GH Recap: Danny Finds Jason and Laura’s Bold Move with Heather Sparks Outrage

Tues March 12, 2024: Drew questions Carly about Jason, Danny helps his wounded father, and Laura has words with Heather.

Monday’s GH recap: The Feds and Anna found Jason but he escaped before the capture, and Sam learned Jason is alive.

At General Hospital, Sam holds Dante’s hand and wishes this was a horrible dream. He’s not waking up and now she’s being told that Jason is alive and may have done this.

sam with dante at GH

Laura shows up. Sam, tells her Dante is the same but the rest of her world is in pieces.

They leave the room and sit. Laura knows how wonderful Dante is and hopes she knows she can talk to her.

Sam doesn’t know what to say. One second she’s really hurt and then she gets weepy that Jason is alive.

sam doesn't know how to help kids

She can’t stop thinking about where he has been all this time. It shouldn’t feel this complicated. They were over.

Laura reminds her they have a long history and she’s in shock.

Sam is trying to keep it together for the kids but how can she help Danny process this when she can’t.

The mayor tells her that everything will work out if she lets her love for her children guide her.

laura and sam talk confusion

Later, Michael finds Sam and asks how she is. She’s confused.

michael bumps into sam at GH

He says none of them were prepared for what’s going on.

When he offers to leave her to think, she asks him to stay.

He tells her that what she has with his brother is really special. They are partners in every sense of the world. It’s inspiring.

michael checks on sam at GH

She returns to Dante in tears and tells him she needs him to back up her feelings and give her some perspective.

sam talks to dante

In a room, Heather tells Amy to wear mittens the next time she touches her.

heather complains to amy

Finn shows up for a consult. He makes it clear that’s not good news for her.

He informs her that he has a weakened heart muscle. That’s why she’s fainted. She complains she’s in pain and commands Amy to fluff her pillows.

Based on what she’s learned from mental hospitals and Grey’s Anatomy, Heather wonders why “Dr Dashing” has been called in to check on her ticker.

He says Portia asked him to check and rule things out.

finn doesn't have good news

She keeps complaining about Amy and sobs as she tells him she need to see her grandbaby.

He can’t do that but she’s worried sick about Ace. Finn agrees to see what he can find out if she co-operates.

Heather tells him about feeling bloated and they send Amy away. She’s also had tingling in her extremities and brittle nails.

heather with amy and finn at general hospital

Laura shows up and asks the doctor to give her a moment alone with Heather.

Once she shuts the door, Heather begs her not to raise her voice and asks about Ace. Laura says he’s fine.

Heather starts railing at her for allowing Cyrus and Kevin in Ace’s life. Exposing him to the dregs of his gene pool can’t be good for him.

She guesses Laura isn’t there to apologize for clocking her. The mayor wants to talk about Pentonville.

laura says heather will be someone else's problem

She spoke to Robert and he agrees with her that the prison is no longer appropriate for her. They are sending her to San Quinton.

Heather begs her not to but the mayor thinks she needs to protect the people of Port Charles by getting her away from there.

Heather reminds her they used to be friends.

That’s what makes this so hard for Laura. Her old friend declares she did everything out of love because she’s a mom.

heather lashes out at laura

Laura is determined to stop her from hurting her family. Heather says this is a personal decision, not one about the community.

She reminds her that they are family and says she can’t send away Ace’s last connection to his mom.

She continues to beg and Laura refuses. Heather is furious to hear that she is planning to adopt the child with Kevin.

heather gets news from laura

Leaping away from her, Laura promises that Ace will always be safe but she can never see him again.

Kristina and Molly are in the elevator worrying about their sister. Seeing her so shaky is making them shaky. They chat about what a great mom Molly will be.

kristina and molly worry about sam

When they get off, Blaze is waiting for her girlfriend. Molly wanders off.

Kristina and Blaze talk about Dante and she tells her she doesn’t have to stay if she’s busy.

Blaze says she could never be an inconvenience. But she has to have breakfast with her mom.

blaze and kristina talk

She’s not sure how she sounded. Contrite maybe.

Kristina thinks she may be ready to hear her out. Blaze isn’t holding her breath and assures her she can deal with her mom on her own.

Her girlfriend will be there when she gets back. That means a lot to her.

kristina asks what's up today

Once she takes off, Molly returns and asks why she’s so deflated.

Kristina explains Blaze went to see her mom, who is not her biggest fan….not since she caught her in her daughter’s bed.

molly kristina talk natalia

She starts rambling, accusing her sister of thinking about how this must be bad for the baby. Molly wasn’t thinking that.

She tells her sister not to assume she is always judging her. They pinky swear on trust.

molly and kristina talk about blaze and trust

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Blaze meets with her mom at Bobbie’s. When she asks about the menu, her daughter snaps at her and tells her to stop acting normal.

blaze argues with natalia

Her mom knows some things have changed. She knows what she walked in on and heard her but she shut down because she was caught off-guard.

Her daughter is surprised to hear this.

Natalia isn’t surprised she’s more comfortable with a woman now after what happened with Linc. No wonder she’s experimenting.

natalia and blaze at bobbie's

Her daughter says she’s been with women before. Who she is has nothing to do with Linc.

Getting distraught, she declares she’s lost her appetite and walks out.

Drew shows up at Carly’s. She’s surprised he knocked. He didn’t want to interrupt in case his brother was there.

carly and drew discuss jason

Letting him in, she admits Jason was there last night. That doesn’t surprise him.

He’s glad to hear she didn’t lie to him about this last night but she didn’t call him about it either.

The only person she called was Diane because Anna and the Feds showed up with a search warrant.

carly asks why drew thinks jason guilty

She tells him about finding Jason in the house last night and bandaging him up before the authorities came.

He didn’t tell her how he got shot and she’s sure he didn’t shoot Dante. That’s what Drew expected her to say.

carly drew argue about jason

She accuses him of being convinced Jason is guilty and he points out they have no evidence either way. All she has is her feelings for him.

She crosses her arms, and he says that Jason always comes first with her.

drew says jason will always be first for carly

Carly admits there is no word for what she feels about Jason, but she loves Drew.

He knows. She loves him, Jax, and Sonny but none of them are Jason. He’s the one she counts on.

She claims he’s never failed her. He asks if letting her think he was dead for two years counts.

drew asks carly if jason failed

Jason wakes up in the Quartermaine boat house, still bleeding. He groans.

jason wakes up in boat house

His son shows up. “Dad?” he asks.

Before he can run, Jason asks for his help. He swears on his life that he didn’t shoot Dante.

danny finds jason

Jason asks for a first aid kit. Danny thinks a medical bag might be more useful for a gunshot but his dad says that would draw attention.

Danny jogs off. Jason sets his weapon beside him.

Eventually, Danny returns with the first aid kit. He admits that he thought about calling the cops but he claimed to be innocent.

jason surprised danny returned

Seeing his son is worried at the sight of his weapon, he explains that it’s safe and then asks him not to tell his mom he saw him.

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