Nick Says Goodbye to Summer, While Chelsea Learns Her Mother Was Hospitalized

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Thursday, July 8, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, July 9. In the previous episode, Mariah went missing, and in this episode, Nick says goodbye to Summer, and Harrison meets his aunties and uncle.

Ashley and Traci return to the Abbott mansion from their trip. They’re excited to meet Harrison and Tara. Traci needs to talk to Kyle. She’s worried about him and thought things were going so well for him and Summer. Kyle strolls up. So did he. Jack says this isn’t the first time she’s broken engagements. Billy arrives and Kyle stares at him, saying that he went too far by posting about Harrison’s paternity and Ashland’s divorce and illness. The women ask if that’s true. Will he lose Ash? Jack says these are all devastating changes for a little boy. Kyle tells Billy that nothing that happens inside these walls goes into an article. Billy says they have his word. Harrison appears with Tara. He meets his uncle and aunts. “Hi,” he says quietly. They meet Zippy, his bear and Ashley shares that she had Esmerelda, a favourite doll. Harrison goes to get a muffin from Mrs. Martinez as the family tells Tara how charming and sweet her kid is. Billy asks her to feel free to let him have it. He knows she read the article. She asks in the future not to talk about Harrison. He will try to restrain himself. They get to know Tara. Her brother Shane is a few years younger but they’re not close. Both her parents are dead and have been for a while. She admits it gets lonely but Harrison is everything to her. They tell her she’s not hurting for family anymore. Ashley tells her they’re far from perfect. She read their history and loved it. Traci is glad to hear. Tara says she’s going to live there so Kyle and Harrison can bond. Ash has agreed to shared custody. She talks about working with Lauren to market her shoe line which isn’t well known outside of France. Ashley admits she bought a pair. It means a lot for her to have an identity beyond being Ashland’s wife. She goes to check on her kid. Once she’s gone, Jack sings her praises. Billy doesn’t look convinced. Traci says when Chance and Abby’d baby is born, two of her siblings will be grandparents. They talk about Mariah and Jack will check into where she is. Nobody has heard from her but she’s been responsible. Traci gets an idea about a family division of Chance Comm. She can talk to Harrison about his favorite books. Billy loves the idea. Kyle returns and asks if they’d like to play with Harrison. They’re in, but Billy has to run. Everyone goes outside and Billy asks Kyle to be careful. Tara’s lonely and looking to connect. Kyle tells him to stay out of his business. Later, they are all done playing with the kid and Tara thanks them for making a special day for them.

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At the park, Connor and Chelsea share a hug. He asks when she can come home. She tells him she’s not sure but is getting better daily. They talk about his recent soccer game where he scored a goal. He excitedly tells her all about it and she’s thrilled for him. Adam sends him to get drinks and Chelsea thanks Adam. He admits Rey suggested it. Chelsea’s shocked. She hopes he can see she’s not a threat. She asks him to convince Victor of this. He already talked with him and Victor’s setting things in motion for her release. Chelsea’s shocked and happy. She fights tears and swears to do what’s needed, like outpatient therapy. After they play together, Chelsea and Adam agree there’s no going back but they don’t want to be enemies. They’ll discuss arrangements as the need arises. Chelsea smiles and when Connor returns, she learns he’s getting a riding lesson from Faith. Chelsea tells her son everything is going to be fine. She doesn’t want him to worry. They hug and the guys go. Adam returns. Anita called. She’s in the hospital with a broken hip. She’ll have to have surgery. She wants Chelsea to come while she recovers. Chelsea hopes she can. Her mom doesn’t have anyone else. Adam asks if she concocted this plan with her mother. She denies it but Anita allowed the medics to give her medical status to him. He thinks she broke her hip on purpose. Chelsea doubts it. She wants to care for her. She offers to wear an ankle monitor and have an orderly with her. She also wants to take Connor with her.

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Nina meets Lily at Society. She admits Mariah’s gone missing. Lily’s surprised. Talk turns to the story on Ashland. Traci is intrigued since Ashland Locke is an icon. Lily gets to the reason for the get-together. She wants Traci to focus on the human side of a story. It makes her perfect. They want her to do a series of features. She’s in. After, Nina calls Abby and learns Mariah hasn’t checked in yet.

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In Milan, Italy, Nick and Summer return to his hotel suite from shopping. He’s glad to be able to see Noah tomorrow. Summer knows her dad is keeping something from her. She admits she already knows about the ChanceComm article about Ashland and she’s grateful to be away from the drama. Nick’s shocked at how well she’s handling it. Summer thinks the story is proof that she was right to leave. It was hard but better to break up after they married and bonded with Harrison. Summer doesn’t feel she had a choice. Nick brings up her burning through her trust fund and she laughs that he’s reminiscing at a low point in her life. He says she’s changed so much and has an incredible job she earned. He’s in awe of her. They say goodbye, in an embrace, fighting tears. They say I love yous and Nick cries. Summer goes. Later, Nick talks to Phyllis on a call. He hated watching Summer go. He goes to get the door. Phyllis is there! “Buona Sera baby,” she says, giving him a passionate kiss. She saw Summer in the lobby and they’ll get together for breakfast. Tonight is about them. He likes her surprise. They drink champagne and make out and Nick’s shirt comes off. They have sex and afterward, Phyllis says it was worth the ten-hour plane ride. Nick will text Noah that they’ll be one more day in Milan. They agree to spend a day there together. Phylis has to know why Summer left Genoa City.

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At home, Billy tells Lily that Tara turned on the charm. “She’s good. Realy good.” He thinks there’s more going on with her than anyone knows. Lily trusts his instincts but it’s a complicated situation. She’s no stranger. He knows but she’s made herself feel at home very fast. He has to watch out for Kyle. He told Summer he would but Kyle told him to butt out. Lily says it really isn’t his business but he worries it is.

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Sharon’s shocked to see Chelsea at Crimson Lights.
Ashland tells Billy that he and Victoria have a business and personal announcement to make.
Victor tells Nikki that she’s COO of the company and yet she told him nothing.

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