Carly Catches Sonny and Nina Having Sex on Board The Haunted Star, While Maxie Confesses to Everyone that Bailey is Louise

General Hospital recap for Monday, February 7, 2022. In today’s GH episode, word gets around that Peter kidnapped Bailey, the family sits vigil for Mac, while Nina comforts Sonny and they wind up having sex.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Chase admitted how he felt about Brook Lynn and Mac was taken to hospital after a shooting.

Nina finds Sonny on the Haunted Star. She tells him Obrecht was concerned for him and told her to go over. Sonny says he was trying to save his marriage. She apologizes. She tells him she’ll go but he reveals his marriage is over. He explains what he had in mind and throws the rings in anger. Nina jumps and apologizes.

nina talks mike general hospital recap

He believes her. She only wants him to be happy and admits if she could do it over, she would have told the world who he was. “Even if that meant our time together never happened?” She never expected to fall for Mike.

He tells her Mike didn’t expect it either. Nina says she would let it go if she could. She caresses his cheek and leans in for a kiss. He kisses her back and they make out. She stops and apologizes but he keeps kissing her.

Nina and Sonny head into the boat and kiss while Sonny lays her down on the bed. 

nina kisses sonny haunted star general hospital recap

Carly arrives at the hospital to get news on Dante while Sam sits at Dante’s bedside. A doctor says he has no concision but they want to observe him overnight. Carly rushes in, hears the news and says she’s glad he’s fine. She asks where Sonny is. Dante has no idea and isn’t even sure how she got there. She says she was with Drew when he got the all. She heads out.

Sam dante hospital general hospital recap

Out in the waiting room, Maxie comforts Felicia as she cries over Mac’s shooting. Elsewhere, Anna asks Robert for word on Mac but he hasn’t any.
Robert asks how he looked when he was  found and learns that he lost a lot of blood. It took a lot to stabilize him but she doesn’t think her friend should count him out just yet.

She comforts him, but he worries the bad guys are winning too often. They find Maxie and Felicia and sit vigil. Anna remains a positive influence.

felicia cries mac hospital general hospital recap

Near the elevators, Carly leaves a message for Sonny about what’s going on. She says they’ll have to leave Martinique for another night. They might have a chance to get the guy who killed Jason! Later, she finds Maxie and hugs her. She’s so sorry. She just heard about Mac. Austin appears and has no news.

He insists that could be good news. Carly heads out and Maxie thanks him for helping Mac. She’s glad he’s there.

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Victor meets with his goon on the pier and is incensed that he’s not with Peter. The guy explains that Peter had the van run off the road in his desperation to get the kid. Victor figures he’s now congratulating him on how smart he is for getting away. “He couldn’t be more wrong.”

He says there’s a GPS system in the car. It’s only a matter of time before they find him.

victor and goon general hospital recap

At Chase and Brook Lynn’s, they call the police to report the kidnapping. Chase says his car was broken into. Peter must have taken Bailey and then the car seat. He tells her to call Maxie while he calls Dante.

Outside, Chase calls Dante with the news and Dante says he’ll be right over.

chase calls dante general hospital recap

When he disconnects and tells Sam what’s going on, she’s confused as to why Peter would kidnap Bailey and attempts to stop him from leaving the hospital. Dante’s sorry she was worried but he can’t let Peter hurt someone else. Sam takes a deep breath and says she’ll get the nurse. He calls her “something else,” then makes a call to his mom with an update. She immediately gets upset so he calms her down.

In the car, Peter sits with Bailey and tells her he needed time to think things through. He tells the child not to worry. He won’t let the authorities get her.
He talks about how beautiful she is and says he wants to give her the world. He drives away and considers ditching the car soon. He talks about making a deal with the devil to be with her.

He calls Victor. He wants safe passage with his daughter to where nobody can find them. He clues him in that he tossed the GPS out of the car.

peter drives kidnapped bailey around general hospital recap

Back at the house, Brook Lynn cries over the kidnapping. She can’t call Maxie who is a mess over Mac’s shooting.
Chase tells her she needs to but Brook Lynn doesn’t know how she’s supposed to do that. She starts to have a panic attack and Chase calms her down, matching her breath to his. He knows this isn’t her fault.

She finally calls Maxie and tells her Bailey’s gone. Maxie starts to cry. She knows it’s Peter. Austin holds her as she has a meltdown. He urges her to tell her family. He leaves the area and Felicia and Robert appear. She tells them what’s going on and Felicia is surprised that she’s going to go to Brook Lynn while Mac is in surgery.

maxie comfort austin bailey missing general hospital recap

Austin reappears. The good news is that Mac came out of surgery and is doing okay. Maxie explains that the baby Peter took is hers. “Bailey is really Louise.” Felicia is shocked but tells her kid they’ll talk later.

She urges her to go to Brook Lynn. After she leaves, Austin starts to relay the entire story. Felicia asks what Robert thinks. She grins. He calls her daughter brilliant. They smile.

felicia shock maxie gh

Anna finds Dante getting ready. He fills her in on Peter’s abduction of the kid and she’s blown away. They rush off and run into Carly. Anna shares the news. Carly  yells at her that Jason warned her about Peter and she didn’t listen. Peter needs to be stopped once and for all. Anna vows that she will stop him.

The cops head out and Carly talks to Sam about Sonny’s plans. She talks about her trust being shaken in Sonny. She realizes she can meet him halfway. She now thinks they can have a fresh start.

anna shocked peter kidnapped bailey general hospital recap

Ned arrives at Brook Lynn’s with a hug. He knew it was a mistake for her to move out there. She says that’s not fair. Chase defends Brook Lynn. Ned blames him. He starts yelling until Brook Lynn tells him to stop it. She trusts nobody more to keep her safe and calls Chase wonderful. Ned apologizes.

He’s terrified. They embrace. Anna and Dante appear and Chase wonders if it’s time they told the truth. Maxie appears and Brook Lynn says it’s not her truth to tell. It’s hers. She explains to everyone that Bailey is Louise. Her daughter. Mouths drop open in shock.

maxie reveals truth general hospital

Carly walks on to the Haunted Star and follows the rose petals to the room where Sonny is making love to Nina. She opens the door and the couple stops what they’re doing and sits up in shock. Nina says nothing.

carly catches sonny nina sex gh