Ava Threatens Esme, Gladys Makes a Reveal to Sasha — & Ava Offers Spencer His Trust Fund Back for a Price

General Hospital recap for Monday, May 17, 2022. In today’s episode, Felty deletes the photos of Sasha, Gladys reveals to Sasha she knows she’s on drugs, and Chase sings Brook Lynn’s song, while Ava steps up her plan to get rid of Ava by including Spence.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Dante gave Sonny a warning and someone started watching Chase with Brook Lynn.

Outside, Chase tells Leo he’ll still sing a song. He keeps his promises. Nearby, Sam tells Carly that she and Dante are getting into a good groove. Carly asks if she has information on Esme.

She knows that Esme has siblings but there’s no dirt on the girl. Carly asks her to dig deeper. There’s another person she can talk to, Sam admits.

leo gift general hospital

Drew and Michael give Olivia a gift for Leo while indoors, Valentin tells Ned that they need to work together to ensure they’re not cut loose from ELQ instead of Drew.

Ned ends the conversation and says in the interest of keeping the peace, he’ll keep this conversation to himself. Valentin asks him to consider that they’re putting him out to pasture.

He again asks what they can do so they both get what they want. Ned listens but says he needs to get back to the party. Valentin lets him leave and Ned pauses outside, in thought.

Elsewhere, Michael notices Dante and sighs. He tells Drew that his brother wants him to reconcile with Sonny. Talk turns to investors and Carly pokes her head in. “Count me in!”

They deny her but she thinks it’s a lucrative option for her. Michael tells her she can’t risk what’s hers. She could risk Sonny’s “blood money.” They just want her support.

She tells them they’ve got it. Nearby, Olivia thinks Brook Lynn has feelings for Chase and urges her to tell him. On the other side of the room, Michael tells Chase that Brook Lynn is “totally into you.” Chase doesn’t see it.

carly wants to invest gh


At Wyndemere, Esme holds Nikolas’ hand and tells him she understands him more than his wife. She thinks Ava seems ungrateful. Nikolas thinks she’s crossing a line and gets up.

She apologizes but wonders how Ava doesn’t appreciate how he goes above and beyond for those he cares about. It’s what he did for her.

esme nikolas get close GH


Back at the bar, Spencer tells Ava that his relationship with Trina is of no concern for her. Ava always looks out for Trina, though Spence says she can protect herself.

Besides, she has protectors she doesn’t even know about. Ava questions that. When he doesn’t tell her what he means, she reminds him she’ll make Esme pay. Spencer brushes her off. He has to get back to work.

Sam finds Spence later and hugs him. She asks him to tell her who Esme is. He admits he has no idea. He can’t help her. She admits he’s standing in the way of helping Trina and this perks him up.

He can tell her something but needs her to not reveal her source. She gives him her word as a Cassadine. He calls Esme a monster and reveals he’s trying to expose her.

He reveals his plan and she tells him to stop it and leave it up to the professionals. He tells her more about the drug Esme had, and the letter he found from her nanny, Maggie Fitzgerald, that she claimed she lost contact with. Sam will look into it.

sam spence talk esme plan gh

Dining out, Brando is happy to be with Sasha and Gladys. Sasha’s not hungry and seems off. From the bar, the paparazzo photographer lifts a glass to her.

Gladys notices Sasha staring at him unhappily and when he gets up, she grabs him and shoves him into the other room. Sasha tells her husband she’s a mess because Harmony’s death is her fault. In the other room, Gladys asks the paparazzo what he’s doing.

sasha stares gh

He talks about his deal being with Sasha and she questions him. Gladys says that’s why she sent her, to discuss it. Felty doubts it and ask for his memory card. She calls him a ‘shutter rat’.

She wants to delete the photo of Sasha so he lets her at his camera and tells him to delete it from the internal memory while she watches. Back at the table, Brando thinks Sasha’s being hard on himself.

Gladys returns to the table and Brando asks where she’s been. She thinks it’s time she told Brando everything. She was playing Bingo on her phone. “You can win real money!”

Brando gets a call and leaves the women alone. Sasha thanks Gladys for running interference with the stalker paparazzo and for keeping quiet. “Don’t thank me yet,” she says.

Brando returns and says he has to leave. He says his goodbyes and Sasha asks what Felty said. Gladys fills her in. Sasha’s grateful. Gladys offers to lend an ear and puts the pill bottle of hers on the table. Sasha’s shocked.

gladys dines brando sasha GH

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Back on the island, Esme calls Wyndemere her safe place and tells Nik that Spencer violated her privacy. She caught him going through her private things because he doesn’t trust her.

Nik says he had no right. She agrees, just like Ava has no right to say who can stay in hour house. Ava strolls in. “Well, well well.”

She snipes about her still living there. Esme says she’s barred from campus because of Trina’s case and there aren’t many friendly places she can go. Before things escalate, Nik tries to come between the women.

ava snipes at esme gh

They argue about whether Spencer believes in Trina’s innocence. Nik calls Trina’s mother horrible and Ava defends her. Esme starts talking about Ava’s relationships with her daughters and when she says Kiki’s name, Ava gets in her face and says to “keep my daughters’ names out of your mouth” or she’ll make her sorry.

Esme claims she only meant she wishes she had that kind of relationship. She runs off and Ava tells Nikolas to buy Esme a place to live.

ava in esme face GH

She won’t share her house with her a moment longer. Nik yells that it’s his house and she’s staying. Ava asks if she’s a guest or his wife. She can’t be both.

Nik asks why she can’t trust him. He’s trying to do what’s best for them all. She reminds him he’s married to her, not everyone. “At least for the moment.” She goes and Esme returns, bags packed. He asks her to stay. He’ll have a talk with Spencer about her and ensure he and his wife are on the same page. Esme goes upstairs to unpack.

esme unpacks GH

Back at the party, Leo introduces Chase who will sing Brook Lynn’s song. With Ned on guitar, Chase sings directly to Brook Lynn. Leo loved it and everyone else claps.

Brook Lynn tears up and Olivia comforts her. Brook Lynn goes to thank Chase and tells him how much she loved it. He thinks she’s closer to winning an Oscar for writing a James Bond theme song. He asks her to go somewhere to talk. They start to leave when Linc (Dan Buran) walks in and stops them.

Sam returns and Leo asks her to sing a song. She doesn’t want to but the kid toddles off, ignoring her. In another room, Valentin calls Martin to tell them that he’s closer than ever to staying at the helm at ELQ.

chase sings to brook lynn gh

Ava goes to Spencer at Kelly’s and offers to give him a regular allowance from his trust fund if he gets Esme out of Wyndemere and ensures they stay out.

ava offers spence trrust fund GH