Y&R December Opinion: Jill’s Return, The Misuse of Kevin, Noah Needs Red Bull & Chance Requires Therapy

Y&R storylines continued to make viewers wish there was drama.

Young and the Restless used to dazzle. They seem now to be allergic to drama or afraid to give too much drama to any character. It’s meant that viewers have been watching other soaps, even Days of our Lives’ possession storyline, just to get some entertainment.

This month we saw Jill return, which was a highlight of December, but she came home not to share scenes with Esther, but to tell Billy how much he disappointed her and to sell her company. It was a good visit but we haven’t seen her since, and we haven’t been told if the actress is gone again. Billy’s on a trip about wanting revenge, and Lily’s doing her co-dependent thing.

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Chance finally came home and just when we thought the Abby surrogacy storyline was over, they hit us with a twist. Devon, not Mariah, wants shared custody. What should be an interesting twist has turned off many viewers who simply wanted to be done with it. The one thing this story has done is divide fans over who should rightfully be Dominic’s parents.

I felt for poor Kevin who has been relegated to being Chloe’s sounding board and felt that Chelsea’s return will make waves for Sally, especially with what’s coming on Monday’s Y&R episode where (spoiler) Chelsea eavesdrops on Sally and Adam during a cozy moment.  

For some reason, the show has Phyllis not knowing what she wants which is ridiculous for a grown woman and that Noah (Eeyore) continues to mope around, making us think he needs a shot of B12 to get his energy up, and last, but not least, what secret does Ashland have this time? We saw that mysterious phone call that amounted to nothing, and if the 2022 Y&R previews tell us anything it’s that (spoiler) he has another secret.

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