Days of our Lives Spoilers October 4-8; Brady Takes Chloe Out, While Maggie Returns With Sad News

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, October 4 to Friday, October 8.

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Monday, October 4

Doug tries to stop Marlena from harming Julie.

Tuesday, October 5

Abe asks Paulina to marry him.
Rafe and Ava have an awkward run-in with Nicole and EJ.
Chanel interrupts Eli and Lani’s romantic evening.

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Wednesday, October 6

Maggie returns home and shares sad news with Brady and Chloe.

Thursday, October 7

Brady invites Chloe to join him and Rachel on a fall outing.
Philip issues Gabi an ultimatim.
Xander and Gwen anticipate his freedom as Justin confronts the judge.

Friday, October 8

Gabi demands the truth from Jake.
Philip thinks Chloe has betrayed him.

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