Michael Fights With Sonny, Willow Keeps Her Cancer Quiet, Portia Agrees to Curtis’ Proposal, and Nikolas Picks A Fight With Sonny

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, August 23, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Sonny snaps at Michael, Leo makes a love potion, Marshall forgives Jordan, and Brook Lynn has advice for Carly.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Curtis proposed to Portia and Willow prepared to tell Michael she has leukemia.

At the Quartermaine estate, Michael assures Willow they can handle anything. When sonny shows up at the door, Michael tells him he’s not welcome.

willow bad new michael GH

They bicker. Sonny won’t tolerate him disrespecting Nina. Michael slams the door in his face. Sonny barges in and warns that if he ever does that again, it will be the last time he closes the door.

sonny explains a few things to son general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Willow tells Michael to put his personal issues aside for the sake of charity today.

After Sonny wanders off, Michael tells Willow how incredible she is. She’s everything to him and he doesn’t know what he would do without her.

They hug and she looks worried. He remembers she was going to tell him something. She says it can wait.

Olivia and Wiley interrupt and they head outside to play.

At General Hospital, Jordan assures Marshall that Tommy’s death was not his fault. He was long gone by then. Marshall sits her down to explain his condition.

marshall jordan talk blame GH

He’s had treatment and it’s under control now. She’s glad he’s back in his family’s lives. He still worries about passing his illness on to his sons and Tommy may have been having an episode when he died.

Tearing up, he wishes he was with his son when he was going through that. He asks for details about their marriage and if she saw any signs.

She explains that there were no signs. He had PTSD and she drove him over the edge with her infidelity. If anyone is to blame, it’s her.

He tells her you can’t go to heaven dragging hell along with you. There’s no sense in dragging along your torment. It wasn’t until he could let go of his, that he became free.

Blaming herself won’t bring Tommy back. “I forgive you,” he says. She doesn’t see how he can. He tells her how much he loves TJ. She’s glad they finally met.


He hopes she will lay her burden down.

Nikolas and Ava are on the grounds, bickering as they try to keep up a happy act. Olivia reminds them it’s a party and suggests they take the fighting somewhere else. The prince fills her in about how his mother is doing in Italy.

olivia no fighting GH

She leaves them alone and the couple goes back to bickering.

Dante finds Leo making a love potion in the kitchen. Sam wanders in and then makes an excuse to leave. When Dante wanders off, Leo gets back to making his potion.

dante invites sam in picnic general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Chase asks Brook Lynn to be his partner in the three-legged race. It’s one of his specialties. Yuri arrives with food and she leads him off to find a platter.

yuri brings his own dish to picnic general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Dante relieves Drew of his grilling duties. He asks Carly if she wants to sign up to the three-legged race.

Everyone joins together for the race. Chase puts his arm around Brook Lynn. Carly and Drew win. Brook Lynn falls on Chase. He gets up, makes an excuse, and hurries off.

winners drew carly race GH

Brook Lynn congratulates Carly, pulls her into a cabin and asks if she and Drew are a thing. Carly claims they are just friends. Brook Lynn tells her she should go for it.

“Like you are going for it with Chase?” Carly prods. Brook Lynn can see there are real feelings between them and encourages her to face it before it’s too late. Carly suggests she take her own advice.

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Willow and Terry sit in the grass. Willow explains she is delaying treatment because she can’t risk losing another baby.

terry willow picnic GH

The doctor guesses she hasn’t told her family yet and encourages her to do so, even if she is postponing treatment. Willow doesn’t want to have to fight with Michael for weeks. There’s no sense in ruining what she has right now.

Wiley and Michael join Willow and talk about what a great day it is. Michael says this is what life’s all about.

Back in the house, Sonny bumps into ava, who is drinking alone. She wants some company and thanks him for helping Trina.

He tells her it’s too bad Esme left town and doesn’t really buy the idea that she escaped to France. Nikolas pops up and orders him to leave his wife alone.

As the men threaten each other, Sonny taunts him to take his best shot. Ava leads her husband outside. She demands to know why he is attacking Sonny.

sonny threatening GH

They bicker about what’s going on. He tells her he will always come to her rescue, no matter how much she pushes him away. “I messed up, but I will always love you,” he says.

In the kitchen, Leo finishes his potion and puts it in cups.

Later, Sonny corners Olivia and asks her if she can be happy for him moving on. She can’t approve of him being with Nina.

Leo brings the cups outside on a tray. Chase leads him away to play tug-of-war. When Leo returns, all the cups are gone.

Leo runs to his mother and tells her that he put the potion in two cups but doesn’t know what happened to them.

Chase finds Sam sitting in the stable. They have both been drinking the lemonade.

Dante bumps into Brook Lynn. They both have the lemonade in their hands.

Carly finds Drew at the grill. He offers her a hot dog.

In the pool, Curtis holds up a ring and proposes to Portia, telling her he wants them to be together forever. TJ wanders by and starts recording this.

curtis proposes GH

Portia tells Curtis how much she loves him. She’s been so distracted by Trina that she hasn’t been able to focus on what she wants. Now there are so many possibilities in her life because of him.

She wants to be with him forever and says yes.

portia says yes proposal curtis general hospital abc soapsspoilers

They kiss and the people around the pool clap.

TJ hurries over to congratulate them and explains he’s there to meet his mom for lunch.

After he takes off, Portia asks Curtis how long he’s been planning this. Months. She’s thrilled that everything is better than she thought it would be. He can’t wait to tell the world.

They get champagne and she marvels about how quickly life can change. Now Trina’s future is clear and theirs is bright.

Jordan arrives to meet TJ. He breaks the news that Curtis and Portia just got engaged. She guesses she should have expected that.

jordan told portia engaged curtis gh

Jordan heads over to the happy couple to congratulate them and admire the ring. Portia gives her a hug and leaves them alone. Jordan and Curtis say they want each other to be happy.

He says she’s a class act. He appreciates all the discretion she has shown in pushing the legal boundaries at work. She says that Trina’s freedom is all that matters.

Jordan returns to her son and assures him she’s okay. She’s happy for Curtis and explains Marshall forgave her for everything. She looks distracted as they discuss Curtis and Portia becoming parents.

Portia gets a call about genetic counseling and asks for the soonest available spot. It concerns her daughter. Jordan eavesdrops on this from around the corner.