Y&R Recap: Ashley Threatens Tucker and Then Breaks Down to Traci while Nick and Phyllis Catch Up Over Drinks

Tues Feb 13, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Nick and Phyllis catch up about their lives, Chance and Summer bond over coffee, and Tucker faces off with Ashley.

Monday’s recap: Nikki Has Bag Lady Nightmares, Ashley’s Intervention Takes a Turn and She Pounds on Tucker’s Door While He’s In Bed With Audra

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Feb 13. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Tucker wakes up in bed and finds that Ashley has been texting him.

As Audra sleeps in his bed, Tucker checks his messages and replies to Ashley, asking where she wants to meet.

tucker in bed with audra

He whispers to Audra that he loves her and climbs out of bed.

She wakes up later and calls for him.

audra wakes up alone

Tucker walks into the dining room and demands to know what Ashley wants.

tucker meets ashley

She wants to talk in private but he wants to settle this here and now.

She wants to see him to say how disgusted she is by him. She’ll be eternally embarrassed and ashamed that she was married to him.

As she drinks, she accuses him of bribing an entire hotel staff to convince her she’s cuckoo. Her own family is starting to doubt her.

ashley going off at tucker

She threatens that a whole lot of pain is coming his way and she will do all in her power to make Devon cut him out of his life and Dom’s. He suggests he think again.

The Abbott continues wonder how she ever could have blamed herself for anything and accuses him of having no heart and attempting to control her.

That makes him laugh bitterly.

tucker hears he's heartless

She declares her guilt is gone and all she has is utter contempt for him.

ashley accuses tucker of buying off restaurant

He swears on the soul of his grandchild that he didn’t bribe the wait staff and he’s sad she’s playing this this way.

tucker thinks ashley needs help

When he accuses her of playing the noble righteous Abbott thing, she gets livid. He suggests she get professional help.

Audra interrupts, surprised to see him with the woman who hurt him so much.

audra with tucker and ashley

Ashley sips and cocks her head. She asks if she’s supposed to be shocked they are sleeping together and tells the other woman she’s just another on a list.

ashley sniping at audra

Tucker wasn’t going to sit around and pine for her.

Ashley says he’s her problem now and ask if she was sleeping with Tucker and Kyle at the same time.

“Classy! You two deserve each other,” she snipes before walking off.

ashley says classy

At Society, Summer and Chance chat about traveling and recall where they have gone. She remarks on all the wild times he’s had.


He’s happy where he is now. She notices her parents are there. They take some kind of pleasure in knowing all about her life.

He understands. His mom is like that too and tries to put a positive spin on it.

summer chance talk parents

Nick and Phyllis are at the bar talking about Summer and Chance being together.


They both suspected this would happen but assumed she had too much integrity to move on him while he was with Sharon.

She’s really happy to see how happy they are. Nick hasn’t seen his daughter laugh like that in a long time.

Phyllis thinks their daughter deserves it… so does she, regardless of what people in this town think.

nick and phyllis talk happiness

What about him? Are the happiness gods smiling on him?

They talk about her mood always running in grooves. They have both been busy.

Over the last few months of silence between them, she’s wanted to tell him how much she cares about him.

They’ve been in and out of love so many times.

They created that amazing girl over there. No matter what happens with them, they will always share the bond of being her parents.

nick and phyllis watch daughter

Nick claims he’s in a good place but he’s worried about her. When can he not worry about her?

She suggests he buy her a drink so she can tell him why she’s so happy.

They go over to see Chance and Summer. Nick dissuades Phyllis from inviting herself to join them and they bid them good evening.

Chance tells Summer that wasn’t so bad and teases her. She says it was strange to see her parents acting drama-free.

summer chance talk travel

She’s sure they weren’t on a date and her dad was just being polite when he bumped into her.

She tells him a story about Harrison threatening to waste toothpaste and he tells her about Dom having a fit when he wanted a drum set.

They drink cafe au lait and talk about how they can use all these stories to embarrass kids in the future.

She wonders if this is all karma for what they did to their kids.

chance and summer talk about parents

He asks how the co-parenting is going. She says they are civil but she’s worried about Kyle. He seems disillusioned or something and keeps making dumb moves.

All she can do is watch from a distance and hope for the best. He knows that’s tough and asks if she regrets her marriage didn’t work out.

summer chance talk kids

She says regret is wasted energy. Life is hard and people disappoint each other. You’ve gotta own your mistakes and try not to repeat them.

They discuss his break-up with Abby. It taught him that you can’t force love and the heart wants what it wants.

He agrees that there’s no point to regret. She likes the way he thinks.

chance and summer talk about regret

They hold hands.

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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns


Phyllis and Nick return to the bar. She toasts to them and thanks him for finding it in his heart to forgive her.
She’s not sure she could do the same.

phyllis and nick drinking

He says what she put their daughter through changed her. It’s been hard for him to let it go too, but he wants to for everyone’s sake.

He recaps her whole fake death and she assures him she will regret it for the rest of her life and be grateful to him for getting their daughter through it.

phyllis asks about sally

Nick was just following her kids’ lead. If they could forgive her, so can he. Plus, he can see she’s trying to be better.

He can see that his brother is also trying to change into someone better.

She’s not sure she likes that comparison. Teasingly, she asks if he ever wanted to be more like his brother.

It must be hard to be the solid Newman who can’t make many mistakes.

Nick doesn’t want to discuss that. She asks what happened with Sally.

He explains she’s smart and beautiful and tells her to stop deflecting.

nick phyllis talk post-death

She’s surprised when he admits that Sally chose his brother over him. She says they are perfect for each other.

They discuss the changes she’s making in her and she claims she’s found peace with a certain someone.

phyllis talks danny

He assumes she means Danny and he’s surprised that he’s comfortable with her given their history.

She claims he sees how much she’s changed and validates that. Nick hopes that works out for her.

nick wishes phyllis well

Summer and Chance say goodbye to them on their way out and Phyllis tells them how cute they are together.

chance summer chat with parents

Chance helps Summer on with her coat. He likes getting to know her better.

They kiss.

summer chance kiss date

Phyllis and Nick have been watching. They are both happy for them.

He’s concerned about her moving on so soon….He’s proud of her but will never be okay with seeing her kissing a man.

phyllis nick talk happy place

They toast to finding their happy place.

Back in Tucker’s suite, Audra asks him what that was all about. He tells her that something seems to be really wrong with Ashley.

tucker and audra talk vindictive ashley

She doesn’t care about her but wonders how he ended up downstairs with his ex.

He admits she texted him, demanding to meet immediately.

He couldn’t resist because he thought she needed to hear that he’s moving on for good.

Now she’s threatening to keep her son and grandson out of his life.

Audra thinks that’s petty and vindictive. He won’t let it happen.

audra asks about tucker and ex

When she asks if he would have told Ashley about them if she hadn’t of shown up, he says absolutely.

She’s his future and Ashley is old news. They toast to that.

tucker says audra future

Ashley returns to the Abbott estate and continues replaying the bistro fight in her head.

Traci finds her looking horrified and Ashley admits that she doesn’t know what’s happening to her.

ashley breaking up

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