Gaines Details His Kidnapping at Adam and Victor’s Hands & Amanda is Enraged Sutton Recorded Her Shocking Admission

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Wednesday, November 3, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, November 4. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Phyllis and Nick opened up about their breakup. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Gaines lets Billy and Lily know how he got back to GC and they’re skeptical, Amanda can’t believe the lowdown dirty trick her grandfather played on her and Nina arrives home to grieve with family.

Devon stands outside of Chancellor mansion and calls Amanda, sorry he can’t be there for her to testify against Sutton. She assures him she’ll be fine and has his support. She’s worried about the Chance situation and understands that Abby and Dominic need him more than she does. “You’re amazing, you do know that?” She laughs. They profess to love each other and disconnect.

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Devon heads into the manse and Victor brings Abby tea. She doesn’t want tea and yells for everyone to leave her alone. Everyone stands around, uncomfortably. They all tell her that they’ll take care of everything for her. She doesn’t need to worry about a thing. She apologizes. She’s tired so Ashley offers to take her to bed. She looks at the baby and takes off, sadly. Victor and Devon feel bad for Abby. He’ll rearrange his schedule for her. Victor’s grateful. He assumes it brings back bad memories for Hilary and Neil. Devon’s fine. He only has Abby and Dom on the mind. Victor doesn’t have a doubt that Chance wasn’t in the building when it blew. There were no survivors. “The building was blown to smithereens.” Devon calls it unnecessary and gets angry as he recalls Chance using his real wedding ring in an undercover operation. “He made a choice and it was the wrong one.” Victor shrugs. Devon is angry that Chance made a commitment to the baby and left. Victor says he may not have had a choice. Devon says they could have sent another agent. The baby cries and Devon comforts him. Vivot has the same frustration as he does. They can only help Dominic and Abby. Victor calls him a hell of a friend. Devon appreciates that. Ashley returns alone. Abby’s resting. Devon agrees to leave as long as they keep him in the loop. Later, Abby reappears. Victor thinks she should take the anti-anxiety meds.

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Sutton shows up at Devon’s. She can’t believe he has the audacity to come to her. She tries to slam the door in his face but he reveals that he needs to talk to her. This conversation could change the outcome of everything. How did he know where she lives? He says his lawyer told her she was having material sent there. He didn’t know she was living there. He calls Devon a good man. She thinks he would have told her to go with her instincts and closed the door in his face. Sutton asks her to consider her mama and sister. Amanda thinks he’s only worried about himself or controlling them. He tells her Naya and Imani rely on him. He wants to ensure he can take care of them financially. Amanda reminds him that Naya has Eric and Imani works with her. Sutton gets upset. “I’m an old man.” He won’t last in prison. Amanda has a fit. What about her father? What about her and Hilary? He never gave a damn about them and has a nerve coming to her for mercy when he never gave a damn about anyone but himself. He talks about betrayal and she laughs aloud. “You make a show of righteous anger,” he says but he thinks she’s just being vindictive. “So what if it is!” She screams. Sutton wants to go. Amanda yells at him to empty his pockets first. Devon wanders in wondering what in tarnation is going on. Amanda continues to force the man to empty his pockets. If not, they’ll call the cops. Sutton pulls out a recording device. Amanda takes it from him and tells him it just confirms he only cares for himself. She explains to her beau that Sutton wanted to diminish her testimony by making it look like she only wanted to testify out of vindictiveness. “What a disappointment you are,” he tells her. They kick his arse out. Amanda’s upset that he manipulated her but Devon says she figured it out fast. Amanda thinks this will somehow help send the man to prison. She calls Michael to tell him that her grandfather recorded a private conversation without her knowledge in an attempt to try to incriminate her. She aks Devon how Abby is. He admits he’s worried.

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At Newman Enterprises, Ashland looks uncomfortable. He loosens his tie and has trouble walking to the desk for water. Victoria runs in and holds him. Later, he tells her the pain subsided. She worries about him flying to Peru but he feels better now and is more determined to go because of his…symptoms. He calls Victor to ask about the plans and tells his father-in-law that he’s flying to Peru and probably won’t be able to get updates. Victor says it’s fine. Adam gave him an update and Billy won’t be able to help himself but to take the next step. They disconnect and Victoria asks Ashland if it’s wise that he get involved with her brother and father’s machinations. She worried about the negative impact it could make on his health. Ash reassures that he’ll focus on prolonging his life. Victoria asks him to let her father handle this.

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Billy and Lily let Gaines into their condo and ask him what’s going on. Lily asks why he’s coming to Billy for help. Billy told him to stay in the suite. Why did he leave? Gaines shares that Nick and Adam got involved. He was locked in a storage room. “Are you saying Adam held you against your will?” He says yes and then he was dragged to some farmhouse. His phone was taken from him. He heard ominous things from Newman security goons talking. He was worried they’d take drastic, permanent measures to shut him up. He found an old boarded-up door behind a wine rack and got out. Lily seems skeptical. “How convenient,” she says. How did he get back to Genoa City from Italy? He claims to have walked to a nearby airstrip and identified a cargo plane headed for New York, then hopped on a train and headed across the country where he ended up in GC. Lily’s confused. He’s enraged and wants to take them all down, Victor and Adam. He yells, “I thought that maybe you would have some interest.” Billy sends Gaines to shower and he and Lily wonder if this is a true story. If it is, there are terrible ramifications for Adam and Victor. He can’t stay there with the kids. The man returns and he says he still has Camila’s letter and they can verify where he made his way from Italy to GC if they are skeptical. Billy tells Lily this is either true or a scam. He’ll fight to ensure Adam and Victor don’t get to them first. He kisses Lily and takes Gaines to a hotel.

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Nina arrives at Chancellor mansion and tells Victor, Ashley and Abby that Christine told her what happened. She sees the expression on Abby’s face and cries. She runs to her daughter-in-law’s arms and says, “Until this moment, I didn’t know it was real.” Victor holds Nina and apologizes that he has no other goodness. She’s quiet a while and says she’s braced her life for this moment. She holds the baby.

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