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SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Friday, January 7, 2022 episode. Today, Ava tells Spencer his punishment, Sonny wonders if he has a future with Carly, and Phyllis lectures Nina about keeping it real. We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Tracy was arrested and Olivia called out Carly’s hypocrisy.

ava has work for spencer GH

Trina joins Ava at the Metro Court restaurant. Ava announces they have a new employee. It’s Spencer, who steps off the elevator to join them. He sits down and Ava explains that he is doing his community service at her gallery because of the damage he did to it. She’s using his trust fund to pay for their meal.

If Spencer knew his plea deal meant working for her, he would have fought for more prison time. Ava explains he won’t be working for her, he’ll be working for Trina. She won’t be around much for the next few months so Trina will be supervising him. That doesn’t go over well. Trina takes off. Ava orders him to stay put.

ava taunts spencer general hospital abc

She admits she’s having some fun at his expense. He doesn’t see why she should be involving Trina. Ava says his true task is making restitution to her and repairing what’s been broken.

He’s sorry he hurt Trina and wasn’t honest with her about having a girlfriend. But Spencer doesn’t think he can make that up to her. She suggests trying to make her job easier could go a long way.

joss talks parents general hospital abc

Joss shows up at Kelly’s to rail to Cameron about Sonny. He reminds her of how many times her mom and Sonny have split up. She thinks it could be for real this time. Esme pops up and says that’s terrible, especially if it means they can’t use the cabin.

That rubs Joss the wrong way so Esme apologizes for being insensitive. Sitting down uninvited, she worries about how Spencer will react if their weekend getaway is off.

esme recalls parents split general hospital

Although she is reluctant to ask Sonny for anything, Joss will make sure they have their vacation. Esme vaguely mentions her parents splitting up. When things get intense as she discusses her anger about it, Cam talks about his own family problems and Joss walks out to take a call from Trina.

esme worries about spencer GH

Esme tells Cam that Spencer is her family now. That’s why she’s so intense about him. He urges her not to let anger overwhelm her. If she knew what anger drove him to do when Franco was killed… He’s just lucky he had people around how cared. She thinks “angry Cameron sounds pretty dreamy.”

Outside, Joss is happy to hear from Trina that Spencer will be working as her handyman. She returns to her friends and tells them what she just learned. After Esme takes off, Joss admits to Cam that she almost seemed sincere today. She hates to admit it, but there might be more to her than they thought.

Back at the Metro Court, Trina offers to refuse to take Spencer as her servant, but he agrees to do it. She quickly changes her mind as says she’s fine with that. Trina returns to the table with Ava.

She wonders if she is being punished but her boss says she is being rewarded. Ava is perplexed to learn that Trina wouldn’t enjoy bossing Spencer around. Trina stares over at Spencer as he leaves.

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Phyllis stops by Nina’s office at Crimson. She heard about the disastrous way the truth about she and Sonny came out on the news and worries when Nina tells her she saw Sonny on New Year’s Eve. “Honey, you’re asking for trouble,” she says.

She doesn’t think that Nina should be acting on her feelings for Sonny.

phyllis advice nina stay away sonny general hospital

Phyllis takes some responsibility for her role in all of this. She tells Nina to get real. Allowing Sonny to fall in love with her was a violation. The only way to make things right is to leave him alone.

sonny admission carly loves nina general hospital

In the Corinthos kitchen, Olivia asks Carly if she’s really told Sonny the truth about her feeling for Jason. Sonny shows up, determined to settle things. He asks for time alone with his wife so Olivia takes off.

He declares they have been apart for too long. They rehash why he delayed telling her what happened with Nina. He knows he made things worse by not saying anything but doesn’t want to spend another minute without her.

carly upset sonny love nina general hospitaL ABC

Sonny tells her he is getting over Nina. She can’t blame him for how he felt as “Mike” but he still had to come clean to her earlier. He insists they need to be under the same roof to work through this.

Carly recognizes he was not Nina’s victim, but her accomplice and protector. Sonny urges her to forget about Nina. “Like you have?” she asks. He wonders if he’s wasting his time and there’s no hope for them.

sonny wants settle things carly GH

Sonny doesn’t want to have these feelings for Nina. She demands to know how far things went with the other woman. He insists that was all “Mike.” Annoyed, Carly walks out. Alone, he has a drink and thinks about Nina telling him she loves him. He smashes the glass.

Carly bursts into Nina’s office and tells her she’s going to have to miss her meeting.

finn asks liz her thoughts GH

Liz bumps into Finn in the changing room at General Hospital. He asks if they are still on for tonight. There’s no way she’s missing their first official date. She even bought a dress for it.

The doctor takes her hand and tells her how happy he is that she feels she can move on with him. Liz recalls taking off her wedding ring and says Franco would want her to be happy.

She is happy with Finn. They kiss.

chase and blq talk frustration GH

Chase drops by Brook Lynn’s office at Deception to pick up Bailey. She tells him that they have trouble now that Tracy is back in town and suggests he steer clear of the Quartermaine house as much as possible.

She wonders if he’s okay since he has nothing to do. The suspended cop admits he’s frustrated but would punch Valentin all over again for her.

olivia talks forgiveness ned general hospital

Olivia bursts in and unloads the whole story about Nina and Sonny on them. Chase has to leave to meet his brother and hands Brook Lynn a bagged lunch before exiting with the baby. Smirking Olivia immediately starts grilling her about Chase. Brook Lynn insists there is nothing between them and changes the topic to Carly and Sonny.

She’s sure that they can forgive each other if Olivia can forgive Ned. Olivia tells Brook Lynn that beneath all her bluster, she has a beautiful heart and should use it. Everything she might be looking for could be right in front of her.

finn chase bailey general hospital

Chase stops by the hospital with Bailey. Finn can’t believe his baby bro is a father. His brother asks about the Liz situation. The doctor explains that she’s finally decided she’s ready. Chase is glad to hear it.

He admits that he’s feeling useless without a job and the vibe is off with Brook Lynn. Finn tells him that being a dad is the greatest job in the world and co-parenting is sure to change a relationship. He’s confident everything will fall into place and hopes he can learn to embrace life the way he does.

Looking over at Liz, Chase says it looks like he already has. He was starting to like curmudgeon Finn but can get used to nice Finn too.

When Liz goes to her locker to get her new dress, her ring falls on the floor. She picks it up and looks heartbroken.

Esme picks up a new prescription. The nurse tells her she needs to speak to a pharmacist about such a high dose but Esme insists she knows exactly how to use the medication.

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