Chase Collapses After a Session with a Ouija Board and Marshall Thinks About Running as Curtis is About to Get His Hands on His Records

General Hospital recap for Thursday, April 21, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Cam and Spencer are in jail, Aiden tries to contact a ghost, Sonny checks out Selina’s poker game, and Epiphany gives Marshall a kick.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Cameron and Spencer were arrested after a fight and Harmony let something slip.

At Liz’s place, Chase promises Finn that he has everything under control now that they have the whole place under surveillance. Once the cop is left alone, Aiden shows up wanting help with a school project. It’s about ghosts.

Aiden wants to use his ouija board. Chase doubts anything will happen. Once the lights are down and the session starts, there’s sudden movement. Aiden assumes that was Franco, but Chase dismisses this.

chase suspicions GH

Chase doesn’t see why Franco would want to scare his family. Aiden warns that installing all the cameras could make the ghost mad. The cop calls Kevin to come and pick the teen up.

chase talks ouija general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Aiden doesn’t want anyone worrying about him. Chase promises he will stop the scary things from happening.

When he is left alone, Chase snoozes on the couch until something wakes him up.


At the PCPD, Jordan suggests that Rory ice the bruise on his face. He informs her about the brawl at Kelly’s between Spencer and Cam. She tells him that breaking up a fight on his own is dangerous. He brought them in on disorderly conduct.


He complains that Spencer was running his mouth the whole time. The mayor rushes in and demands to see her grandsons. Finn joins them. Cam called him.

spencer in cell GH

In the cells, Spencer and Cam are in cells opposite each other bickering about getting locked up. Spencer tells Cam that he and his big mouth nearly ruined their plans. As they continue to bicker, Spencer says he won’t press charges.

Cam points out that getting arrested could be a parole violation. The Cassadine tells him to calm down. They need to stick to the plan so he can get Esme to slip up. Laura pops up and asks what the plan is.

Cam apologizes to his grandmother and is shown out. Laura contemplates leaving Spencer there for hitting a cop. She orders him to start adjusting his attitude.

Upstairs, Spencer announces he won’t be pressing charges against Cam. He’s released and Finn calls Chase to tell him they are on the way back.

jordan involved GH

Meanwhile, Spencer gives a half-hearted apology to Rory, who agrees not to charge him. Jordan confirms that he’s luck, even if this wouldn’t have landed him back in prison.

Spencer is flippant so his grandmother lectures him about acting as a responsible adult. He assures her that he and Cam have sorted things out. She reminds him to do whatever a cop tells him to do.

When Finn and Cam arrive at Liz’s place, they discover Chase unconscious on the floor.

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maxie lectures spinelli GH

Maxie is at The Savoy when Austin calls and says he can’t make it. When Spinelli enters, she fusses over his outfit and he admits that he’s there seeking companionship.

She worries about how Britt’s date is going. Maxie tells him about the matchmaking service Britt is using. That piques his interest and they run off to spy together.

selina tells curtis about game general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Selina thanks Curtis for setting everything up for her games just the way she requested. She’s still expecting the unexpected could happen.

Sonny arrives. He’s eager to check on her first poker night.

sonny warns mistake GH

Brad comes out explaining that a player is requesting a beer they don’t have. His aunt sends him out to buy it and returns to Sonny. He tells her she’s making a big mistake by allowing a “weasel” like Brad to act as her representative.

Sonny heads to the back room to check out the action. When Brad returns, his aunt tells him never to make the same mistake twice.

curtis tj talk marshall GH

TJ arrives and chats with Curtis about how angry Marshall is because of the background check he got Drew to run. He’s not sure what his father has been finding out but is sure they will find out sooner or later.

Sonny interrupts and asks for a second alone with Curtis. He guesses that he made a deal with Selina to get the information he was looking for.

On his way out, Sonny tells Selina she did a good job tonight.

Once she’s alone, Curtis pops up and reminds her she promised him her father’s sealed police records. She says he’ll have them first thing tomorrow.

Britt sits at The Grill waiting for her date. She can hear Drew laughing with his executive coach, Mia (played by Vanessa Mathison). She asks if he wants to run Aurora or do something else. After missing out on so much of his life with his kids, he’s tired of living on the edge.

She’s impressed that he’s choosing the boardroom and his family. But does this mean Aurora or ELQ? After Mia leaves, he joins Britt at the bar.

They chat about his business possibilities. She warns that advice can lead you in the wrong direction and it’s better to listen to your instincts. He asks about her matchmaking, sure that her mom just wants her to be happy.

drew comes back GH

He’s felt the pressure of well-meaning loved ones too, but he’s having a hard time at Aurora.

She’s very focused on her job and not sure she’s ready for a relationship. He assures her she has plenty of time to figure it out.

britt date no show general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Britt is glad she’s not the only one struggling to figure things out. Maxie and Spinelli arrive. Maxie runs over to her, yelling, “Drew is your match? This is amazing!”

Calming her down, Britt explains she was stood up by some jerk. That sets Spinelli off. He urges her not to give up hope. Drew admires his attire. Spinelli is just trying something new.

Once they are left alone, Britt and Drew toast to their uncertain futures.

Outside, Maxie asks Spinelli why he was so upset about Britt being stood up and wonders if he’s interested in her. She asks if he’s joined the matchmaking service himself.

marshall leaving port charles general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Marshall meets with Epiphany at Perks and she guesses something is wrong. He wanted to tell her personally that he is leaving Port Charles.

He’s at an impasse with his son, who doesn’t want a relationship on the terms he can accept.

He’s starting to think that he should have stayed gone. Coming back was too much to ask of his family. “Your damn right it was,” she says, accusing him of learning nothing and doing his family no favors by sticking around.

marshall leaving GH

She accuses him of putting all his soul into his music and leaving nothing for the people in his life. He can disappear or he can stick it out and fight for the family he claims to love.

They hold hands and she tells him he’s letting himself down. He’d like to be the man she sees in him.

She tells him things get harder before they get better. He needs to ride out the rough patch.