It’s Valentine’s Day in Port Charles & Nina Spends it with Sonny as Esme Tries to Visit Ryan Chamberlain in Prison

General Hospital recap for Monday, February 14, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Nina spends time with Sonny, Terry gets a surprise on her date, and Esme’s caught asking to visit Ryan Chamberlain by Spencer and Kevin.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Liz got another ominous sign and Carly called a divorce lawyer.

Felix arrives at Metro Court. He tells her his sister Taylor’s in town as well. She is about to go up to her  room too, which surprises him. She can see he didn’t hear the gossip. She tells him she’s headed upstairs. He lets her know she should put on something sparkly and come back because they’re celebrating.

marcus back as felix general hospital

At the Savoy, TJ is on a call with Jordan. He can’t wait until she returns to Port Charles. He tells Molly that he thinks she’s doing better. She gives him a gift and he tells her that hers is waiting at the hotel. They kiss.

kristina tj kissing gh valentines

Elsewhere, Brad and Britt talk about Peter. They disagree on how to handle him. She wants to find him and he wants to let the authorities take care of it. They start drinking shots until she worries his aunt has spies on them. He tells her to forget about his aunt and drink up. They get tipsy and she asks for more shots as Brad tells her about the percentage of people who break up on Valentine’s Day.

In walks Carly and Felix. He’s not a friend of Brad but he won’t be chased out. Neither will she. “I can’t say there will be no trouble,” she says, with a grin. At their table, Britt and Brad are drunk.

They spot Carly and Felix and Britt tells them she’s having fun with her BFF, though some think he should be back in Pentonville. Brad drags Felix to a corner to talk while Carly sits with Britt, who says instead of being with men they love, they’re with each other.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to us,” Carly says. Near the bar, Brad says he hates that he hurt Lucas. Felix knows this will sound odd but he shouldn’t beat himself up. As they talk, the women try to be civil.

Carly brings up Nina being a cheater and liar but Britt can’t talk about her. They agree to just drink. They wind up drunk.

At home, Laura and Kevin discuss their dinner plans. Laura can see Esme broke the rules. She’s not sure why that is. She thinks Esme’s sense of entitlement knows no bounds. Kevin agrees but concedes that she’s a teenage girl. “A teenage girl working my last nerve,” Laura says.

Kevin thinks her bad habits are caused by feeling abandoned since Spencer left. Laura can’t help but think she’s a brat. They laugh as she asks if that makes her a bad person. Kevin says it doesn’t.

He kisses her head and offers to talk to her. Laura admits there could be a reward for that. He smiles, knowing good things come to those who wait. Kevin goes and she calls Trina to come over.

kevin laura kiss valentines gh

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Esme comes up behind Spencer in prison and covers his eyes. “Hello lover,” she says. He jumps out of his skin and tells her never to come up behind a guy in prison.

She hands him over a photo of herself that she brought. He asks if she got the flowers he sent. She did and wonders where he got peonies this time of year.

He asks if she’s been to the cabin to get his head phones. She snaps that she’s been too busy worrying about her boyfriend in prison. He asks if she’s seen his friends and if they’ve asked after him. “No and no,” she says. “Does it matter?” He tells her it does. Of course it does!

Esme asks the guard if she can visit Ryan Chamberlain. Samuel refuses her. Her access has been restricted. She questions by who and Kevin strolls up. “By me!”

He and Spencer ask why she’d want to visit “that psychopath.”She says she wants to observe him for her class. She says mental health is no joke. She barks that she isn’t his priority and takes off.

esme visit spencer valentines gh

Amy’s brother Chet sits beside Terry at Charlie’s Place. She looks him up and down as  he asks if he can sit. She says to go ahead. “So far I’m not disappointed,” she says. Neither is he.

She thought he stood her up and calls her Tanner. The guy is sorry. He’s not Tanner. Tanner strolls up. “Terry?” Nina finds Sonny at a table. They make small talk about Lenny and then considers leaving. “Is that what you want, Sonny?” She asks.

She stays and he talks about Carly divorcing him. She looks to be in shock as he lets her know that Carly’s meeting with a divorce lawyer. He asks what she thinks about it but she thinks her point of view is immaterial.

She says she can’t be objective. She has a vested interest. They drink and Chet drops by.

Sonny introduces him to Nina and he goes. Sonny wants another drink. Nina refuses him and isn’t sure they should be seen in pubic together.

chet driscoll gh

Sonny says it’s fine. He wonders how they got to this point. She’s sorry about this but doesn’t regret them sleeping together. “Do you?” She asks. Meanwhile, Terry drinks with her date, and he talks about a dating app. They don’t get along and Chet eavesdrops as Terry becomes more annoyed with Tanner.

He calls her a shill since she’s a doctor. “Are you anti-science?” She asks. He talks about mysticism having its place. He thinks she came across more broad minded on the app.

She trashes his hair plugs and then orders more money. They argue about capitalism and Chet stops them. Tanner gets his back up asking who the hell Chet is. Chet pretends he’s her beau and they chase the guy off. He offers her a drink. She gladly takes him up on it.

At the bar, Sonny tells Nina that if Carly goes through with the divorce, he’s done. Nina worries and thinks she should stay but he insists she can go. He tears up a paper heart that reads, “Bye bye love.”

tanner terry date GH

Nik arrives home to Ava with a hug and a gift. She’s in a good mood and admits its because “Sonny and Carly’s marriage is in the toilet. Happy Valentine’s Day!” She thinks this could be their chance to bring Avery home.

Nik doesn’t seem enthused. He chews a strawberry and accuses her of taking pleasure in Carly and Sonny’s unhappiness. Ava shrugs. She and Carly are in a better place. Nik scoffs at that and she giggles and thinks there’s “serious karma” going on.

She calls them insufferable and hates that they give her crumbs of Avery and undermine their marriage. They drink champagne and snuggle on the sofa as they talk about finding their true mates.

They kiss and profess their love. She gives her a gift and says she said that she feels safe with him.

ava nik snuggle valentines gh

Trina races to Laura’s and asks if Spencer is okay. She says he’s fine but he asked her to mail this to her a few days ago. She forgot. She hands over a gift and Trina flashes to them almost kissing. She opens the gift. It’s a book of impressionist art she likes.

She’s blown away at his thoughtfulness and asks if he needs anything in prison like music, poetry or art. Laura notes they have that in common. Esme walks in as Laura says she can see why he values her friendship so much.

trina gift spencer general hospital