Y&R Recap: Mamie Offends Lily, Jordan’s Accomplice Reveals Everything and The Board Votes Against Nate

Tues April 23, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Victor decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands while Jill does damage control and Nikki finally does what she wants and gives herself to Jordan.

Monday’s recap: Victor Interrogates Jordan’s Accomplice, and Devon Blindsides His Sister so Lily Has to Make a Crucial Choice

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on April 23. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Tack House, Nikki continues to beg Victoria to give her Claire’s number so she can contact Jordan. Victoria hems and haws.

How do you outsmart a psychopath? Nikki calls her desperate with very few escape routes.

Victoria hates this. They go back and forth for a while and Nikki steps out to get air and Cole suggests they allow her the phone call at least.

nikki explains her plan

The plan takes the guesswork out. He thinks if Claire is like Victoria, she’s doing all she can to get back to them. Nikki’s plan could work.

His words relax Victoria and she comments that he makes her feel that everything will be okay.

Outside, Nikki downs some vodka and returns.

nikki gets claire's number Y&R

Victoria sends her Claire’s number. “Hey there Jordan, it’s me.”

Nikki says, leaving a message that she knows what she really wants.

“You want to punish me.” She leaves an exceedingly long voicemail, asking to exchange Claire and Harrison for her.

nikki leaves a message for Jordan on Y&R

She’ll be in the alley at Euclid and Seventh in an hour.

She disconnects and Cole calls her courageous.

Victoria says now, she’ll let Dad take care of the rest. It’s obvious that Nikki’s lying when she agrees to that. She says she’s off to the main house now.

Once outside, she holds her flask in her hand.

nikki with a flask

Back inside, Cole pours tea since Victoria doesn’t seem to be able to.

She needs to be strong but feels vulnerable, she says as he hands her tea.

He knows she’s been under a lot of stress but this time, she’s not sure what her next step is.

He tries to treasure her and give her a pep talk. He’s not going anywhere. He snuggles in close. 

cole acting cheesy


At the Newman Ranch, Dave the driver is being interrogated by Jack and Victor.

He tries to negotiate but Jack turns him down. Dave says he didn’t do anything.

He told the cops everything he knows.

dave the flower delivery guy

Victor lowers his voice. “Is this really how you want to play it?”

Jack says they just want their loved ones home.

Jack repeats himself and Kyle goes at him for a minute, telling Dave his kid’s 7 years old.

Victor pressures the guy and he finally cracks.

kyle gets menacing

He had no idea what the woman was planning.

He chokes up and says he was at a bar, she sat next to him and she brought up his gambling debts.

dave cracks

He wonders how she knew about them and says she told him she needed his truck for a few hours.

She offered five thousand up front and five after and she’d make it look like the vehicle was stolen.

everyone yells at the driver

Jack yells at him to tell them more.

Eventually, Dave says Jordan told him to meet at an all-night diner on Fourth.

She was in all black with a ball cap, Dave tells them.

jack leans on Dave

The men go in the other room and agree Jordan would want to meet close to where she’s holding Claire and Harrison.

jack, victor and kyle

They let Dave go with the hundred thousand, telling him to leave town.

When he balks, Kyle tells him that the last person who got in Jordan’s way is dead because of her.

Once Dave’s gone, Victor gets on a call with his security who are searching the diner.

dave is worried

Victor thinks Jordan still has something up her sleeve.

Doesn’t matter. If it’s the last thing he does, Victor will take her down.

Nikki strolls in. Kyle takes off and Nikki says all they can do is pray.

She takes off, refusing to tell Victor where she’s going.

nikki vows to get jordan

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Christopher Cousins to Y&R

At Chancellor-Winters, Jill, Nate, Billy and Devon wait for Lily to make a decision.

Abby tries talking to her and Nate says he’s happy to be contributing to the company, either way.

Lily’s glad because she votes no.

abby tries talking lily into hurrying up to vote Y&R recap

Jill’s eyes widen. Billy tells Nate he’s sorry and Nate questions her decision.

She thinks his work is great but she doesn’t think he’s earned his way back on the board.

She’s sorry. They can revisit it in the future. Jill agrees with Lily.

jill votes no with lily Y&R recaps

Nate goes back to work and Lily refuses to talk to Devon about this alone.

They discuss the Romalotti case. Lily stands by the firing.

She knows there’s a personal element to it but she thinks it’s best for company productivity.

Jill wouldn’t hold it against her if she wanted payback. She sure as hell would.

jill with billy office

She’s been hurt enough but there are legal issues to consider.

Billy brings up the loophole Heather’s trying to exploit and says a wrongful termination suit isn’t what they want.

Jill suggests they offer a payout but Abby says it won’t fly.

abby and devon at the vote

This game is personal to him.

Lily agrees. Besides, they tossed loads of cash at him already.

Jill suggests they just give the games to Daniel.


Lily argues that if they do, it’ll be too much time and money lost. It’s a bad business decision.

Jill asks if she wants to open her life up to the tabloids. Lily has nothing to hide.

lily has nothing to hide Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Devon has nothing to add. Jill votes against going to court though she respects Lily’s point of view.

Lily and Abby vote to fight and Devon’s the tie-breaker. He votes with Lily.

Lily’s glad. She takes off for another meeting and Billy runs after her. Jill asks Devon to stay while outside, Billy tells Lily he appreciates what she did for him.

He hopes she’s ready to join in him taking over Chancellor-Winters.

Lily’s unconvinced that it’s the direction she wants to take the company in. Billy thinks that he could convince her. He leaves. 

lily listens to billy at chancelor-winters

Inside Lily’s office, Jill asks after Lily. Devon thinks she’s doing just fine. Jill’s glad to hear. She offers Dominic hugs through them and signs off. Abby tells Devon to drop the act.

Lily threw him for a curve. Devon doesn’t get where Lily’s coming from and wonders if Billy and Lily have something going on.

She’s always has a soft spot for the guy, and he likes to play victim.

devon with abby

At Society, Lily meets with Mamie and tells her about the meeting and the vote.

Mamie’s upset that Lily voted against Nate.

She explains her reasoning and Mamie calls it an excuse. Lily calls it a sound business decision but Mamie calls it family.

She needs to get ready. Jill is after them! Lily touches her forehead and tries for patience.

“Enough is enough!” Mamie agrees and is sure her heart must be broken over the lawsuit.

mamie talks to lily at society

The last thing she needs is a war at work. Mamie thinks it’s distracting her from her work.

Lily’s offended. Mamie wants to create a true legacy.

Billy, Jill and Chance can get in the way of their future.

Lily won’t split the company down the middle. Mamie says she can’t trust Billy then but Lily thinks she shouldn’t trust her aunt! 

lily offended by mamie

Nikki stands in the alley at Euclid and Seventh and says to herself, “Come get me Jordan.”

It’s what they’ve both been waiting for.

nikki corner of euclid and seventh Y&R

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