Sharon Walks Away From Rey When He Asks If Something More Happened Between Her and Adam

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Tuesday, May 11, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, May 12 In the previous episode, Chelsea, with Victor’s help staged a breakdown while on today’s episode, Nick is there for Adam, Rey finds it convenient that a doctor just happened to be on hand to watch Chelsea break down, and Sharon prays with Nikki.

At the ranch, Chelsea complains about being backed into a corner. Victor tells Chelsea he didn’t force her to do anything. Chelsea says she had no choice. He’d take Connor away from her forever. What will he think of her now? Victor knows her son will learn she wasn’t herself and she’ll avoid going to prison. Dr. Hedges will explain that she wasn’t herself and she can stage her recovery on her own timeline. Chelsea sighs. Adam gets to walk away and Vic gets what he wants. Victor thinks what she did today makes her look admirable. He gives his word that he’ll help her start over once this is done. “I promise you,” he says. Later, Rey puts Chelsea into the ambulance. Vic hopes she gets the care she needs. Rey still can’t believe how far gone she was. “Chelsea fooled everyone including her doctors.” Victor claims that eventually, the weight of her crime was too much. Rey calls it convenient that a doctor was here to watch her break down and administer a sedative. Victor gets rid of Rey.

rey vs victor young and restless

At the hospital, Sharon tells Nikki that Faith’s resting and will do so the rest of the day. She’s amazed at her strength. Nikki says everyone sent their love and the two gush about how supportive they’ve been. “Why can’t it always be like this?” They pray. In a room, Nick asks Adam to turn himself in. Nick calls Rey honorable and says all Michael wants is justice to be served. “Give him the truth,” Nick says. They’ll figure out who did and then Adam can have a better life. Adam asks why his brother cares. Nick saw something in him in that cellar in Kansas and thinks his bro was searching for penance. He saw regret in Adam. Adam admits it’s true. And he didn’t take off while he had the chance. He saved Faith’s life. Nick won’t forget and it begins to heal some wounds. Adam says that means a lot. Nick is willing to give him a chance and thinks if he does, others will. Nick says he, Dad and Sharon will fight with him. Adam will give it thought but the window of escaping is closing in. Nick will return later to see what he decides. Adam’s grateful. Later, Phyllis finds Nick outside Adam’s room and has a positive outlook. He’s glad to hear and she asks how he got Adam back there. He still won’t tell her and she has to go back to work. Later, Nick goes to Sharon and Nick to tell them Adam is humble. Nikki tells them she’ll stay here with Faith and they should get something to eat. They take off and Nikki sits with Faith in her room and texts Victor to ask where he is. He appears behind her and thanks her for the updates. Victor visits Adam, who tells his dad he feels lighter without that extra kidney weighing him down. Victor sings his high praises and then tells him he doesn’t have to fear being arrested. “Chelsea confessed to everything. It’s over,” he says. Adam’s shocked. Victor explains that she was worried that he’d taken Connor but he called the school and the boy is fine. Chelsea just started to unravel because of the guilty and then she went into detail of how she framed Adam. She claimed she got over her stroke faster but never intended on killing Rey. Adam’s glad the truth is out but not happy about how it came out. He’d never wish that on her. When Victor tells his son that Chelsea claims he had an affair with Sharon, Adam says that’s a lie. Adam learns she’s in a facility. Later, Rey turns up. He updates Sharon and Nick about Chelsea and how the stroke seems to have messed her up. Rey apologizes to Sharon for not believing her. Sharon feels bad for Chelsea but is glad Adam is free. She asks Rey where this leaves them. Rey tells Sharon that Chelsea accused Sharon and Adam of having an affair, of making love in his bedroom. Sharon denies it. She assumes Chelsea was paranoid. He doesn’t want to hear that. He asks if something more happened than that kiss. Sharon doesn’t answer. It makes her sad that he’d have to ask. She walks away and goes straight to Adam. She tells them Faith is well and she thanks Victor for all his help. He goes and Adam talks about being relieved he’s free. They talk about his thoughts on the future. He wants to be with his son and Adam hopes things work out with Rey the way she wants, especially after Chelsea lied that they had an affair. Later, Nick sits with Faith and Sharon turns up. Adam looks at his phone at a photo of Chelsea.

adam hospital resting young restless

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Phyllis arrives at the club and Summer asks what’s going on at the hospital. She gets an update and then wonders about Adam. It’s hard to hate him because of what he did for Faith. Phyllis isn’t sure. She doesn’t know how Nick got him to return. He won’t tell her. Summer tells her mama to accept it.

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At home, Nikki feels a little compassion for Chelsea though she can’t believe all that she did to set Adam up. Victor says he and Adam will restart their business again once he’s recovered.

nikki ranch young restless

Rey drinks alone at Society.

Chelsea lies with her eyes closed at the psychiatric facility and then opens her eyes.

chelsea rests psych ward young restless

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