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Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Friday, September 24, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, September 27, that is uploaded live by 5:45 PM EST daily (Today we had a minor glitch – apologies as we missed a bit of the episode.). In the previous episode, Billy offered Gaines a deal. In this episode, Victor has paid off Gaines, Nikki tells Ash and Victoria good news about the wedding, and Tessa opens up to Mariah.

From Victoria’s office, Ashland leaves Gaines a message, upset that the lawyer was a no-show. He asks him to stop playing these games and says he better not be reneging on their deal. “Because that would be extremely foolish and short-sighted of you.” Victoria walks in and asks him who he’s talking to. He covers and she calls him out on being deliberately vague. “Once again, it feels like you’re hiding something.” She again asks what the call was about. Nikki interrupts. They’ve confirmed Tessa will sing at the wedding and she just made arrangements for Leslie Brooks to play during the ceremony. Ash is impressed. He recalls her telling him that she’s an old family friend. Ashland says he has to make a few calls before it gets too late overseas. Victoria reminds him that their conversation isn’t over. She looks uptight and Nikki asks if she’s alright. Victoria lies that it’s fine.

Billy learns by talking with Crystal at Grand Phoenix that Mr. Gaines has checked out of his room. She reveals he paid his bill and didn’t leave a forwarding address. That’s all she knows. Billy approaches Victor and they discuss Gaines. Billy tells him about Gaines checking out and says, “And here you are.” It can’t be a coincidence. Victor grins.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa goes to check in with Sharon about Tessa. Sharon thinks it’s a good instinct on Mariah’s part to move out of the Chancellor mansion. Tessa’s not so sure. She tells her about Mariah’s idea of moving on is to have a baby with her. She asks for Sharon’s advice in discussing this with her girlfriend. Sharon says she needs to ask herself if it’s what she wants. Tessa cries that she doesn’t want to take this away from Mariah but she doesn’t want to make promises she may not be able to keep. What does she do? She cries as she tells Sharon that she doesn’t know what to say to Mariah. She thinks Mariah picked up on her not being ready. Tessa’s not sure Mariah’s ready, either. Sharon agrees, she’s grieving and trying to fill a void. Tessa asks — if it’s helping her to make plans and daydream, is there harm in letting it go on? Sharon thinks it’s a bad idea. She urges Tessa to tell her. Mariah will understand. She goes and Rey pops up. They talk about Tessa coming to her for advice and Rey thinks it’s a good thing. If there’s ever a real emergency, Tessa will feel comfortable coming to Sharon. They agree to meet on a date, later. Victoria and Nikki spot Billy, who brings up Jesse Gaines as Ashland’s former lawyer being in town. Victoria doesn’t get why he thinks she’d be interested in hearing about it. Billy says he can tell that she’s never heard his name and is trying to cover for that fact. He’s surprised Ash hasn’t mentioned him. Pissed, Victoria tells him to leave her and Ashland alone and stay out of their lives, as Nikki purses her lips.

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In her suite, Mariah listens as Devon tells her that he knows Dom is his godson but he isn’t sure of the role he’ll play in the kid’s life. This is new for both of them. He knows Mariah needed the separation. She wonders how things got so out of control but he thinks they just need things to settle. For him, it’ll be when Chance returns. “Maybe so,” Mariah says. He offers to hire security for her if she doesn’t feel safe. She thanks him and they agree Stitch is probably gone. She’s not worried, but she’d be relieved if she was told Stitch was locked up. He knows it’d be easier to move forward. Mariah thinks she and Tessa have a plan — inspiration on how to move on. She’s hopeful about her future and excited about where she and Tessa are going. Next time he sees Abby he can tell her. Tessa returns once Devon’s gone. They talk about the excitement over going on their trip to Italy. Tessa knows the wedding will be exquisite. Mariah thinks they can make plans with Summer and Kyle after the wedding. Mariah says Kyle understands why she couldn’t be best person at the wedding. She thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to have fun before they settle down, and then says it isn’t like they can’t travel with babies. Tessa says they need to talk about that. Mariah interrupts. Devon was over and they discussed having kids. Imagine if their kids and Dom would grow up together? Tessa thinks she’s getting ahead of herself — or me. She wants to raise a family together but they need to have serious discussions before they jump in. Mariah realizes Tessa’s not. “Not yet,” Tessa says. Mariah understands. She got excited about the idea.

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Devon drops by Abby’s to see the baby. She jokes, “What am I am I a sideshow?” He tells her that he asked Amanda to move in with him and she accepted. Abby’s thrilled and wants to hear more. When the baby wakes up, Devon holds him and asks if he wants to go for a walk. Abby thinks Dom loves the idea.

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Ashland sees Victor at Grand Phoenix. He thanks the man for meeting and apologizes for running late. Victor shrugs. Billy appears with a few questions for both men. Victor laughs and tells Ashland they should instead meet at his ranch where they have some privacy. “Excellent idea,” Ash says. Billy says, “Yeah, excellent idea. I’m sure you have fond memories of the time you had the heart attack and Victor sat there and watched you the entire time.” Victor calls Billy incorrigible. “Why don’t you take a long walk off a short cliff?” The Mustache asks Billy Boy.

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Devon sits at the park and talks to Dom about him having a lot of roots and so much heritage there. He says Dom will grow up strong and secure. He’ll never question if he belongs.

At the ranch, Ash and Victor discuss Jesse Gaines. Ash lies about who the man is. Victor says he’s collecting 300 grand from him for decades without doing a damned thing. Seems like an extortion racket. Victor says not to worry. He offered Gaines a lot of money to stay away from him. “So consider that a wedding gift.” Ash is surprised. Victor says he sought the man out. He gave him a choice to go to prison for blackmail or accept his generous offer. “What did he say about our history?” Victor doesn’t care. They’re similar men who did things they probably would regret now. He’s a believer in letting bygones be bygones. Ash says he can’t trust Gaines to keep his word. Victor knows. He’s got his eye on the man. Ash is speechless. Vic did this for his daughter, not him. “I adore her and she has never been as happy.” They drink to that. He tells Ash he can undo it in a blink of an eye. Ash knows and says he has no reason to worry. He only wants to make Victoria happy.

ash vic talk gaines young restless cbs

At Society, Sharon and Rey meet for some romance. He gives her some perfume and they talk about their honeymoon in Miami. Every time she wears it, they’ll be transported back to that magical time. “That way, our honeymoon never ends.”

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