Sasha & Brando are Devastated That Liam’s Brain Dead — & While Peter is Hospitalized, Liz Takes Action With a Scalpel

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for Monday, December 13, 2021 episode. Today, Trina meets Marshall, Sasha and Brando get horrible news and Maxie hopes Peter dies in the hospital. We also have Friday’s General Hospital recap where Brad was seen with the breakfast trays of food before Peter ate his breakfast and was poisoned before he collapsed in his cell.

Portia and Trina sit and talk about school and how Trina doesn’t want to blow this. Portia knows her daughter won’t. “My daughter is the star of PCU,” she  sings. Trina wonders then why she feels like such a loser. She tells them Spencer and Esme are together and Cam and Joss are.

She feels like a fifth wheel. Esme will take the chance to remind her she’s single. Portia thinks she’s threatened by her smarts and talent. “I thought I raised you to be independent and not attach your self esteem to someone else.” Trina smiles. She did! Until she was with Curtis.

She barely sees them together anymore. She asks what happened. She admits they’re taking things slow. He has a lot going on right now. Marshall appears. He apologizes about being disingenuous about his identity. It didn’t help his cause, not that it’s Curtis’ fault.

Marshall introduces himself as Curtis’ father, surprising Trina. Portia thinks he should let Curtis come to him. Marshall calls that good advice but he’s not sure he’ll take it. Trina can see Marshall’s the reason her mom and Curtis aren’t together. She asks her mom why she’s uncomfortable with Marshall.

trina feels fifth wheel general hospital abc soapsspoilers

At Metrocourt, Sonny and Anna discuss Peter. Sonny lies that he’s not even on his radar. Anna thinks he’ll be vulnerable during transport to the courthouse. Carly interrupts. They talk about her visit with Peter. Anna goes to take a call and Sonny guarantees that Peter has no future to Carly. Anna returns. Peter was brought to the ER.

Carly prays this means he’s dead. Anna goes to GH to find out what’s going on while Carly questions if Sonny sought justice for Jason. Sonny admits he put out the hit on Peter. Carly’s glad. They have to wait for Anna to confirm that Peter is gone for good.

anna sonny talk peter general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Finn visits General Hospital and tells Liz he just found out Jason is dead. He can’t imagine how difficult this has been for her. “I wish Peter had died when you pushed him down those stairs,” she says. Jason would have been alive still. Finn says Peter will spend the rest of his life in jail. Finn gets her to smile and then is called to an emergency. She takes off to cover the ER. They just brought someone in.

He hugs Liz and wishes he could do more. Elsewhere, Maxie looks at Liam and asks Epiphany if the tubes in him are hurting. Epiphany says he’s not in pain. Maxie wants to stick around for moral support but Epiphany doesn’t think it’s a good idea. They won’t want friends around, either way.

Liz talks jason dead general hospital abc soapsspoilers

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In Sasha’s room at GH, Britt and the other doctor tell them that Liam has brain damage. Dr. Fleming says the EEG indicated the levels of Liam’s brain activity, which indicate that he has little to no activity in his brain. No cognitive function or motor function.

britt tells sasha brando liam dead general hospital

He has no capacity to think or grow. His life can only be sustained through machinery. She’s sorry. Brando asks to try the cooling therapy but the outcome would be the same. The tests show an almost complete lack of brain activity. There’s nothing more that they can do for Liam.

He’ll likely suffer from seizures. Sasha and Brando think he just needs a lot of care. Britt asks them to take deep breaths and wrap their heads around this, “And be re realistic.” Sasha thinks they are. Britt counters that they need to make important decisions for their son.

Sasha believes the only one is to know when they can take their baby home. Britt tries to reassure them and offers counsellors. Sasha and Brando don’t want that. They need to see their son. They head to the nursery. Britt bemoans to Dr. Fleming that she should have told them what happens next with their son but she couldn’t. “Not yet.”

Later, Britt rants to Epiphany that she should have told the parents the truth.

sasha devastated liam dead general hospital

Curtis and Drew embrace and talk about Peter raising hell around Port Charles. Curtis thinks the devil can multitask. Drew talks about his new nightclub. Curtis was ready for a change. Drew thinks the place screams good times and good music.

He wants to take him and Jordan for dinner. Curtis talks about not being able to live with her secrets. He’s starting over. Drew gets it. Sam was the only person he thought to call when he got home. She seems happy and that’s all he wants. Curtis says she never stopped fighting for him. He knows.

The men talk about looking into his father’s background. He tells his friend about Marshall’s return after being assumed dead. He wonders if Marshall has used a different name this whole time. Drew asks if he can help since Curtis is so close to the case. Curtis agrees to think about it.

curtis sees drew general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Phyllis and TJ sit and have coffee and talk about work and her good health. Curtis doesn’t know she’s there and she refuses to see him until she knows what he’s hiding from her. “Thomas Jr. What’s going on with your uncle?” She asks. He won’t tell her, so she pressures him. How can she help her nephew? TJ says she’ll have to discuss this with Curtis. It’s not his story to tell.stella and tj talk curtis general hospital abcABC

In the ER, Finn and Liz find Peter unconscious with oxygen mask on his face. He was unresponsive in his cell. There’s no sign of trauma. They prepare to run a toxicology panel. Liz asks Finn to tell her that his life will be cut short. Maxie runs into Anna nearby, who fills her in on Peter being brought from Pentonville.

Later, Finn tells Maxie and Anna that Peter’s in critical condition. It’s possible that he ingested a toxin. Maxie’s jaw drops open. She flashes to telling Sonny she wants Peter dead. Anna goes to take a call. Liz and Maxie talk about Jake losing his father because of Peter and Peter benefiting from the best medical care.

Maxie’s sorry. Liz knows she understands since Louise is missing. “Doesn’t part of you want Peter to die?” Maxie asks. Finn reappears and Liz doesn’t respond. Anna tells them the warden is in Peter’s cell. They’re working on finding the person who attempted to murder Peter.

“Oh, so they can award them?” Maxie asks. Liz goes to check on Peter while Maxie tells Finn and Anna, “Let him die.”

peter hospitalized poisoned general hospital abc

Stella visits Curtis at his bar. She wants to discuss his secrets. Marshall pokes his head in and Stella’s mouth drops open in shock.

marshall sees stella general hospital

In Peter’s room at GH, Liz takes out a scalpel from her pocket as she looks at Peter.

liz scalpel peter general hospital