Gabi and Jake React to Learning Sami Cheated on EJ — & Philip Walks in on Brady Kissing Chloe

In the Thursday, July 8, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Nicole pressures Lucas to come clean, Gabi and Jake learn about Sami’s affair, and Eli learns about Duke, the talking bear. In case you missed out, on Wednesday’s Days of our Lives episode, EJ and Sami made love.

On a call at SPD, Eli promises Lani that he won’t let the contractors take the square apart. They disconnect and he sees Rafe. “How was your threesome?” Rafe almost falls over. He comes to his senses and asks, “You really must know?” Exasperated, Eli says, “Yes!” Rafe tells him it went downhill after Duke decided to put his two cents in. “Who the hell is Duke?” Rafe says, “My talking bear.” Eli laughs. Rafe says it was his subconscious. He blames Eli. Eli was just trying to help him sort through his feelings. “Did it help?” Rafe says no, especially when he tried to strangle the bear in front of Nicole. He told the women he drank too much and was too preoccupied with a case. Ava didn’t buy it and asked him if he had feelings for Nicole — in front of Nicole. Rafe said he didn’t chase after married women and called them friends. Eli asks if that’s true. “Oh man,” Rafe says. Nicole’s married and he cares for Ava so he’ll forget his feelings for Nicole. Ava walks in. “So when were you going to tell me?” Eli takes off and Rafe tells her he cares about her and everything is great. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings. “Why would Gabi and Jake moving in with us hurt my feelings?” Rafe realizes his mistake. He apologizes but he just learned this morning. She says she heard them making love. She’s concerned since Gabi doesn’t like her. She worries he’ll be caught between two women who care about him. They talk about their relationship and how she hasn’t had much luck in that department. She doesn’t want him to be taken from her. They embrace.

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Outside the pub, Nicole suggests that Sami cheated on Lucas. Nicole pressures Lucas who tells her that he never got over Chloe. Kristen had nothing to do with this. Nicole’s not buying it. Lucas calls Sami a good person who believes in true love. “Nice try,” Nic says. “With Chloe of all people?” It doesn’t add up. She thinks he cooked up this con because Kristen has something on him and Sami. Lucas tells her to take her conspiracy theories and go.

lucas bad liar days of our lives

Sami disconnects EJ from Kristen, lying that she’s worried he’d get into trouble. EJ is exasperated. It’s his sister. She wanted to see if he received her letter. Sami looks worried. He moves to get the mail but Sami refuses to let her compromise him. She gets in his way and kisses him. He’ll never do anything to compromise what they have but it’s a letter from his sister. It couldn’t possibly harm them. Sami flips out but EJ doesn’t see the letter. She tries to seduce him and he wants to go upstairs but Lucas calls, and she says it could be about Allie. She runs and takes a call from Lucas who tells her about Nicole’s assumption that they slept together. Sami says that’ snot a problem. Kristen called and Sami had to hang up on her and now Sami learned she sent EJ a letter. Lucas is worried. Sami needs to destroy the letter. Maybe Harold found it.

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At Rafe’s, Gabi is about to take the letter back to EJ when Jake wants to open it. “Living and working in the DiMera pit of vipers” means he learned that everything is useful when it comes to them. Gabi thinks Jake is right. EJ was a jerk to her earlier. They agree to open the letter to see what’s inside and Jake opens it and reads that Kristen was glad EJ took DiMera back from Jake. She would have given him her vote. She tells him that she takes no pleasure in sharing this but he has a right to know that Sami cheated on him with Lucas. Gabi’s confused. Sami loves EJ. Jake can’t wait to gloat to EJ but Gabi asks him not to. He crumples it up and tosses it since it means so much to her. She thanks him with a kiss. When Ari calls, she runs to talk to her about camp. She returns and Jake’s gone. Gabi looks in the trash and the letter is gone. Angry, she runs off.

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Brady tells Chloe he’s been feeling things for Chloe for a while because he felt he owed the mother of his child something. He knows there’s no fixing Kristen. “That can’t be done.” He holds her hand and says he wants them to be together again. He knows he needs to earn her trust back. If he’s lucky, he will. He knows where to start and leans in and kisses her passionately. Philip comes in and asks Brady to get his hands off her. Brady tells Philip she’s going to be with him. Chloe stammers and says she can’t do this. She promised Philip she’d give him a chance. Brady’s floored. “That can’t be what you want.” Philip tells him not to tell Chloe what she wants. Chloe asks them to stop arguing. She’s right there. She cares about Brady and hoped he’d get over Kristen but it didn’t seem like that would happen. Philip thinks he blew his chance but he’s too smart not to let her go. Brady didn’t know. He apologizes and looks hurt before he leaves. Philip kisses her and she backs up. She explains what happened and Philip asks if she wants Brady. She tells Philip that what Brady wants doesn’t change anything. She kisses him passionately to prove it.

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Nicole comes upon Brady feeling foolish at the park. Brady tells her about Kristen’s call and how free he felt to tell Chloe what he felt. He says he was egotistical and naive to think she’d fall into his arms. He kissed another man’s woman because Philip’s dating her now. Nicole thinks Philip doesn’t have a great track record with relationships. Brady knows, but he still feels bad. He thanks Nic for listening and she takes his cell phone from him on the sly. He goes and she finds Kristen’s phone number. She’ll get someone to trace it and call Kristen for proof that Sami slept with Lucas.

Jake arrives at the mansion. EJ has no use for a “grease monkey” in the board room. Jake’s got something for him. “I got it right here,” he says, reaching into his pocket. EJ thinks he’s “packing heat” and Jake remembers Gabi telling him that she can’t ruin Sami’s marriage. She’s Ari’s grandmother. Jake says forget it. Gabi wanders in and EJ says, “Not to worry, Gabriella.” Jake has lost his nerve to take him down. They leave and Jake admits he wanted to bring EJ to his knees but couldn’t because he loves her. He gives her the letter and goes. Sami arrives and Gabi gives her the letter. She asks if Sami really slept with Lucas. Sami denies it at first and then admits it while crying. Gabi says she won’t lose EJ. She came to stop Jake from showing EJ the letter. Sami’s dumbfounded and thanks her, hugging her. Gabi can’t destroy her life after everything she did to help her with Nick. “I had to return the favor.” Sami worries if Jake will tell but Gabi will deal with him. Later, Sami reads the letter and isn’t happy. She sticks it in the fireplace and can’t find matches. EJ walks in on her finding them in the desk and asks what she’s doing. She looks nervous.

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Gabi returns home and makes up with Jake who loves her too much to upset her and has decided not to tell EJ the truth. They make out.

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