Sheila Reveals the Next Part of her Scheme — & Brooke Revisits the Shame of Sex With Her Daughter’s Husband

In the Thursday, November 4, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke flashes back to Deacon seducing her, Katie’s angry to hear Donna has been fired, and Sheila tries to manipulate Deacon with a new plan to con their kids. Soaps Spoilers has Wednesday’s B&B recap where Donna was heartbroken when Eric gave her the boot from Forrester and his life.

At Brooke’s, she and Hope gather clothing donations together for the mission while Brooke tells her daughter that she thinks Aunt Donna and Eric are reconnecting. Hope thinks that’s wonderful to reconnect after all this time. “You’re not thinking about your dad, are you?” She asks. Later, Hope has told Brooke about Deacon and Sheila but Brooke doesn’t believe their involved and doesn’t want her to go near her dad, knowing he’ll let her down. Hope asks why Brooke’s so dead set against her getting to know her dad. She doesn’t want to write off her dad and doesn’t get why she doesn’t want this for her. Brooke calls her history with Deacon painful and she wants to put it behind her. She says she’s filled with shame. Hope cries. Brooke tears up and admits she did “indefensible things.” She allowed Deacon to seduce her in ways…she talks of being alone and he was charming and there for her. She flashes back to him seducing her in front of a fire. They made love and Brooke says she made a mistake. “The worst betrayal of my life. I slept with my daughter’s husband.” She assures Hope that she wasn’t a mistake. Brooke’s grateful to have her in her life. She knows Deacon’s had a hard life and has some good qualities. “Then why can’t I see him? Ridge isn’t perfect.” Hope sobs that she wants to see her daddy and asks why she can’t.

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In Sheila’s suite, Sheila makes the bed and suggests that if he plays along with their relationship, their children will think they’re in love. He doesn’t look thrilled about that thought. He doesn’t think anyone will buy it. Sheila says they can convince them with a paper trail. She digs out returned letters he wrote to others and she says she’ll use them to show their fake loves story. Deacon doesn’t see how running a con on their kids will help connect with their kids. Sheila figures the Forresters forced them into this. He asks what their first date was and if she picked him up when he got out of prison. Sheila tries to assuage his concerns. She tells him her other children want nothing to do with him. Finn’s her future and Hope is his.

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Katie finds Donna packing her desk at Forrester. She’s confused as to what her sister’s doing so Donna spells it out. “Eric fired you?” Donna says no. She offered to leave. Katie rants that Quinn doesn’t get to make decisions about what happens around here. Donna says to stop. “Eric chose Quinn.” Katie doesn’t think she should have to leave the company because of it. Donna says Eric doesn’t want her to go. He had no choice.

Eric returns home and tells Quinn that he fired Donna. “I did what you asked.” Quinn doesn’t think her request was out of bounds. Quinn isn’t getting joy out of this. Eric says he thinks forcing Donna out of the company is a total over-reaction. Quinn doesn’t. She claims the woman forced herself on “my husband.” Donna believes they should be together and that’s why she had to go. Quinn says they vowed to put each other first. “Today you did that for me.” She embraces him.