Thomas Tells Hope She’s The Woman for Him and Sheila is Convinced She Can Win Finn Back

In the Friday, September 2, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Finn thanks Bill for his help, Liam worries Thomas is getting to Hope, and Douglas tells his mom how much he loves spending time with Thomas.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Thomas admitted he was unfit to raise Douglas but is ready now, and disguised Sheila was spotted by Finn.

At Il Giardino, Finn tells Deacon it’s been easier to put what happened behind him now that Sheila is dead.

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Deacon spots disguised Sheila behind him and looks worried. Finn notices something off with Deacon, who claims he’s worried about the lunch rush so he steps away to urge Sheila to take off.

Finn looks over and spots her. Deacon brings him some water and offers him a beer. He takes off when Bill shows up. Sheila nervously adjusts her glasses.

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Bill sits down with Finn, who thanks him for all his help. Spencer was happy to do it. He tells “Bozo” Deacon to bring him his best scotch and not spit in it. Then asks after Li.

Finn thanks him for helping her. Bill says he will always do what he can for them.

At the bar, Deacon whispers to Sheila to go. She doesn’t budge.

Bill tells Finn how brave he is to come back to where he almost died. That bear did them all a favor. What are the odds that she would be eaten for breakfast? “Payback is a bitch,” he says.


Finn can’t understand why she did what she did. She definitely had some issues but he wouldn’t be alive without her.

Deacon follows Sheila back to his place. She takes off her mask and tells him what a blessing it was to see her son. She’s sure he misses her and is sad she died.

What she heard what better than she ever expected. Risking her freedom has been worth it just for that.

Deacon says that was the last time she will see her son. Sheila says this has changed everything. There’s no way she is leaving now that she knows she has the chance at a relationship with her son.

At Brooke’s, she and Liam worry about Hope and all the faith she puts in people, even people who don’t deserve it like Thomas.

brooke liam talk B&B

Liam remains unconvinced Thomas is trying to prove his fathering skills for the right reasons. There was a time he thought he’d changed but now he doubts it.

He knows Hope can handle herself but he worries Thomas could exploit her devotion to Douglas. Brooke is sure her daughter won’t let that happen.

liam no trust B&B

She hates feeling this way about Ridge’s son and tries to give him the benefit of a doubt but it’s hard. They can’t forget about his past and his obsession with Hope.

It feels like they are going backwards.

Liam will never not have his guard up with that guy.

He can’t understand why he is doing this to Hope.

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At Eric’s, Hope plays I Spy with Thomas and Douglas. They use this to tell her how great she is.

The little boy goes on about how great it is to spend time with his dad.

douglas thomas B&B

They talk about pancakes and all the Forrester bonding.

Douglas wishes he could see his father every day.

The three of them chat about him going back to school.

Hope is sure he will have another terrific year and Thomas tells him how proud they are of him.

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Douglas repeats that he misses spending so much time with his dad. They hug again.

When the kid walks off, Thomas tells her what a sensitive child they are raising.

He tells her he didn’t coach his son to say the things he did.

hope thomas talk son B&B

Thomas just wants to be the kind of man his son can be proud of. He feels like he’s straightened himself out and hopes she believes him.

He repeats that their son needs both of them.

She can see Douglas is having a great time there but that’s in part because it’s new. She can’t see why he would want to take what’s normal away from him.

Thomas says the ideal would be that he lives with both of them.

He knows that’s impossible. Unlike Liam and his father, he’s a one-woman man and that woman is her.

Liam heads to the cabin and eagerly waits for Hope to text him.

He flashes back to Thomas freaking out at them and keeping her daughter from her. He hopes she won’t let Thomas get inside her head.