Stitch is Moving Back to Genoa City Permanently as Chief of Surgery, While Naya is Found

The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Wednesday, July 21, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, July 21. In the previous episode, Adam learned that Sally threatened Tara. In this episode, Stitch has big news, Michael hears Amanda’s theory that Sutton killed her father, and Tessa is more worried than ever about Mariah.

Michael and Imani meet at Grand Phoenix’s louinge. She gives Michael the recording revealing he’s responsible for the death of Richard. Michael learns the women are sisters. Amanda tells him the story about Sutton allowing her and Hilary to grow up with out their father. “The secrets and lies stop now.” She thinks the recording is clear that he killed her father. Later, Michael must have listened to the recording because he’s disgusted by it. When can she bring Naya to his office so they can speak directly? Amanda doesn’t admit that Naya’s missing. She makes something up about the situation being difficult. Michael seems to get it, telling them he’s been on the other side of the law. He goes. Upstairs in Amanda’s suite, the women talk about Imani’s fabulous childhood. Her grandpa was her biggest cheerleader. He expected perfection from everyone. He was controlling, self-serving and his career came first. Still it’s hard to accept he arranged to have someone killed and that it was for the greater good. Imani can’t keep working with him. Amanda assures her sister that he’ll pay. “I will not rest until this happens.” Amanda wants Imani to take the bar exam and have them become partners. They can’t believe how far they’ve come. Imani cringes about the restraining order. They tear up. Imani will think it over.

amanda introduces imani michael young restless

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Tessa arrives home and Abby tells her she had a bad dream about Mariah. Now she’s worried about her. Nina walks in and they ruminate about the texts. Abby says Mariah referred to the baby as ‘your child’ when she usually refers to it as ‘our child’. Nina thinks shes reading a lot into a turn of a phrase. It may be her way of telling her to back off a little. Tessa agrees with Abby. Something is off. Abby wonders if Mariah regrets being a surrogate. Stitch just happens along. They tell him all about their issues with Mariah being missing. “Our minds fill in the blanks when we don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle.” They tell him about the texts and Stitch thinks the texts are strange, like she has disconnected from the baby. They agree to wait until they hear from her again before they decide to enlist Stitch’s offer of help. He tells them he’s heading back to Iowa, but he’s taking the job of Chief of Surgery at Memorial. He’s moving back to town. They congratulate him. She offers to help him house hunt. He’s set some up already and invites Abby along. The other women tell him she’ll do it. They take off. Later, they’ve looked at a place and he liked it. He thinks it’s cool that she has her own business now. She jokes that she does so she has somewhere to eat. Stitch thanks her for her help. She had fun. It was ‘real estate therapy’. It’s the most normal she’s felt in a long time. She’s grateful. He takes off home to pack.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Tessa wonders if they should have taken Stitch up on his offer to help find Mariah. Nina’s sorry. This is obviously getting to her. This should be her call. Nina goes upstairs and Tessa looks worried. She sends Mariah a text to let her know if she’s in trouble, even if it’s in code.

stitch returning as chief of surgery young restless

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Nate finds Faith doing her summer reading for school. She asks if he’s seen Moses and he hasn’t. Nate returns with coffee and they chat.

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Moses goes to Devon at home. He wants to do something nice for Faith and says her fave band is Tigirlily. Devon offers to get them backstage passes since they’re playing on Saturday. He texts Faith and learns she’s at the coffee house. He’ll be right over.

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Kendra and Krista from Tigirlily appear with Devon at Crimson Lights while Moses and Faith are chatting about her dilligence in reading the books for next semester. Faith freaks out. She love this band. Moses introduces them and takes a photo of Faith with the women. They sing a little of their new single called Dig Yourself. Everyone claps after they sing and they say goodbye after they reveal they’ll be at the concert Saturday. Later, she realizes that Moses set the whole thing up. He shrugs it off. How did he know she was a fan? He tells her she didn’t have to. “I pay attention.”

tigirlily on young and the restless

At Society, Amanda updates Devon about the case. Imani hopes they hear from Naya soon. Nate arrives. He goes to take a call and Imani obviously wants him. Amanda tells her to knock it off. He’s taken. “What’s the harm in a little flirting?” She asks. She goes to flirt with Nate once he’s off the call. She tells him about taking the bar and partnering with her sister and wondering if it’s right for her. He is encouraging. Amanda and Devon watch and Amanda grouches about the flirting. Devon calls it Nate’s problem. He and Elena went through a lot to get back together. He won’t throw that away. Later, Naya calls Imani. “I’m fine, at least for now,” she tells her kid. Amanda gets on the phone. Naya panicked and ran but won’t tell them where she is. Amanda tells her everything has changed. “You need to come back to Genoa City, now.”

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