Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Rey Proves Adam Poisoned Him, Faith Learns Who Her ‘admirer’ Is — & Amanda Gets a Shock

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Thursday, March 25, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, March 26. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Mariah visits Sharon, Naya shocks Amanda with what she wants from her, and Adam lets Rey search his place.

Devon visits Abby at the mansion. They share their excitement about the surrogacy. He knows Katherine would be happy that her DNA was being passed down. He can’t wait to be the cool uncle. They try not to get too excited, but Mariah could be carrying her baby now. Abby misses Chance and wishes he could experience this. She’ll try to find a way to include him. She’ll chronicle it with a video diary.

abby at home young and restless

Naya visits Amanda to ask her to defend her grandfather who is being accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Amanda is flabbergasted What makes her think she’d do that? Naya admits he’s being accused of murdering Amanda’s father. She gasps. Naya says this is a reporter’s accusation but Amanda assumes there’s proof. She admits the police opened an investigation but Sutton was set up. Amanda thought her dad died in a car crash. Naya says he did. His name is Richard Neland. Amanda cries. She’s waited a while to hear his name. But she can’t be a part of this because of the connection. Besides, Naya treated her like a family secret and suddenly, she wants to open her life to her? Amanda thinks this is a PR stunt to drum up empathy for the family. Naya thinks that’s cynical. She wants her to think of it as a show of faith from a family who wants her forgiveness. Naya thought she’d want to right this horrible wrong and get to know a family who would be grateful to her. They head downstairs and Naya says no matter what, she still wants to get close, even if Amanda refuses this high-profile case. Naya goes and Devon appears. He’s there to meet Abby and Mariah for dinner but notices she’s upset and offers to talk. Amanda needs time to process. Devon says no matter what, he’s there for her.

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CBSMariah visits Sharon and learns that they’re all safe now from the toxin. They’re trying to figure out where it came from. Talk turns to Mariah’s procedure. She just says that Abby’s fertilized embryo was implanted into her and she’s had time to let it sink in, she calls it mind-blowing. She admits it’s overwhelming and she’s a little afraid, but she feels hope. Sharon says that’s a natural feeling bringing a child into the world. She gives her kid some wise words about life being rough and getting to the other side.

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faith devastated gaslighting young and the restless

Nikki leaves Faith in the living room and she gets on her cell phone and her texter says he will tell her who he is. She panics and sets her phone down and races to it. “Tommy Ross.” She screams into a pillow. She didn’t know he knew she existed. He wants her to tell him she loves him and she looks around as if this weirds her out. “Tommy Ross” says he loves her and says, “Now you say it.” Faith replies, “I love you, Tommy Ross,” and giggles. There’s no response so she asks if they can meet. Still no response. She asks why they’re ghosting her and they ask her to check her social media. She does and her tweets are posted and the real Tommy has replied and called her a loser. The texter responds, “I’m not Tommy and you fell for it, Loser.” It turns out it’ Jordan. Faith sobs. Jordan says she got bored as Faith let her mommy run her life. Nikki appears to Faith and Faith explains exactly what happened with the gaslighting. Nikki’s pissed but says Jordan isn’t her friend and is no better than the bullies she stood up to. She tells Faith to leave her behind. The pain she’s leaving will pass, Nikki promises. She goes and Faith grabs a bottle of tequila.

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At Adam’s, Rey searches through the condo with rubber gloves on, while Adam rants. Rey gets dizzy and Adam tells him he doesn’t look so good and to take a break. Rey goes upstairs. Adam asks what Chelsea thinks he’s looking for. She doesn’t blink but in her mind sneers that it’s nerve-wracking, and assumes he feels betrayed. Adam looks at his tablet and reads about Rey’s sickness. When Sharon responded to those texts, she told him Rey was sick. He didn’t think it was that serious. He asks Chelsea what’s going on. Of course, Chels says nothing and so he storms out, and then quietly lets himself inside and watches her stretch and smile to herself. He looks upset and leaves. Rey comes down the stairs with a baggie and asks where Adam is. He tells Chels he’ll send someone to stay with her until he gets back and then rushes off.  Later, Chelsea’s up walking around and thinks about how it should have been over for her and Adam after the cabin fire. She’s angry for the time she wasted on him.

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Rey returns from the police station and tells Sharon that he searched Adam’s house and a vial of white powder was found in his shaving kit that tested positive for thallium and the missing figurine was in Adam’s car. Sharon’s shocked. He stole it when he planted the poison? Rey says he also found a trey. Did she know it went missing? She says yes but thought it was misplaced. He asks what significance they are. She admits Adam gave them to her. Rey is irked that she set them around the house so she can see them, daily. She denies it. The figuring was a symbol of her strength. The trey she can’t explain. Rey thinks him stealing them was a message to her that he planted the thallium, “And tried to kill me.” Sharon doesn’t know what to say. She’s in shock. Rey says Adam took off in the middle of the search. Where would he go?

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Chloe is angry and yells at Chelsea, “You set up Adam for drugging Rey and got her involved?”

Nikki fretfully tells Sharon that a bottle of tequila is missing from her bar.

Sharon says, “You let my little girl get her hands on a bottle of alcohol?”

Meanwhile, Faith is seen driving and sobbing.

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