Y&R Recap: Victor Deceives Jordan as She Prepares to Leave Him to Starve, and Hungover Phyllis Learns Summer & Chance Got Intimate

Tue March 12, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Michael tells Victor’s family what he has planned, Chance is concerned that Billy is using him, and Phyllis is thrilled that Summer seems happy.

Monday’s recap: Drunk Phyllis kissed Nick and tries to get him in bed, and Victor offered Jordan millions to leave the country.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 12. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Summer wakes up in Chance’s arms in a suite at the GCAC. He wakes up and they make out.

chance and summer in bed

Their phones start to ping and they check them. Billy orders him to a meeting ASAP.

Billy walks into Society and spots sunglassed Phyllis sucking on a Bloody Mary.

phyllis hungover at society

He gets snarky about her being hungover and she moans about him being “judgy.”

Billy sits across the room. Chance calls and his boss asks his when they can meet. He offers to order him food.

shirtless chance on the phone

As Summer beckons him to the shower, Chance tells Billy he will be there when he can and gets off the line.

He looks back at Phyllis, sees she is suffering and goes over, offering to help.

billy offers to listen to phyllis

She asks if this is his act of good karma for the week. Sitting, he admits it.

He had to leave Chelsea to spend quality time with her son so Phyllis will be the beneficiary of his company today.

Taking off the glasses, she tells him she appreciates it but doesn’t want to talk to him about what’s going on.

The karma fairy has absolved him of any guilty feelings.

She wonders why he’s not at work given he’s trying to stake a claim on the company. Amanda tipped her off.

phyllis doesn't want to talk

She asks if he’s really trying to be head honcho.

Back at the GCAC, Chance and Summer lather each other in the shower.

chance summer in shower

Chance and Summer arrive at Society and spot Billy and Phyllis together.

chance summe rphyllis billy at society

The pairs split off. Summer asks her mom what’s up and her mom asks the same back before getting her smiling daughter to sit.

Phyllis demands to know what’s going on because she’s invested in her happiness.

phyllis summer talk chance

Her daughter claims they were just hanging out and her mother guesses they were having a “sleepover”.

She still has “glow” all over her face. Her daughter says they are having fun. That makes her mom happy.

summer having good time

It’s awesome that they look like such idiots. Phyllis thinks everyone wants to feel that way.

Her instincts were right about Chance.

Summer asks what’s going on with her. She sounds like she’s in mourning for something she doesn’t have.

She assumes this is about Danny. Reluctantly, her mom admits she struck out and refuses to speak her name.

Summer doesn’t think she should be surprised. Danny and Christine are the real deal.

summer asks mom about danny

At their table, Chance assures Billy he is focused on work. The Abbott asks how Devon and Nate were behaving while he was gone.

billy chance talk devon

Chance says he wasn’t missed. They seemed relieved.

This makes Billy happy.

chance tells billy about work

As they eat, Billy explains that it’s good that everyone is on their toes.

It sounds to Chance like he is more concerned with office politics than actual work. It’s all the same to Billy.

His protégée asks what he’s really after.

Billy tells him he knows what he is doing and is bringing him along to teach him the dynamics.

Chance wonders if he’s being used as a spy.

chance asks if billy using him as spy

Billy wonders if he has a chip on his shoulder about him shooting down his idea.

He says that his having a bigger role at Chancellor benefits both of them because it represents Jill’s interests.

If he wants a place in the company, he needs to get behind him.

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Nick is surprised to see Adam back in the office. Adam explains that Chelsea stayed with Connor and the OCD specialist.

adam nick catch up

He mostly came back to get stuff that his son has been missing. Nick will help any way he can/

They wonder where their father is.

adam asks nick about victoria

Adam asks about Claire being released and his brother fills him in on Victoria’s’ house being burned down.

Michael sends a text, summoning them to teh ranch. Nick gets another text and says he has to handle something but will meet him at the ranch.

nick texting

At the ranch, Nikki freaks out when Michael shows up without Victor. She needs information.

nikki wants answers from michael

The lawyer explains that Victor ordered him to explain things to the whole family so it will make sense.

michael delays explaining to nikki

Claire pops up and asks if something happened. Cole and Victoria come in and ask what’s going on.

Nikki explains Victor met with Jordan last night and has not returned.

Adam arrives and asks where Victor is. Nikki won’t wait for Nick and wants answers now.

The lawyer announces that Jordan has Victor.

michael claire explain the plan

Everyone panics. Michael and Claire explain that Victor lured Jordan in and convinced her to meet.

They met her in an alley where cops couldn’t have gone and she arrived out of nowhere with a big gat and could have popped off and run.

Victor dangled bait and Jordan took it. He offered her 10 million, a new ID and house in France.

nikki cole and victoria hear about plan

He told her she could lock him up until she could disappear.

Adam asks Claire if she is working with her aunt.

adam asks how claire involved

Claire’s parents get defensive and Adam reminds them that she tried to kill them all.

Claire insists she has turned on her aunt but uncle Adam is skeptical.

She complains he’s really not like the rest of the family.

Michael explains that Victor is supposed to call him. Nikki doubts Jordan would go along with all this.

The lawyer adds that Victor had a backup plan but he doesn’t know what it is. Victor claimed Jordan won’t see it coming.

michael says victor had backup plan

Jordan has her revolver pointed at Victor as they drive. She doesn’t think anyone has followed them.

jordan and victor driving

She asks how his family feels about their arrangement and her living in some French chateau on his dime.

He says that was all his plan.

She’s sure she had help from his whole family and starts venting about her ingrate of a niece.

Jordan wonders if he’s using Claire like he used Eve. He says she was only too happy to help seal her fate.

victor driving under duress

She accuses him of only pretending to care about her niece to get at her.

He thinks they need to find a plan that’s mutually beneficial.

“Except for one problem, and it’s a biggie,” she says.

jordan and gat on victor

Jordan reminds him that he threatened to have his lawyer sic the cops on her if she doesn’t free him.

She thinks it’s just an empty promise. She would have enjoyed a French chateau but she just wants him alone.

Now she has him and will make him pay.

jordan and victor in can Y&R

They go to some dingy, underground place and she shows him into his cell.

jordan brings victor to lair

Looking at the filthy bed, he says, “You planned ahead, didn’t you?”

This is where she planned to knock off him and Nikki but that two for one plan is now out and he has to go alone.

victor and jordan in cell

Chuckling, he says he was silly to think he could outsmart her.

victor seems nonchalant

She’s always told her niece that his arrogance would be his downfall.

Sure she wants to leave him there to starve, but he asks how she intends to be on the run with no money.

jordan threatens off victor

As she tells him it doesn’t end with him dying, his family needs to pay, someone creeps in and tasers her.

jordan tased

She falls to the ground. It was Nick.

When she wakes up, she’s on the cot. Victor tells her she’s not in France.

jordan comes to

He explains that he gave Nick a tracking device and he followed her along a parallel route.

“Don’t you ever underestimate me,” Victor tells her.

victor tracker

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