Victor Blames Locke for Rey’s Death & Sharon Disputes Celeste’s Wishes to Bury Rey in Miami

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sharon remains strong and tells Rey’s mother about his passing, while tragic news spreads through Genoa City. In the previous episode, Sharon sobbed as Nick revealed Rey died from wounds caused from the car accident. 

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 21, 2022 episode airs in the USA April 22. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

At the ranch, Noah and Faith can’t believe Rey’s dead. Noah found it rough to tell Mariah the news. Nick asks if they’ve talked with Sharon but she’s been in her room. The kids will help her with cooking and cleaning. Nick has to call Celeste and Arturo.

noah talks rey death young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Noah offers to take on the funeral arrangements but Sharon pokes her head in and says no. That’s for her to do. She wants to stay strong. She gets on her computer and tells the kids not to hide their pain in front of her. She tears up when she tries to process what to say to Celeste. “How do you tell a mother that her son is dead?” She jumps on a call and says hello to Celeste and tells her she has bad news about Rey. “He’s gone.”

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The kids tear up as Sharon covers her face in pain. She promises to be in touch when she has funeral plans and later, after they disconnect, Sharon calls Celeste strong. Noah thinks she was in shock. Nick asks what was said at the end of the call and before Sharon can say anything, Mariah and Tessa rush in. Sharon hugs Mariah. They offer to help. She urges them to go home and keep planning the wedding but they want to postpone it.

sharon tells celeste her son died young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Sharon refuses to let that happen. She yells that this can’t happen. Rey wouldn’t want them to postpone it. She says Celeste wants to bring Rey home for the funeral. She wants him to be laid to rest in Miami. They talk it over. It’s upsetting to them all but Noah gets it.

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Sharon is adamant that it shouldn’t happen. She feels Rey belongs with them. They share sweet stories about Rey and Nick offers to drive Sharon to the morgue to see Rey’s body. She sniffs his leather jacket and cries a little. Mariah urges her to feel her emotions. She says she needs to remain strong because if she doesn’t, she may never recover.

mariah learns rey dead young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Adam shows up at Chelsea’s suite at Grand Phoenix looking concerned. He tells her Connor’s fine, when she asks. She lets him in and tells her that there was an accident last night. “Oh no,” she says. She decides to call him and give him a hard time about having an accident but Adam stops her.

chelsea learns rey dead accident young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

He tells her Rey is dead and that everyone in the other cars is fine. She cries and asks if Sharon knows. Adam says she does but he hasn’t told Connor. He kept him from school. They can tell him together. Chelsea tears up. She knows this will be hard on him. He loved Rey.

chelsea hears rey died young and restless cbs soapsspoilers


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Adam calls it a horrible accident with nobody at fault. They need to ensure he knows this. Adam goes to retrieve their son and returns with the kid. They explain Rey’s accident and that he died. Connor struggles to believe it. He just saw Rey last night. Connor worries that it’s his fault since he went home to get the tickets. Adam implores his son this was not his fault. They vow to do something to honor Rey’s memory before Adam takes the kid home.

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Nikki finds Victoria furiously at work at Newman. She has a brace and a “ridiculous” cane with her from going to the hospital. Nikki is sure her daughter is in shock still over the accident, Ashland and…Victoria says, “Rey’s death.” Victoria gets up and hobbles to get coffee. She needs the distraction from the guilt but Sharon says she shouldn’t feel guilt. Victoria snaps that she shouldn’t have been driving, especially not in the fog. She doesn’t remember hitting the tree but recalls Ashland pulling her out of the car. Nikki’s grateful to God and even Ashland.

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In his suite at Grand Phoenix, Ashland sits on the edge of his bed looking morose as he flashes back to getting Vicky out of the fire. He cries and wipes his tears with the hand that isn’t bandaged as he goes to the door. Victor is standing there.  He’s angry that Locke is still there after he signed over half a billion dollars to him. He demands to know what happened. Ashland says he’s still in love with Victoria.

ashland sobs thinking of accident young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Victor doesn’t want to hear his romantic notions and tells him to keep it for his diary. Ashland tells him that he left before Victoria and drove around a bit and then went back to Newman. He followed Victoria to make sure she was okay. He saw a car approaching from the other direction. Rey was driving erratically, maybe trying to avoid something. It was hard for Ashland to see through the fog and says he did see the car veered into Victoria’s lane. She swerved and hit a tree and he then turned sharply and Rey hit his car. He flipped the car upside down. Ashland didn’t realize that until later. He hit something and then saw Victoria’s car burst into flames. He rescued her and the car was then engulfed in flames. Victor says in spite of all of the disgusting harm he has done for his family, he’s grateful to him. Still, he wants the man to leave town and never set foot in his daughter’s life again. The death doesn’t change their arrangement. He calls Ashland responsible for Victoria being on the road and for Rey Rosales’ death.

ashland call vicky young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Victor goes and Ashland calls Victoria to see how she is. She’s fine. He keeps replaying the wreck. Vicky asks how he is. He admits there’s pain but he can handle it. He thinks he deserves it. She feels responsible but he thinks she should blame him. She’s not sure how since he saved her. She asks where he is and learns he’s at Grand Phoenix but will be leaving Genoa City soon. He tells her how sorry he is and they’re interrupted when Victor walks into Victoria’s office. Victor thinks she needs to rest but she doesn’t want to let anyone down and the future of the company is on her shoulders.