or convince her to drive a stake through his heart.

nate hanging around

McCall would relish having a worthy adversary but sadly that’s not Nate.

Audra walks in and spots them.

Tucker tells Nate that he’s blown any romantic chance he had with Audra and now he’s just an annoying fly.

tucker wishes nate was an adversary

Nate claims he’s the most dangerous when underestimated and claims he is only looking out for her best interests.

McCall says he will never let him come between them and it would be foolish to try.

Hastings says they’ll have to wait and see and heads for the door.

nate thinks tucker jealous

On the way, Audra stops him to say she doesn’t need him to protect her from Tucker or anyone else.

He claims he’s just trying to be a friend to her.

audra tells nate bakc off

She suggests he wants something in exchange or to prove to himself that he can compete with Tucker.

Nate doesn’t even think Tucker is human.

She assures him he’s very human and tells him to back off.

He’ll never understand her personal or professional relationship with McCall.

Agreeing that it’s none of his business, Nate walks out.

nate worried about audra

Tucker approaches and suggests that Nate is fixated on her and it’s getting worse.

When they get a table, he teases about men obsessing over her.

tucker hates menu

She asks about their trip to Paris.

He’s going to plan it, eager to get away from the haters and food.

He’s looking forward to seeing Paris through her.

She reminds him they are also going for work.

Guessing he has something on his mind, she asks what it is.

audra asks tucker about paris

After they order drinks, he claims he just woke up out of sorts and is snapping out of it.

tucker on dynamic

She’s not convinced, even if she’s used to his idiosyncrasies.

He guesses something is on her mind.

She tells him about her conversation with Ashley about the dynamic changing.

audra asks tucker about dynamic change

He claims he has no idea what’s going on in Ashley’s mind and neither of them should care.

He flashes back to her telling him about her realization.

Audra asks what he’s not telling her.

tucker thinks of ashley

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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns


Michael drifts into the ranch.

“How the hell have you been, man?” Victor asks. He’s fine and asks after Nikki.

michael visits victor at ranch

Victor asks what strings they would have to pull to get an early release for Claire.

The lawyer is surprised to hear this and asks what the doctors thinks.

Victor has his reasons for wanting her out and wants her back with her family.

victor and michael talk claire release

Michael doubts she’s gotten past what happened to her but the Newman says he knows where her head is and he will make sure she continues to get therapy.

It would be an advantage to all of them if she were more easily accessible.

His lawyer guesses that he’s setting a trap for Jordan.

Will he really risk using his granddaughter as bait?

Victor says she’s eager to help.

Michael wonders how Cole and Victoria feel about this plan. Victor is sure they will love it when it works.

michael doubts plan

The Newman tells him about how the Jordan woman will stop at nothing to get revenge.

She already burned down a prison, killing a lot of people.

The only way she will stop coming after them is if they force her to stop.

victor tells michael plan

Michael still isn’t sure that putting Claire through more trauma is the way but Victor is sure.

The lawyer explains that the stipulations put on her were vague enough for him to work with.

His client says he’s a smart cookie and he’ll do the right thing.

victor insists on plan

Cole and Victoria go to visit their daughter in the psych ward and find her playing cards with Nadia from the pediatric ward.

cole victoria see claire playing cards

Once Nadia leaves, Cole and Victoria tell Claire what a positive influence she is on that little girl.

Claire tells them how inspiring she is and how she makes everyday things special.

Spending time with her is rejuvenating.

claire talks about recovery

Her parents think that’s wonderful and note how light and relaxed she is.

Claire says she couldn’t play with other kids as a child and Jordan always made her a loser.

Claire likes just having fun with Nadia and her parents wish things had been different for her.

They are happy that she is turning a corner in therapy and proud of all her hard work.

victoria and cole admire daughter

They gets texts from Michael, asking to meet.

vuctoria gets message

Victoria and Cole meet with Michael at Society.

He brings up Victor’s plan to use Claire and they make it clear they don’t support it.

michael meets with cole and victoria

He can understand how they feel.

They hope he’s not on board with getting Claire released to make her an easier target.

victoria and cole don't like plan

The lawyer can see how hard this is for everyone and asks them for their take on Claire’s progress.

Victoria says she’s doing much better and can see she deserves some happiness.

She’s been working so hard and has a long road to go.

They worry that exposure to Jordan could undo everything and Victoria can’t believe her father would go behind her back about this.

victoria objects

Victor visits Claire in the psych ward. She tells him her aunt hasn’t reached out again.

victor visits claire

He has a solution to that and she guesses that’s why her parents went to meet with Michael.

The Newman tells her they owe her for saving Nikki.

They all want Jordan behind bars.

He wants Michael to arrange for her early release.

She says she feels safe there.

claire thinks of release

He promises she will be protected.

When she asks how a release is possible, he smiles and asks her to leave it to him.

victor smiling at claire

Standing up, Claire mulls this over, assuming Jordan will be overwhelmed if she learns the Newmans got her released.

She asks what happens if she’s not ready to go.

He won’t insist on it but thinks this is the only way they can end this.

Sitting again, Claire says she needs to be stopped.

claire victor talk jordan

He repeats that he won’t force a release.

It’s important to all of them that she recovers.

That means a lot to her.

She wants to think this over.

Sighing, he tells her it’s a great feeling to have another granddaughter and leaves the choice with her.

victor says claire can back out

When Victor get to the ranch, he finds his daughter there and guesses why.

She confronts him about exploiting Claire.

victor not surprised

He says he’s doing all he can to protect the family from this “damn woman.”

Victoria thinks that bulldozing forward with his scheme could ruin Claire’s progress. There must be another way.

victoria doesn't like plan

Victor promises to protect her and will get her the best therapists available.

He thinks it would be nice for her to be in their lives openly.

victor thinks it's for the best

Back in the psych ward, Claire asks a nurse to arrange a phone call to Michael.

claire asks call michael

Next week on Y&R!

“Are you threatening me?” Ashley asks.

ashley audra face off

“It’s a friendly warning,” claims Audra. “I have much more experience at fighting dirty than you and I enjoy it much more than I should.”

audra warns ashley

“Jill Abbott has had a stranglehold on Chancellor-Winters for far too long. It’s time our family takes full control of our company. And I’m here to make sure that’s what happens,” Mamie tells Nate.

mamie wants family control

“It’s time to be who my family needs me to be. That means helping catch Jordan any way I can,” Claire tells Michael.

claire ready to get out

“Great. Go,” he says.

“Full-speed ahead,” she agrees.

michael claire agree

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