Days of our Lives Spoilers November 8-12; Susan Warns That Ben & Ciara’s Baby is in Grave Danger, Plus, November Sweeps

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, November 8 to Friday, November 12.

Monday, November 8

Happy 56th anniversary to Days of our Lives! Days is one of the longest-running scripted TV programs in the world, created by Betty and Ted Corday, and now run by their son Ken Corday. Susan Seaforth Hayes’ first appearance on DOOL was in December of 1968 as a recast of Julie Olson, while Suzanne Rogers’ first appearance as Maggie Horton was August 1973 and the two have been with the soap ever since. Congratulations to the cast and crew of the iconic soap!

Brady is thrown by Marlena’s salacious advice.
Susan warns Ben and Ciara their baby is in grave danger.
Rafe considers coming clean with Ava.
Allie and Tripp continue to reel from the events from Halloween.

Tuesday, November 9

Marlena urges Ben not to listen to Susan’s warnings.
Ciara and Susan try to figure out who poses a threat to the baby.
A guilt-ridden Nicole pushes Rafe back towards Ava.
Chloe confides a secret in Brady.

Wednesday, November 10

Susan makes a horrifying discovery.
Ben and Ciara share an awkward reunion with Theo.
Paulina suggests to Abe they postpone their wedding.
Chanel realizes her mother lied to her.

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Thursday, November 11

Philip goes into a downward spiral.
Jake makes a deal with Melinda.
Ava changes tactics to secure her freedom.
Gwen is upset to learn of the sacrifice Xander made for her.

Friday, November 12

The devil comes up with a new way to destroy Marlena and John’s love.
Steve tells Kayla he thinks something isn’t right about John’s disappearance.
Gwen tries to trick Melinda into giving back Xander’s money.
Chad and Abigail finally put the past behind them.

November sweeps — fall preview!

Kristen’s back in custody and turns to two people who unexpectedly help her bust out of jail.

John’s chained in the DiMera crypt and the devil tries to break him down and corrupt his soul. It’s a test of Jarlena’s love and some callbacks to the original story, head writer Ron Carlivati tells Soap Opera Digest.

The Kate and Roman relationship will be revisited. The show is taking steps to put these two together. They’re invited to Abe and Paulina’s wedding and there’s a question if they should go together, which leads to a breakthrough in their relationship.

Abby and Chad get facts on Gwen’s miscarriage happening before she fell down the stairs and they blow the lid off of it which in turn causes damage between Gwen and Jack. Gwen clings to Xander when her life is falling apart and then something happens (talk of Sarah’s return?) which makes her realize she could lose him.

Philip sabotages himself as he becomes more paranoid about what’s going on between Chloe and Brady.

A captive Sami manages to make a call to someone to tell them “I’ve been kidnapped.”

Paulina tries to decide if she can marry Abe with this big secret hanging over them all. Meanwhile, the devil will be the one to perform the ceremony.  It’s time for it to all come out.

Rafe and Nicole have sex and feel guilty about it. Nic calls it a mistake since he’s with Ava and she pushes him back into Ava’s arms and throws herself into a relationship with EJ. Of course, that means that Rafe and Nicole share this secret…

Julie’s missing Doug and finally takes matters into her own hands.

Susan goes to Marlena to tell her that she senses danger around the baby and that they’ve got to do something about it. Of course, Marlena is really the devil and Susan begins to notice that she’s not acting normal…

Ciara is pregnant and overjoyed until Susan tells them her premonition.

Steve is concerned that John’s missing and didn’t have any work with Black Patch as MarDevil suggested to Belle. Steve and Kayla are both on the case.

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