Ben Decides to Kidnap Ciara on Her Wedding Day, While Ciara Slaps Claire & Claire Beats Ciara With Flowers

In the Wednesday, July 21, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Abe tries to talk Theo out of marriage, Lani is upset with Eli, and Ciara and Claire fight. In case you missed out, on Tuesday’s Days of our Lives episode, Nicole dumped Eric and he left Salem.

At home, Lani bitches about Eli going around in a towel again. Chanel’s asleep on the sofa. Chanel gets up and says, “It’s okay. I took precautions.” She points at a sleep mask she’s got on. Later, Eli is dressed when Chanel offers pancakes for breakfast. He’s in. She wishes she knew Theo was engaged before she threw herself at him the other night. Eli’s shocked that she kissed him. She’s not into him. She was looking for comfort because Allie rejected her. She fills him in on what went down between them. Eli calls her smart, beautiful and fun and thinks that she’ll find someone. She thanks him with a hug.

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At Julie’s Place, Theo and Abe discuss attempts to stop Paulina from taking down the square. They talk about the wedding and Abe thinks Theo should cancel it. Theo asks why. Abe worries she will hurt his son. Theo doesn’t need protection. He loves Ciara and is willing to take the risk. Abe says Theo reminds him of his mother. Wise and stubborn. He loves him for that. Theo grins. Lani appears. She’s happy to celebrate the wedding and “forget all about Miss Paulina Price.”

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Julie gets the door at home to Paulina. Julie slams the door in her face and when Paulina resumes knocking, Julie answers it again. She yells about Paulina wanting to turn her house into a waffle house. “I didn’t come to fight,” Paulina states. She’s there to apologize. Julie lets her in. Paulina admits it’s hard for her. She knows Julie’s grandparents must have been good, special people. She thought to herself, “What have I done here?” Julie thinks she’ll be standing by with a hanky when they smash the plaque to smithereens. Doug calls. Julie shouts, “What? Oh my God.”

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In bed asleep, Ben dreams about his wedding. He wakes up to a knock on the door. “Ciara,” he says, but opens the door to Allie. She tells him Ciara is getting married today and she’s her maid of honor. Ben is annoyed about the latter. Allie explains it’s because she loves Ciara. She’ll marry Theo whether or not she’s in the wedding party. Ben has no beef with Allie. Allie claims not to understand why Ciara’s doing it today of all days. Allie thinks somewhere inside Ciara still loves Ben. Ben says she doesn’t remember. He’s tried to jog her memory. All it does is make her angrier. Allie’s sorry he’s hurting.

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Ciara piles on the lipstick at Shawn and Belle’s. Claire arrives and learns Ciara’s getting ready for her wedding. “In this house? I don’t think so.” Ciara doesn’t need her permission. Shawn already gave it. Claire refuses to help. Ciara doesn’t care. Allie’s her maid of honor. Claire can’t believe she’s going ahead with this farce. Ciara thinks Claire should leave. Claire pressures Ciara to listen to people who are about her. Ciara reminds her niece that she tried to set fire to her — twice. Claire is upset and grabs Ciara, and tries to drag her out the door. Ciara warns her not to do that and when Claire asks why Ciara hauls off and slaps her. Claire retaliates by hitting Ciara with her bouquet. Shawn comes between them. He was hopeful that they would work things out. He tells Claire to leave. “This is my house,” Clarie says. Ciara snaps that this is her mother’s house. She asks where Hope is. Shawn has bad news. Hope said she should go ahead with the wedding. Claire disagrees. Ciara yells at her to go hang out with her serial killer buddy. Shawn defends Claire. Claire thinks the reason she’s desperate to marry Theo today is that she’s afraid to remember how much she loves him. Claire calls Ciara a coward and goes. Shawn thinks Ciara should postpone her wedding. He thinks she should take a minute to see if she’s marrying Theo for the right reasons. She cries that she woke up to hear that she missed years and was married to the Necktie Killer. Theo made her feel safe and loved. He understands but asks, “Why so fast?” Shawn asks. Shawn is sorry. He hugs her. She wants Mom to be there. He does too. She feels terrible, he admits. Julie arrives with bad news. Doug has a rotator cuff injury. “Grandpa still plays racketball?” Julie says he’s in the hospital and they can’t make the wedding.

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Paulina turns up at Julie’s Place. She’s glad Lani and Abe are there. She called off the demolition of the square. She’ll lose hundreds of thousand but is willing if it means squaring things away with them. She’ll go back to the original plan. She wants to prove to them that they mean more to her than money. Theo thinks it’s a good step forward. Abe’s speechless but Lani is still upset. They need to focus on Theo’s wedding day. Paulina congratulates him. She goes. Abe calls his lawyer and claims it’s true. She called it off and seemed genuinely sorry. Lani doesn’t believe it. She’s shocked her dad is considering forgiving Paulina. Lani thinks it’s too late to forgive her. Theo and Abe disagree. They turn their talk to Theo’s wedding day. He gets a call. “You have got to be kidding me.”

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Allie sees Claire while on her way out of Ben’s. Claire’s surprised to hear Allie agreed to be Ciara’s maid of honor. Allie’s trying to be there for Ciara. The women embrace, Allie goes and Claire tells Ben about her fight with Ciara. Ben tells her she doesn’t need to fight his battles. She shares that there are issues with the plane, so Hope can’t return to Salem. Claire’s starting to think Ciara doesn’t deserve him. Ben reminds Allie he wanted to come up with a plan. “I’m going to kidnap Ciara before she married Theo.” Claire tells him the story of how Bo kidnapped Hope at one point when she was going to marry another man.

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Allie runs into Chanel in the square. Everything is back to normal and Allie has purchased a new bouquet for Ciara. Allie’s sorry for hurting Chanel’s feelings and hopes they can still be friends. Paulina appears. She wants them to know they’ll have their bakery after all. There will be no Price Town. She’s going back to her original plan. Allie’s psyched and Chanel even has a smile for her mom. She wanted to make things right. She goes to take a call and Allie and Chanel squee with delight. Allie still wants to be a part of the bakery and says to think about it. Chanel says, “Let’s do this!”

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