GH Recap: Laura & Kevin Decide to Adopt Ace, and Sonny Takes Dex for a Drive After Brick Delivers Damning Info

Mon Feb 12, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Lucy chases after Martin, Gregory tells Tracy that he’s moving in with Finn, and Ava helps Trina grieve.

Friday’s GH recap: Jagger issued Sonny a warning, Brick told Sonny he suspected Dex, and Spinelli won an evening with Maxie.

At the penthouse, Laura and Kevin fuss over Ace and worry about getting him some stability.

kevin and laura with ace

She answers the door. It’s Martin with paperwork about Ace. It’s to adopt him.

martin with adoption papers

She says they were only going to look after him for a while. Martin reminds them that Heather and Cyrus both have ties to Ace and he’s already spoken to Nikolas, who may be in jail for some time.

laura startled by news

The best way to retain custody is to become the parent on record. Nikolas gave the lawyer permission to put this in motion.

He leaves them the paperwork and leaves to catch a flight.

Kevin asks his wife what she thinks. She says what her brother said makes sense.

He’s on board with her adopting Ace. “WE would adopt him,” she says.

laura smiling at ace

Carly and Drew talk about how great everything is going for her first issue of Crimson.

carly drew kiss elevator

When they step off the elevator, they find the office has been flooded.

crimson office buckets

Nina pops up and says the construction team needs to tear the place apart to repair it and the internet on the floor is down. It will be unusable for three days or so.

nina says floor unusable

Carly’s deadline is tomorrow and she accuses her of trying to sabotage her new issue.

They bicker about this and Nina claims she’s just looking out for her hotel.

Carly says she will be hearing from her lawyer and declares she has to go and put her magazine out.

After she stomps out, Drew warns Nina she will get burned if she keeps playing with fire. She smirks.

nina smug with carly drew

They start bickering and she says she’s through with the injustice of being the pariah when she did nothing wrong.

He doesn’t think she knows the meaning of injustice, but promises she will.

drew warning nina

Once he’s gone, she pays the maintenance crew to take as long as they can.

Tracy runs into Gregory at the Metro Court. He informs her that he’s moving in with Finn.

tarcy chats with gregory

She’s sure he won’t be bored since he’s a decent backgammon player.

She jumps when Lucy throws an old dinner roll at her.

lucy throws a roll at tracy's head GH recaps

Coe accuses Tracy of destroying her life.

Tracy explains that she cleared things up with Martin but Lucy whines it’s too late.

lucy taunts tracy

This sends the Quartermaine cackling when she realizes that Lucy and Scott really slept together.

Tracy mocks her for having an affair with him on the installment plan.

After they bicker some more, Gregory urges Tracy to be gracious in victory. They tip Lucy off that Martin has gone to see his sister and she jogs off.

Tracy explains to Gregory about the plot Lucy and Scott hatched to get her Deception shares.

gregoy and tracy discuss final chapter

She admits, with some prodding, that she and Scott were once together but claims she’s learned her lesson.

When she asks him about his move, she senses he has reservations.

He admits that he hates the idea of giving up his own agency. He knows he won’t have much choice eventually.

Being forced to face this feels like the first part of his final chapter.

She tells him how infuriating it is to always return to Monica’s…but it feels like home.

tracy gregory discuss move

Robert and Diane have been watching this and chuckling. She asks him to the ballet but that’s not his scene.

diane asks robert to ballet

They talk about the friction around Finn’s case.

robert not into ballet

Carly bustles in to see Diane. Drew joins them and Robert takes off.

carly runs to diane

Carly wants to get the office open but Drew wants revenge. He tells her to think about the magazine and takes off.

Diane gets the impression that Carly is also frustrated by Drew.

diane listens to carly vent

Carly is still grieving her mom and doesn’t want to be dragged into a war against someone she doesn’t care about.

Drew makes a call to start targeting everyone who does business with Nina.

Lucy shows up at Laura’s and pays her condolences about Spencer before asking is Martin is there. He’s been avoiding her calls.

lucy panics to laura

Laura explains he’s left to see his mother.

Lucy curses Tracy and then blames herself, rambling about how she did all this to herself.

Laura suggests she can catch Martin before he gets on the plane and Coe jogs off.

laura encourages lucy

They go back to discussing the adoption. She knows how big a deal this is since he’s never been a parent before.

kevin laura talk adoption

He says that he’s never felt more a part of a family since he married her. She’s opened his heart in ways he couldn’t have imagined.

Adopting a child at this stage in their lives seems a little crazy, but it feels like them and he’s all in.

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Trina stops by the gallery as Ava asks Frank and Dex to make themselves les conspicuous.

trina stops by to see ava

As she looks at a painting, Trina drops it and breaks the stretcher.

Ava tries to calm her down but Trina can’t stop crying. Everything reminds her of Spencer and she can’t live with this feeling.

She wishes she’d died instead of him. Ava tells her not to say that.

trina in pain

She knows how she feels. It’s how she felt when Kiki died but she realized she needed to stay there for her family.

Ava is grateful that Spencer saved her. She and her daughter are everything to her.

She tells her grief doesn’t go away but is dulls.

ava and trina talk spencer

Dex gives them some chamomile tea.

At Sonny’s office, Brick tells him that he has info on Dex. The last time they checked him, he was clean.

brick has dirt on dex

However, they now have evidence that he received a windfall of cash after the first shooting and after the one on the island.

Sonny wonders how Dex could do this to Joss. Brick suggests that the bets way for Dex to protect himself has been to make sure his boss takes a bullet.

sonny hears about dex money

Sonny calls Frank to check in on how Dex is behaving.

Brick asks what they are going to do about this.

brick and sonny talk dex

Willow wakes up on the couch in the gate house. Michael has already seen to the kids and hands her coffee.

willow sleeping on couch

She’s impressed and tells him how nice it was to have him there last night. He liked it too.

Joss shows up to drop something off and is happy to see that her brother is there.

Willow goes to the kitchen and the siblings chat about him clearing this up with his father. She’s relieved that he and Sonny are getting along.

joss and michael talk danger

That makes her assume that Dex is safe.

Her brother explains that things have gotten more dangerous lately. Someone inside Sonny’s organization is selling him out.

joss michael talk traitor

Willow returns and Joss takes off. She asks Michael to come home for good. That would mean the world to him.
They kiss.

Joss arrives at the gallery and finds Trina and Ava working. They tell her Dex left in a hurry.

Frank takes Dex to Sonny’s car. “How about you and I go for a little ride,” Sonny says.

sonny dex in car

Lucy runs into the airport and tries talking her way past security. She offers to buy a ticket.

lucy at airport

Once she does, she runs in but Martin boards the plan before she can get to him.

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