B&B Recap: Steffy Thinks Deacon’s Delusional, and Liam Tells Steffy a Love Like Theirs Never Goes Away

Monday, April 22, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Hope asks Finn how he would feel if Sheila is alive, Steffy tells Liam she wishes this was over, and Deacon pushes Lauren for more details about Sugar.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Deacon realizes Sheila is alive after Lauren told him the story of Sugar.

At Il Giardino, Deacon tries digesting Lauren telling him that Sugar had plastic surgery that made her look identical to Sheila.

lauren explains sugar story

“This sounds insane,” he says, taking a drink. She repeats its true.

He assumes this means that he’s not crazy after all and he did see ten toes. Lauren says Sheila’s mom couldn’t tell them apart.

This all sounds preposterous to him. She’s upset and sniffles as she talks about what a nightmare Sheila made her life for decades.

deacon guesses he's not crazy

Deacon urges him to tell her all she knows about Sheila and Sugar so he can get to the bottom of this.

He knows that can’t be easy for her and knows a lot of the awful things that Sheila did.

Lauren can’t understand why he let Sheila into his life at all. He’s not sure either and now he has to figure out what is going on.

They go over the story of how Sugar was Sheila’s warden and they escaped to South America.

deacon asks lauren more about sugar B&B

Sheila had a plastic surgeon make Sugar identical to her and had her take her place in captivity.

Deacon is more convinced the body he saw getting torched must have been Sheila.

deacon summarizing sugar story

She fills him in on how Sugar broke out and attacked Scott, framing Sheila for it.

After she was arrested, she could see the difference and the fingerprints didn’t match.

Sugar had it out for Sheila. Lauren explains that Sugar is still in prison.

No doubt she’s been dreaming of revenge, but she’s locked up.

Deacon wants to find out all he can about Sugar.

Lauren was hoping this was over but now she can see it may not be the case.

She hopes Deacon’s eyes were playing tricks on him and exits.

lauren hopes that deacon is wrong

Deacon gets on the laptop and asks, “Sheila, what happened to you?”

deacon wonders what happened to sheila

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At the Forrester Creations office, Steffy tells Liam that Deacon is delusional.

She repeats that there is no way Sheila is still alive and cocks an eyebrow.

He assumes this is getting to her. Steffy says she’s fine.

steffy says deacon delusional

If Deacon would move on, they all could.

“I just wanna be done with Sheila,” she complains.

Liam says that Sharpe will eventually realize she is gone.

She thought this was gone and the danger was too.

He says it is, no matter what Deacon says.

Steffy is still frustrated.

liam and steffy talk deacon doubts

Liam says it’s not acceptable that Deacon and Finn are hurting her with this.

Steffy says that Sheila will never touch her husband’s life again.

steffy tells liam she thought this was over B&B

He’s sure she is breathing a sigh of relief.

She is. It’s good to have Sheila gone.

She kept avoiding justice until the night that she defended herself.

Liam says she can relax now.

“Deacon is an idiot if he actually think Sheila is alive,” she says.

steffy breathing sigh of relief

She reminds him that he has work to do.

He says the biggest priorities in his life are his daughters and he’s trying to be the best dad.

She thinks he’s doing pretty well.

He reminds her of how “fiercely in love” they were.

That kind of love doesn’t die.

liam tells steffy a love like theirs doesn't go away

At the cliff house, Hope tells Finn that what her dad is claiming is beyond bizarre and it must be wrong. She asks the doctor how he would feel if her father was right about Sheila.

hope says deacon wrong

His feelings are his feelings but she wonders what they are.

She recounts how he didn’t know who his birth mother was for most of his life.

He knows Sheila came with a lot of baggage.

finn asked how he would feel if sheila alive

She did terrible things to his wife and family and he shouldn’t have feelings for her but he has a connection to her he doesn’t understand.

The doctor didn’t want his mother to die like she did.

That doesn’t sound crazy to her. She knows he’s never made excuses for his birth mother.

Finn still can’t understand his feelings, especially given how amazing his adoptive parents were.

hope and finn talk about his feelings B&B

It makes no sense to him that he can feel anything for Sheila when she almost took away all that matters to him.

Whatever his feelings are, they aren’t important compared to Steffy’s safety and happiness.

finn says his feelings don't matter

She tells him he’s overdue for a husband and father of the year nomination. Liam may deserve father but he deserves both.

Finn is happy to have such “splendiferous” kids. She’s impressed by how devoted and delighted he is in his family.

hope tells finn he's husband and dad of year

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