General Hospital Spoilers March 29-April 2, Brando Comes Clean With Sasha

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new General Hospital spoilers! The week of March 29-April 2.

Last week refresher!

Nina was stunned when she came in contact with Mike, AKA Sonny. He recognized her but didn’t know who she was. Nina called Carly about it but Carly didn’t believe her. Cam vowed to make Jason pay if the law didn’t, Cam said goodbye to Franco in his own way, by expressing himself through music. Meanwhile, Ned accused Brook Lynn of planning to use her kid to get Valentin to give ELQ back.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 29 to April 2.

Monday, March 29

Carly works with Anna.
Finn and Diane rally around Alexis.
Michael pays Jason a visit.
Brando warns Gladys against associating with Cyrus.
Laura thanks Curtis.

Tuesday, March 30

Robert is curious about Anna’s latest plan.
Maxie confides in Britt.
Carly lays into Gladys.
TJ comforts Molly.
Curtis is unnerved by what he sees.

Wednesday, March 31

Jax wishes Carly would stay on the sidelines.
Maxie and Britt discuss how to handle Peter.
Scott confronts Jason.
Elizabeth is disappointed.
Joss sees a side of Cam she doesn’t like.

Thursday, April 1

Liz and Cam clash.
Jackie confronts Peter.
Chase and Finn have an awkward cross.
Carly joins Diane at the courthouse.
Nina convinces herself she’s doing the right thing.

Friday, April 2

Ava and Nikolas are put on notice.
Laura refuses to accept Cyrus’s deal.
Brando comes clean to Sasha.
Brook Lynn tries to reunite Ned and Olivia.
Chase tells Willow she changed his mind.

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