General Hospital Spoilers November 29-December 3; Sonny Gets a Disturbing Call & Alexis’s Thanksgiving dinner takes a turn

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, November 29 to Friday, December 3.


SoapsSpoilers begins writing General Hospital recaps daily on Monday, November 29. Readers can find the recaps live at 3 PM EST in the GH recap section

Monday, November 29

Portia gathers friends for Thanksgiving dinner.
Marshall seeks out TJ at GH. Sam and Dante receive news.
Nina and Phyllis make an admission to each other.
A squabble erupts at the Quartermaines’.

Tuesday, November 30

Thanksgiving brings the Quartermaines an unexpected reunion.
Sam worries about the next steps.
Sonny receives a disturbing call.
Austin and Britt commiserate.
Obrecht gets a surprise visitor.

Wednesday, December 1

Alexis’s Thanksgiving dinner takes a turn.
Olivia confronts Ned.
Carly and Britt come face to face.
Sonny seeks Spinelli’s help.
Sam and Dante make an important move.

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Thursday, December 2

Sonny and Carly reconnect after a long night.
Brando and Nina are determined to help Sasha.
Brook Lynn and Chase reassure Maxie.
Valentin opens up to Anna.
Alexis considers what’s next.

Friday, December 3

Carly gets an uneasy feeling from something she sees.
Sonny gives Brando advice about being a father.
Valentin makes a move to gain closure.
Maxie is surprised by who she finds.
Britt makes an assumption about Austin.

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