GH Recap: After Confronting Ava, Nina Tells Her She Can Have Sonny and Signs the Divorce Papers as Sonny Tells Carly They’re Done

Mon April 22, 2024: Lois’ suggestion impresses Maxie, Sonny rails at Carly about how he has been betrayed, and Sam lashes out at Jason over Danny.

Friday’s GH recap: Jason gave the Metro Court back to Carly, and Anna insisted that Molly prosecute Sonny.

Carly pulls Sonny into the hallway of the Metro Court and he reminds her that she rejected help from everyone including him but she accepted Jason’s.

sonny annoyed with carly

She tells him that he offered to buy it for her out of guilt. They bicker about their history and which of them is re-writing it.

Carly insists that Jason supports her and has her back. They will always be there for each other.

She accuses him of losing his grasp on things. He blurts out that Jason made an attempt on his life.

sonny complains about jason to carly

That sets her off and she says that Jason saved his life. He points out that Jason is working with the Feds. That means he’s working against him.

She says that if Jason was supposed to get evidence on him, he’s clearly bad at it.

carly defends jason

Sonny is furious that Jason didn’t call him to say he’s alive. She’s sure that if he could have, he would have.

“Jason betrayed me and you betrayed me,” he says, waving his finger.

sonny is sure jason betrayed him

She thinks he’s like a broken record and is cherry picking history to line up with his own account of events.

They rehash what Michael and Dex did and how they saved his life. That doesn’t count for anything to him.

Carly admits that she can hardly recognize him anymore. He feels the same about her.

She wonders if this is really how it all ends for them. “This is it,” he says.

carly can hardly recognize sonny

She says they can go their own ways. Sounds good to him.

Out of all the people he thought would abandon him, he never thought it would be her. He walks off.

sonny carly end it

Jason finds Danny is his room. Danny apologizes but his father could never be sorry to see him.

jason finds danny in his room GH

Danny explains that their seeing each other has to stay a secret. Jason apologizes for unfairly bringing into him hiding at the boat house.

His son explains that he’s good at sneaking around and even went to his arraignment. He won’t let his mom keep them apart.

sanny and jason talk

At the penthouse, Kristina asks Sam about how Sonny has seemed. Sam admits he seems angry and on edge.

kristina asks sam how sonny has been

Kristina worries that he’s pushing everyone away. She’s not okay with what Nina did but she does love him. Now the only person he will let close is Ava.

She doesn’t get it. Sam says it could be for security reasons.

Her sister thinks that Ava living there is resulting in Sonny needing her. Ava is responsible for Morgan’s death.

kristina doesn't get it

When she’s around Ava, she just gets hit with memories of her brother’s funeral. How could Sonny have gone from loathing her to trusting her?

Neither of them think Ava is a good influence, but Sam says it is not their choice.

sam says sonny on edge

Jason shows up with Danny. Sam tries to send Jason away but he and Danny think they need to talk.

sam opens door to jason and danny

Kristina prods Danny into going outside with her.

“How could you do this to our son?” Sam asks Jason as soon as they are alone.

sam asks how jason could have done this GH

He says that nothing will change him being Danny’s father. He will keep coming to find him.

Sam doesn’t want them near each other. They need to stop him from seeing him to protect him.

She’s sure that Danny is just like him but he doesn’t have the maturity to guide him in dangerous situations.

What happens the next time he disappears? He can’t make any promises.

jason wishes it was different

Sam can’t let their son invest in him and a future when he might not be there.

He offers to set boundaries and keep everything transparent for her. He’s sorry this is hard.

Sam is sorry about a lot of things. He exits.

sam jason argue about danny trust

Kristina takes Danny to Perks and watches him pouring sugar into his coffee and complaining about how he hates it.

kristina and danny get coffee

All he wanted to do was see his dad, how does his mom not understand that? His dad treats him like a person.

Kristina is sure Sam just wants to protect him. Danny wishes she’d realize he’s not a little kid anymore.

kristina and danny talk sam

He’s sure that his mom doesn’t want him hanging out with his dad because she’s afraid that he takes after him.

His mom just wishes he was steady and safe like Rocco and he won’t pretend to be someone he’s not. He refuses to give up on his dad.

danny says he's like dad

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At The Savoy, Lois and Maxie get things ready for BLQ’s bachelorette party. Lois is thrilled but Maxie is in the dumps because of work.

lois excited about party

She starts venting about Lucy and how unreasonable she is. She’s stuck dealing with her all on her own.

As she explains how Lucy is meddling with the latest product’s branding, Lois spins an alternative.

lois and maxie talk work

They talk about the Deception products and Lois tells her about her long history with the brand.

Joss and Willow arrive with favor bags and Lois pulls out the boa.

joss and willow arrive for party

Lois invites Joss to stay and shake the blues away and even urges her to bring along Trina and Stella.

Maxie and Willow discuss Lois’ party planning skills and Drew arrives, handing off a box he found at the door.

He’s looking for Curtis. Willow says he’s laying low while the party is on.

willow asks drew about swimming

She asks him for advice about Amelia learning to swim. She’s worried but he’s sure it will be great.

He adds that Nina has been talking to him about her a lot and thought she’d like to know.

drew willow talk nina

Nina rushes into her office. She wants to cancel the sale she just signed but then changes her mind. She warns Madison about how people can betray you.

nina gives madison warning

Ava shows up and Nina sends Madison out.

Sitting down, Ava tells her she will try to smooth things out with Sonny.

ava tells nina she will smooth things over

Nina is embarrassed she ever believed a word that came out of her mouth.

Trusting her has been delusional. She wonders if she’s been working an agenda for months and playing her for a fool.

Nina assumes that pretending to be her best friend has all been a scheme to get Sonny for herself.

nina accuses ava of playing her GH

Ava defends herself and admits she wants to be on good terms with her child’s father. Nina thinks she likes being in Sonny’s orbit. It makes her feel seen and loved.

When Ava says this is absurd, Nina asks how Sonny will react when he learns that she knew all about her calling the authorities on Carly and Drew.

nina tells ava she will expose her

She’s guessing he won’t take it well.

Ava tells her she can say whatever she likes but Sonny won’t believe her because he considers her a traitor.

The Jerome insists that Sonny respects and counts on her.

“Poor Sonny,” says Nina.

nina continues ranting at ava

Ava accuses her of never understanding Sonny and what a violent man he is. She just wanted to sit by the fire and get old with him.

If that’s the kind of life she wants, she shouldn’t turn to a mob boss.

Nina claims he showed her a side of himself that he never shows anyone. Ava points out that “Mike” was never real.

She could never know the real man because she didn’t want to.

ava says she knows real sonny GH

Nina wonders what her endgame is.

Ava says they have formed an alliance and lean on each other. They understand how their world works and he doesn’t have to hide things from her.

They are compatible in ways he never could be with Nina.

“Well have at it,” declares Nina before signing the divorce papers and handing them over.

ava tells nina she and sonny are compatible

“Sonny is all yours,” she says. Ava walks out.

She has to sit down and sobs as she looks at her ring and flashes back to Nixon Falls.

She removes the ring and calls in Madison, handing it to her and ordering her to send it to Sonny.

nina removes wedding ring

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