Sheila Blackmails Deacon, While Brooke & Taylor Fight Over Thomas and Taylor Reacts to Brooke’s Reminder That Ridge is Her Husband

In the Tuesday, August 23, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas asks Douglas over for the night, Taylor and Brooke argue about where Douglas should live, and Sheila gives Deacon something to think about.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Sheila covered for Deacon with his parole office and Brooke confronted Taylor about kissing Ridge.

At Deacon’s, Sheila tells him he’d be a fool to pass up her offer. She can help him do better with the money she has access to. He wants to know how much.


Then he decides his life is fine the way it is. Hanging out with her will ruin it.

Deacon tells her to leave immediately.

She doesn’t buy him being happy being a busboy.

Sheila reminds him that he used to have his own design company. “I can set you up with everything you desire,” she offers.

sheila offers deacon money bold beautiful cbs

Sheila warns an opportunity like this isn’t likely to come again and reminds him of all the perks she brings. Besides, he would be able to make his daughter proud.

“I can invest in your future,” she says. He points out it’s not free money. She points out he can hardly buy groceries. Deacon values his freedom.

Sheila isn’t going back to prison and kisses him to remind him of why she wants to stay with him. She’s sure he enjoyed last night. “I’ll be anything you want,” she says.


Deacon is clearly horny but conflicted. She tells him that if he wants to turn her in, he can go ahead and call the cops. He picks up the phone but can’t make the call.

“Smart decision,” she says before asking him what side of the bed he wants.

At Steffy’s, Brooke tells Taylor she’s confident in her marriage with Ridge. She’s sure they will reconnect soon. Taylor accuses her of attacking Ridge’s son.


Brooke says there is no way she will let Thomas take Douglas away from Hope.

Taylor reminds her the situation was only supposed to be temporary. As a psychiatrist, she thinks it is more dangerous for Douglas to stay away from his father.

taylor condescending to brooke bold and the beautiful

“I will not allow it!” Brooke blurts. Taylor understands they are both worried about their children and their children both love Douglas.

Brooke says Thomas needs to show he is worthy. Taylor reminds her that Douglas is Thomas’ son and Brooke has no say in this.

Brooke questions Thomas’ character. Taylor points out the irony of that and reminds her of how much her family has been through lately. Brooke says that has nothing to do with this.

She nearly loses it when Taylor says that she and Ridge are focused on the family. “Ridge is my husband!” she reminds her.

brooke snipes at Taylor bold beautiful

Taylor reminds her that she has a core family with Ridge, just like Brooke does with Ridge…and Eric…and Deacon.

The doctor says there was a miracle in Monaco and she and Ridge want the same thing for Thomas. It’s time for her grandson to live with his father.

Brooke repeats this can’t happen and suggests it will be costing the child a second mother. Taylor insists this is only about where Thomas eats and sleeps.

Squinting, Brooke keeps saying Douglas is not moving. Taylor thought Ridge explained this to her.

Brooke accuses her of using this to drive a wedge between her and Ridge. Taylor says she doesn’t have to when Brooke is doing it on her own.

The blonde refuses to let her do this to her or to Hope.


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At the cabin, Thomas assures Hope that he is only taking Douglas for one night. They can worry about everything else later.


He reminds her of how much he and his son miss each other. She supports them spending time together, but this is his home.

He thinks she’s done an amazing job and will always be grateful she’s been his mother. But he feels like an absentee father and it’s time to change that.

It’s time for Douglas to be part of the Forrester family. She insists that this is the best place for him.

Douglas runs in, thrilled to see his father. Thomas tells his son that he’s moving in with Eric and asks him to come over for the night. Douglas begs his mom to let him spend the night.

The kid is thrilled when she agrees. He runs off to pack and Thomas assures Hope this will work out.

She reiterates that this is Douglas’ home and this is only for the night.

douglas happy night dad bold