Maxie Attacks Peter and Escapes, Laura Convinces Esme to Mend Fences With Trina, and Spencer Blows up at Nikolas

General Hospital recap for Monday, February 21, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Anna, Drew and Dante find the cabin, Maxie knees Peter in the groin and makes an escape, as Spencer and Nikolas have it out.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Laura urged Nikolas to visit his son and Felicia arrived in Switzerland while the WSB looked for Maxie. 

Ned and Leo find Olivia at Metro Court. They want to take her for a swim, citing that the weather is hot. Leo tells his dad that he heard heat waves can drive people insane. Ned hopes it doesn’t last.

ned leo olivia metro court General Hospital

Nearby, Laura tells Ava she admires Ava for encouraging Nikolas to mend his relationship with his son. Laura’s doing the same thing. Ava’s surprised when Esme arrives for dinner with Laura.

Ava leaves and Laura jumps down Esme’s throat for making her wait a half hour. Esme shrugs it off, thinking it’s very French. Laura finds her disrespecting of her home and talks about her self-entitlement.

esme entitled GH

What she did to Ava wouldn’t be acceptable anywhere. Esme regrets helping terrorize Ava. Laura asks about getting caught up with Ryan Chamberlain.

Esme says she has a sense of purpose with her classes. Laura says that’s good but tunnel vision isn’t. Esme will do better. Laura asks how she’s doing with Spencer being away. Esme admits it’s tough. He’s miserable.

She thinks he’s the only one who cares about her. Laura says she and Kevin care. Esme says her nanny cared but they don’t talk anymore. Laura asks her to focus on getting herself a support system that doesn’t solely consist of Spencer. “In other words, get a life?” Esme asks.

Laura says, “Sort of.” Anyone who natters to him, matters to Laura. Esme smiles. She can see why Laura is her favorite person. Esme asks to rain check dinner. She has fences to mend. Laura’s thrilled. She’ll bring home dinner for her. Esme likes the sound of ‘home’.

cute leo gh

Ava finds Olivia, Ned and Leo. He asks if Ava has anymore animal photos at the gallery. She apologizes. She doesn’t. The women are happy that it’s what he took away from that night.

Leo overhears and Ned takes him aside. Olivia tells Ava that he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ava didn’t know. She thanks her for letting her spend time with him despite their past.

She asks how they’re managing. Olivia details his after school group that teaches him time management skills. She has found patience. Later, Laura finds Ned and they discuss how Traci was cleared of all charges. They were able to prove that the Ice Princess was swapped weeks before.

Laura thinks Traci must be happy about that but Ned says she’s considering a lawsuit. Laura laughs. That checks with who Traci is. Ned thinks it’s lucky Luke wasn’t alive when it was discovered that the diamond was switched. Laura thinks that was the point. Ava and Olivia appear and Leo and Ava talk about drawing.

ava and olivia metro court GH

At Kelly’s, Trina and Joss talk about getting into summer clothes if this heatwave lasts. Joss talks about how horrible it’s been with her family. She calls Nina and Sonny liars. Sonny chose to protect Nina and they’ve blown the family apart.

Trina’s not making excuses but thinks it’s confusing for everyone. Sometimes you can’t help but care for someone you shouldn’t. Joss says, “Like you with Spencer?” Trina admits she got that gift of a book from Spencer and received it on Valentine’s Day.

Joss is shocked and barks at her when she reveals Laura gave it to her. She asks what’s going on between them. “You are nobody’s side piece.” Trina would never do that. Joss admits she lost her virginity to Cam. Trina figured that out.

They seemed closer. Joss says getting closer felt natural and she calls him sweet, romantic, safe and loved. Trina’s proud of Cam for making her feel special. Joss wants that for her friend, too. She doesn’t see Spencer being that person for her. She gets a text from Esme who wants to talk. Joss urges her to delete it but Trina’s too interested in what she has to say.


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Nik visits Spencer at Spring Ridge and Spence jokes, “Did I sleep a few months and skip until June?” Nikolas asks if he can stay a while. They sit at a table with a fan. Nik is glad his son is being protected but he doesn’t know Victor.

Spencer suggests he leave if he’s going to badmouth him. Nik says Victor’s protection comes at a price. Spencer brushes it off. He can see he’s not there to get him out. He’s not the priority that Ava is, as usual. Nik insists there is room for both of them. Spencer calls his dad a hypocrite and doesn’t see room for the both of them.

Spencer doesn’t think so. They argue and Samuel watches as Spencer calls Ava a “bitch.” Nikolas gets in Spence’s face and tells him he has no right to call any woman a bitch. Samuel asks if everything is okay. Nikolas decides to leave. He’ll visit soon. Spencer tells him not to bother.

nik visits spencer spring ridge general hospital

At the WSP  field office, the agents look for where Maxie could be. They look for properties owned by Victor Cassadine and find nothing for Modesta Media. Dante says he won’t associate himself with Victor.

Drew understands but Peter has leveraged over him. The agent finds something that changed hands a few years ago and they realize it’s a version of Peter’s name. They look up the cabin and that it’s close to the autobahn and the border. They need to ensure he’s not tipped off.


At the cabin, Peter is surprised that Maxie’s effort is pathetic. She couldn’t play the fantasy version of how he sees her anymore. She says no more games. Her kids are safe and now, she’ll only give him the truth. She asks him to reciprocate and he mocks her.

peter switzerland gh

She asks to go back to the beginning, to the death of the man she really loved. “Nathan West.” He needed people like Lulu to trust him and he manipulated her so she wouldn’t tell anyone Peter was Faison’s son. Peter admits she’d never have looked in his direction if Nathan hadn’t died.

Maxie agrees. She convinced herself that his brother was the next best thing. “You played me,” she says but she confesses she let him. He claps his hands and says, “Brava.” He thinks they should sit down with a glass of wine but she has other ideas.

maxie tells peter she was played by him GH

She knees him in the groin and grabs her coat and runs out of the cabin as he struggles on the floor. She runs through the woods and thanks Spinelli for helping her with astrology. She finds the North Star and runs for it.

maxie kneed peter groin gh

Esme drops by Kelly’s and apologizes for what happened at the cabin. The truth is, both women intimidate her. They’re shocked. She admits they have family and love in their lives. She doesn’t. She knows they’re not the enemy but asks if they think she is. Trina accepts her apology and Joss gasps.

Esme explains that Laura told her she needed to mend fences. Next time she’s at Laura’s, they’ll visit. Trina says she’s not really ever there. Joss brings up Spencer buying the gift and Esme already knows.

esme apologizes trina gh

In Switzerland, Anna, Dante and Drew get their guns out, as they stand outside the cabin, making a plan, while Maxie finds the road. She waves her hands in the air, asking a nearby car to pull over.

anna gun switzerland gh