Chelsea Spies Adam & Sally Getting Cozy While Chance Confesses He Has No Paternal Instincts

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Friday, December 31, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, January 3. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Chelsea tried to keep Adam from Sally on New Year’s Eve. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chelsea begs Adam to take her back, Sharon and Rey invite Chelsea to dinner, and Abby worries about Chance as a parent.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Adam what they had was extraordinary and they let it fall apart. Adam doesn’t think revisiting their break up is doing them any good. “I was toxic for you,” he says. She believes her actions are what finally broke them.

She has a lot of regrets and wants to go back. “You can’t,” he insists. She asks if there’s any chance of getting their love back. He reminds her they’re in a different place now.

adam turns chelsea down new years young restless

He thinks it’s a great place. “Getting back together even if there are some feelings between us would be a big mistake.” She knows she has to prove she’s in a better place but is willing to try. Being with them at Christmas made her happy. He had fun but it’s not enough of a reason to reunite. She tears up. She again asks to go back to when they believed in each other.

He shakes his head. They can’t go back. She wants to move forward. Together. He’s starting over and wants her to be the best at Newman Media and as a co-parent but that has to be enough. If they try for something romantic, they’ll hurt each other and Connor.

adam refuses reunite chelsea young restless

Sally lets herself and her suitcase into Adam’s office and grins to herself. She texts Adam that there’s an emergency at the office and he needs to get there.

sally new years adam office young and restless

At home, Chance says a prayer. He gets champagne and  strawberries ready for his wife.

At Society, Abby greets Sharon and Rey and shows them to their table. The couple holds hands and wish each other a happy anniversary. They believe their love grows stronger each year. They talk about spending more time together and travelling to Miami and Europe. They’re happy Faith is in a better place and that Mariah and Tessa are starting a family.

shey on new years young and restless

They agree the women will be great parents but they share concerns about Noah. Rey’s just glad he’s in Genoa City, the right place for him. Sharon has concerns that Nick’s struggling. They drink to 2022. Chelsea stops by their table and she lies that she wants a mellow night. They ask her to hang out with them but she tries to get out of it. Rey insists. They sit and talk about Connor’s love of sports.

When the couple gets romantic, Chelsea thanks them and takes off. They eat the piece of wedding cake they saved and it tastes like their freezer. They share a laugh over it and he asks her to dance.

sharon rey chelsea new years young restless

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At Grand Phoenix, Devon tells Amanda her beauty takes his breath away. She credits her hairstylist and they kiss and canoodle. They go dancing and Amanda’s feet are killing since she’s wearing new shoes. The talk turns to Dominic. He wonders if Abby and Chance are spending the night with Dom. He doesn’t want to talk about it. He can’t control it. She wants to keep on about it.

She loves that he cares so much about the kid. He cherishes her support. When she sees him with Dom it reminds her of her own father that she never knew. He’s a better father than he’s ever known. She wants to help him on this journey. He reminds her he’s not his father. She counters that it’s what he’s been since the child was born. They kiss and decide to go home and make love.

devon amanda dress new years young restless

Abby arrives, excited to see the romantic champagne and strawberries on the table in the living room. Chance tells her Dominic’s asleep and dinner is in the oven. She picks up Dom’s elephant ornament. Chance admits he couldn’t put it away. She recalls when he gave it to her and is grateful they were able to celebrate this holiday as a family. They embrace.

abby chance on new years young restless

After, they talk about their delicious meal and drink champagne. She calls him the “kindest, sweetest, most generous man in the world.” He thinks she’s going overboard. Is she compensating for something? She lies that nothing is wrong but he asks again.

He assumes it’s Devon but she’s concerned about what’s going on with him. She saw the stress he’s under and his struggle with Dominic. She knows it takes time to soothe babies. He asks how long. She can’t answer that but feels it’s been harder on him than he admits.

She asks how he’s feeling. He feels he’s at sea and that there’s a barrier. She understands. He can’t figure out any of it. She’s sorry. She didn’t know how hard it is for him. She wants to help him unless he thinks she can’t. He tells her there’s a void where paternal instincts should be. He’s not like Devon who gets it. He’s not sure if it’s because his father abandoned them.

Abby says it was a different situation. Philip was a teenager when he had Chance. He wasn’t ready for a baby. He felt overwhelmed and returned and built a relationship with him. “Years later when I was a grown man.” He’s not blaming his dad. He’s trying to figure out what’s missing. He just doesn’t think he has what it takes to be a father. He’s sorry for dumping on her. She plans on helping him work through this. They profess their love and kiss.

chance at sea young restless

At Adam’s office, Sally has decorated with every holiday except for New Year’s Eve. Adam’s astounded and laughs. The clock is running out of time if they want to ‘not’ celebrate the night. They drink and she tells him she has all of these Hitchcock movies they can watch.

sally new years adam young restless

They go with North by Northwest has fashions in it. He tells her she interrupts family stuff. He thinks it’s a smart choice of venue. It’s a cold and sterile room without a hint of romance. They talk about how stylish everyone is in the movie as they pause it for drink refreshers.

adam loves party nye young restless

He asks why they have to sit so close together and she tells him it’s because it’s easier to see the movie on their laptop. She asks if he’d rather move but he likes it where he is. Chelsea walks up and sees them looking cozy and her mouth drops open. She takes off unseen.

chelsea eavesdrops young restless sally

Meanwhile, Adam and Sally gaze at each other’s lips and appear as if they’d like to kiss. They don’t.

adam wants kiss sally young restless

At home, Devon puts on some smooth jazz and they dance together. He kisses her and whispers sweet nothings and unzips her dress as they kiss. They make love.

demanda love making young restless

Chelsea arrives home in a mood. She takes a drink.

chelsea angry drink young restless

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